The Second World — Random war watch online

The Second World - Random war watch online

2nd Global war, broke out September 1, 1939, are not supposed to start, it was a chance war. In Europe, no one wanted to fight a war, not counting the 1st person — Adolf Hitler. TV channel "TV Center" is 5 films "The myth of the Führer", "Family implicit and sweetness of revenge", "Gangsters and gentlemen," "Most of provocation"And" The Lone Ranger "from the series of documentary films by Leonid Mlechina" second global. Random war. "Viewers will find out about the little known facts that explain, this dream has come true 1st single person running under-developed European country to start a world war.

Movie 1: The myth of the Führer

Movie 2: Family implicit and sweet revenge

Movie 3: Gangsters and gentlemen

Film 4: Most of provocation

Movie 5: The Lone Ranger

2nd Global war

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