The second attempt of mankind

Artifacts that contradict the generally accepted theory of the origin and development of humanity, it is inappropriately located in different parts of the world. Scientists then figure of a man in a suit in the ancient burial ground discovered, they imprint the tread of his boot in the sandstone, which age is 10 million years old, the porcelain cup, which 500 thousand years. 


First nuclear explosion on Earth occurred 30 million years ago

Of course, all of these findings can close your eyes. However, you can and avoid the unthinkable: once on Earth had a developed civilization that was able to produce coal, smelt iron, producing plastics, knew a lot about electronics and aircraft, and at leisure to fly in space. But if so, where did it go? Perhaps humanity that lived on Earth before us, just did not survive a nuclear war …

The fact that a nuclear war on the Earth once was, love to speculate, those who are called alternative historians. Official science considers them zaviralnymi theory. In this case, to explain where, for example, come from an iron hammer in Cretaceous strata, she herself can not. But if we assume that mankind has ever experienced a nuclear war, these "discrepancies" are easily explained. And the reasons for the fact that our planet is going through a nuclear apocalypse — abound.

Both in the field of myth and legend, and quite notable that literally can touch. That, in fact, made by experts from NASA, along with French scientists, five years ago, the "team" alternativschikov travel all over the world and found a lot of evidence that a nuclear war has been. For example, they are counted in the ground about 100 giant craters clearly artificial. The largest, with a diameter of 120 km, is located in Africa. Of course, we can assume, as if 25,000 years ago a meteor struck the Earth is not the rain, but a real downpour. But in place of a fallen meteorite appears scorched desert.

A majority of giant craters found just in the areas of modern deserts. Meanwhile, a number of legends says that once it is in these places were blooming gardens and rich cities. For example, according to Chinese legend, the advanced nations were once in the Gobi Desert. In India — again, according to the myths and legends — the whole town was located in a part of the Indus Valley, where there's nothing but sand. Buried by sand drifts now before the great Sumer and Babylonia. The ruins of the ancient city hidden in the deserts of Egypt and Mongolia, scientists find traces of settlement on the now completely untenable burned to the Americas and Australia …


Why the once flourishing city turned into a lifeless wasteland? Mad weather and climate changed? Valid. But why with melted sand? Just be turned into a glassy mass, the researchers found the sand and in the Chinese part of the Gobi Desert, and Lake Lop Nur, and the Sahara, and in the deserts of the Middle East and New Mexico. The temperature required to turn sand into glass, natural way in the world does not appear. But a nuclear explosion — please. The conclusion is clear: these territories, with all their blooming gardens, villages and towns, and undertook a nuclear strike. And that was not destroyed by the explosion, destroying radiation: the whole plant and animal life, including the "crown of creation" — the person.

Actually, you can find traces of radiation and now — after a few tens of thousands of years: the fossils of animals and plants in the earth's crust to this day bear traces of biological mutations. Cyclops, the three-headed dragons, winged diva now firmly spelled out in the pages of myth and legend. But maybe, once they existed in reality: radiation could well lead to the emergence of "mysterious" beings. The more modern scholars assert that tsiklopizm, it has the appearance of a single eye over the bridge — one of the most likely mutations as poliplodiya — doubling the chromosome that causes gigantism and doubling bodies. A huge human skeletons, skulls topped with one eye socket or a double row of teeth, time and again put archaeologists to a standstill.

In contrast to the giants appeared on Earth and dwarfs. One theory states that modern pygmies in Africa and the Tibetan People dopa and cad — none other than the direct descendants of these little people.

But perhaps the most visible manifestation of today radioactive mutagenesis — is Mongoloid. In any case, as claimed by some scientists. Now this race — the most widespread in the world. Previously, there were more Mongoloid — and they both lived in Asia and Europe and even Central Africa.

Hill of the Dead

We need more concrete evidence? No question. Travel in Mohenjo-Daro can dispel the last doubts. The ruins of the ancient city on an island in the Indus River were found only in 1922. Scientists immediately started talking about opening a hitherto unknown ancient civilization — Proto-Indian. But they wondered: why this unique city no one knew? It was destroyed, and, more importantly, what happened to its inhabitants? The researchers found no cemetery near the city. But it lasted for at least fifteen hundred years. Those few human remains that could find were in the middle of the streets: death overtook them in place. No traces of violence, no traces of the wounds piercing or cutting objects.


