The natural world. Sperm whales and whale watch online

The natural world.  Sperm whales and whale watch online
Nature constantly struck our fancy their masterpieces. Many of them were created over millions of years. In this movie you will learn about cool places and their inhabitants. Nature in these places pristine untainted, unspoiled by man. This series about feral nature twice awarded the prestigious television award "RTS Award". Great job of the operator and the full knowledge allow directors to conduct experiments when applying one or another theme of the series. Episodes in which the interaction and lead people and animals, focusing on different common themes.

In this series: Even just 150 years back to the oceans have wandered hundreds of ships, hunting for sperm whales.
Whale oil, then burned in oil lamps and the lamps in the western world, also came to lubricate the device in all sectors of the industry. It seemed that the giants of the deep sea are doomed.

Animals of the underwater world

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