The question of whether the earth is getting old

If some sort of things they want to know whether it is old, very old, or whether more could be called young, then this should not be judged by the number of years during which it has existed, and against this number to that period as it must exist. The same amount of time to create one can be kind of a great age, and for others — no.

Hearing the complaints of older people, we know that nature is aging considerably and that the sound of the steps which it is approaching its demise. Climate, say these people, now is not the same as before. The forces of nature are depleted, its beauty and accuracy decreases. People are now not as strong and does not have same age as before. And if this decline is noticed not only in the natural unit of the Earth, it extends to the moral condition of the people. Old virtues outlived its day, and their place was taken by new vices. Lies and deception has replaced honesty. This is a misconception, not even worthy of refutation, is the fruit not only confusion as selfishness. Honest old men who are so conceited that imagined, as the sky has tried to produce them at the time of the highest well-being, do not want to accept the fact that after their death in the world can all situation was the same beautiful as before birth. They readily convince themselves that nature is aging along with them, so do not feel sorry to part with the world, which itself is already close to its end.

Aging is what some creatures during his changes do not have a certain stage, caused by external and violent causes. The same reasons for which any thing is perfected and is in such a state, and gradually bring it closer to the death of imperceptible changes. The fact that it has finally come to decay and die — it is a natural step for her existence and effect of the same reasons that led to its formation. The same mechanism by which an animal or person live and grow, brings them eventually death when their growth is over. Similarly, the gradual deterioration of the Earth so woven into the chain of change, which initially helped to improve it, that it may become noticeable only after a long period of time.

Earth, emerged from the chaos, no doubt, was first in the liquid state. Not only its roundness, but especially its spheroidal form in which it adopted the surface at all points perpendicular position relative to the direction of gravity, changing under the influence of the forces of revolution, argues that it had the ability to mass itself to take on the form, which requires in this case the balance. She converted from liquid to solid, and we see unmistakable signs that the first hardened surface of the Earth … The sea itself raised the coast land, climb up precipitating agents, the removal of which is to deepen their own bed, they piled dunes and embankments, to prevent flooding. Rivers, who had to withdraw moisture from the land had not yet been placed in the proper channel, they have flooded the plains, until they finally found a suitable channel and have not prepared ourselves uniform descent from its source to the sea.

The nature of our world in its development has not reached in all its parts the same age. Generally high places the earth's surface, the oldest and the first to have risen from the chaos …

People inhabited primarily the highest places on earth, and in the plains, they came down later and had to do to make efforts to accelerate the development of nature, which went too slow compared to the rapid growth of the people. Egypt, the gift of the Nile, was at the very top of its populated and crowded, while half of Lower Egypt, the entire delta and the mouth … … are still uninhabited swamp.
The most sublime location first used this necessary development of nature, and therefore the first to have been inhabited, while the lowlands while were still struggle with chaos and later reached perfection. Since then, the low-lying country enriched from an elevated location. The rivers that during the flood are full podmyta mud, lay it when bottled, near its mouth, raise the soil, they flood, and form the land, which, after the river bank to raise their proper height, it is habitable, and being fertilized by a fat land of hills, becomes more fertile than these elevated areas.

Thanks to the continuous formation and changes undergone by the Earth's surface, a low-lying areas are inhabited, while highly placed sometimes empty.

When I compare the attraction of ancient peoples to great deeds, their ambition, the desire of virtue and freedom, they gave rise to great ideas and elevates them to the spirit of moderation and composure, peculiar to our time, even though I find good reason to congratulate our century, with this change , and establish thou morality and science, but I am not free from the temptation to assume that this change is, perhaps, a sign of the well-known cooling the fire that inspired when that human nature and the heat is equally pronounced in excess, in the noble acts.

Immanuel Kant

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