Mohenjo-daro was the victim of some unknown catastrophe — a sudden and irreversible

One thing was clear: Mohenjo-daro was the victim of some unknown catastrophe — a sudden and irreversible. But what? In 1979, Englishman David Davenport and Italian Ettore Vincenti put forward the hypothesis of death: Mohenjo-daro was struck by a nuclear explosion! Moreover, they were able to scientifically support his incredible version. Researchers sent a so-called black stones, which were littered pavements of the city, the University of Rome and in the laboratory of the National Research Council (Italy). And it turned out that the black stones — nothing like shards of pottery, baked at about 1 400-1 600 degrees, and then hardened. Scientists have turned their attention to the fact that the center of Mohenjo-daro survived much worse suburbs. The pattern of destruction allowed them to assume that the center of the city and the epicenter of the nuclear explosion occurred. That's why archaeologists and could not find the remains of people out there — they just disappeared.

On the days of morals!

Thus, nuclear war already. But who started it? Why it started? Unfortunately, the exact answer to this question does not exist: you can not entirely rely on ancient legends. But read them still stands.

Hindu epic "Mahabharata" states that the inhabitants of Earth — asura — quarrel with the gods. Even name the cause of contention: that God umyknul wife of the ruler of the Asuras. It is unlikely that this was the real reason for the fight, but the fact is that most likely, humans had an argument with aliens. That they do not share? Sphere of influence? Area? ..

According to another version, launched by the British physicist Dr. Lyndon Meredith, people have started a nuclear war. According to Meredith, 30 million years ago on Earth, human civilization has existed, developed enough to enter outer space — the solar system. But no matter how technologically advanced people, it is always the man — with its inherent greed, unrestrained, aggressive. Strife and discord led to nuclear war. Meredith sure extant legend of Noah's ark, flooding Atlantis,
ancient legends of the American Indians of flying gods, tales of space battles in Indian "Upani-shadah" and "Mahabharata" — all the memories of the few who managed to survive in a terrible war.

Every man for himself

Other dates known researchers from NASA on their version, a nuclear war occurred 25,000 years ago. The scientists were able to calculate the date of the analysis of the very walls of the 120-kilometer crater in South Africa. They managed to identify and strike force: about 500,000 tons of TNT. To see how much it is worth recalling: the Hiroshima bomb was dropped with a capacity of 20,000 tons of TNT.

Nuclear strike force was that changed the Earth's rotation on its axis: water oceans began to move and spun in a giant whirlpool. Began the most notorious Deluge. When the waters subsided, the surviving humans set foot on the barren land: there was nowhere to hide from the ensuing nuclear winter. In desperation, people went into the ground: the proof of this — a great many many kilometers of underground galleries dug around the world. These "shelters" are found in the Perm region, the Altai,
, Tien Shan, Caucasus, in the deserts of the Sahara and Gobi, in North and South America. Curiously, many times these underground caves are connected to the ground so-called pipes — through holes correctly rounded. Official science considers them a product of geophysical processes in rocks and soils. Those who think boldly, convinced that the traces of the laser, which opponents — aliens or were not earth— smoked each other out of shelters.


Survived mere units. And their fate was unenviable: they had to return to the cave.

Gradually, they forgot all they knew once. And remember one thing: knowledge — are dangerous, they can only own favorites. Typically, these "dedicated" became priests. In 1966, American writer Thomas Andrews heard of yoga Pandida Kaniaha one very curious confession: "Scientists Brahmins from time immemorial have been required to keep a lot of information, meaning that they do not understand." They did not understand, but kept carefully making sure that valuable information is not leaked out to the world. The same policy without declaring their intentions, adopted by all those who had access to the secret.

Proof of this — it would seem absurd act of Emperor Cheng Tang, who ruled in the XVIII century BC. e. One of his subjects he built a flying chariot. But during the test the wind carried the aircraft in a neighboring province. After learning about the incident, Cheng Tang ordered the destruction of his chariot, to her secret becomes known to the people. Not knowing the terrible history of mankind, the emperor easily be counted among the Orthodox, hindering progress. But taking for granted the fact that humanity has ever survived a nuclear war, you can just applaud his foresight. Alas, murder will out today humanity develops in the same scenario as the tens of thousands of years ago. We fly into space, get in fights with their neighbors, threatening each other with military action. What can we do to nuclear disaster broke out again? Probably just think, stop … Or rely on your own genetic memory in the hope that it will not allow repeat nightmare.

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