The State Duma of the Russian Federation proposed to allow human sacrifices in temples

Black and white: the rites with the violence against animals or humans perform in the designated areas. That is, in the churches, mosques. The main thing that is not in the street.

Black humor is appreciated unless bloggers. And developed the idea — that such changes cultists Maya enjoy. After all, they practiced infanticide. But seriously, the bill, it turns out, contrary to the Criminal Code.

Correspondent of Channel 5 Ekaterina IvanovaAll checked the:

Before the end of the world just over a month, and then the deputies inadvertently reminded of sacrifices. The Liberal Democrats, Igor Lebedev, Sergei Ivanov seriously concerned about the question — how and, most importantly, where perform sacred rites. Amendments to the law "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations" they have made to the State Duma. The wording sounds ominous, "The prayer ritual, and religious rituals associated with acts of violence against a person or animal to freely take place in religious buildings and structures, sites and objects, designed specifically for worship, prayer and religious meetings."

So, in a special place in the victim can bring anyone, including humans. How all this will happen — at the discretion of the faithful, the main thing — away from prying eyes. For whom the law was written — a mystery. Still 21 in the yard … Apparently, there are some secret rituals, which are known only to Ivanov and Lebedev.

Channel 5

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