The river was milky Generalka

White River, muddy shore. In the Upper River Ufalej Generalka became milky. Local residents appealed to the RPN. They believe that this anomaly is not nothing but a local plant emissions.

City residents have not forgotten the event two weeks ago, when the river began Ufaleyke fish kills. And a new wave of inexplicable metamorphosis of the local reservoirs. Happy August 27 ufaleytsy noticed whitish turbid water Generalki. Residents appealed to the RPN. "Office of this fact will be an exceptional check. More specifically and objectively about it we can talk on the audit," — commented Galiulla Latypov, Deputy Head of Rosprirodnadzor in the Chelyabinsk region.

The experts noted: a report of white spots on Generalke from nearly a day later. It would complicate the work of specialists. After chemical analysis of water in such cases it is necessary to do for two or three hours. The only way to obtain reliable results.

Category: Natural anomalies

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