The phenomenon of Buddha in China (PHOTOS)


In central China in the area of Chongqing tourists witnessed a unique rare natural phenomenon, when the background silhouette of a man appeared mountains that surrounded the rainbow halo.

The incident occurred on June 15. tourists climbed the hill and tried to find the best angle for taking pictures of an ancient Taoist monastery Yuntai. On this "aura of the Buddha" in China is legendary, as scientists call it "the radiance of the Buddha."

He appears in the mountainous regions of China, when the weather becomes cloudy and foggy. Scientists try to explain it to glow with a human silhouette diffraction of light that is refraction of sunlight. But the followers of the Buddha assert the opposite, that this emission comes from the forehead of the deity. According to ancient legend, "Buddha-light" phenomenon is occurring for deserving sanctity of people living deep in the mountains, according to



This light seen several times in different regions of China, such as Tibet, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Jiangxi. Very often it appears in the vicinity of Lake Kanas northern province of Xinjiang. By the way, lives in the lake, according to eyewitnesses, a giant monster.

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