The Story of a miracle: Vintsuk Vyachorka (1)


For Craftsman, by 1980, in Belarus were individuals and small groups of people who would like to see their country normal, Belarus, independent and did this, you could. All of them ysnavali autonomously and with the all knew each other. By dissident-minded, giving them the existence of semi-legally classified.


In our history before 1980, the year there is a group of senior artists — Marochkina, Kulik, Water lilies, Markivtsi, Sokolov-Cuba … Separately formed with our Vyachorka, Sokolov and Germenchuk group of philologists and journalists. And the first and second groups is clearly closely in their environment and not themselves.

In the art boarding school, where he teaches Gennady Sokolov, Cuba, almost all of the class — two dozen people are real Belarusian and eager to do something. It was a unique class for "Parnata" and for Cuba, because she was a precedent case that will never be repeated. Note that the "parnatavski" core with the filing of a dissident Cuba was formed not on the political, and educational basis.

Meanwhile, at the philological faculty that teach Vyachorka, Sokolov and Sergei Zaprudskaya, there is a conflict with "potato." One of the students brought down the girl. Student community is divided. Vyachorka and Zaprudskaya strongly condemn hooligans. And notice that they are in their positions are not alone. Acute sense of injustice combines them with students nedysydentskaga kind. Casual in our history the conflict contributes to the shift. Filfakavski core with the filing of a dissident Vecherki also formed not on a political basis. And on the moral.

These two episodes of recent history seems to me very important. It seems that hunted down the national idea can only hide in dark corners. It seems it will never be the idea of the whole people, simply will not break him. I think she may already be just and consistent dissident. And then suddenly, through education and moral solidarity through early supporter nedysydentskaga sort it opens a whole field of people who believe that the whole nation.

What's going on?

At a jazz concert Vintsuk Vyachorka meets with Alexei Marochkin and its environment. Two new sources of traffic are very close. Now, comes the summer of 1980, when during a trip to Trakai Vyachorka meets "parnatovtsami", which brought there Gennady Sokolov Cuba. Plus adds another line — Irina Crook, who is studying with Vyachorka, is friends with Igor Marochkin — Graduate School of Art. Everything starts to tie themselves into a knot. "Parnat" Art School, Theatre and Art Institute, on the one hand and the Philological Faculty of Journalism with the other. Artists from linguists conceive together publicly to arrange Christmas revive folk ritual on the streets of Minsk.

Celebration of the 100th anniversary of Ivan Lutskevich. Minsk, 1981, workshop of Victor Markivtsi. Vintsuk in the front row in the center.

And here happens one more chance. Vintsuk acquainted with Larissa Simakovich, which lacks professional zeal to teach the whole congregation singing. Thus was born the Artisan.

By the way, is also a student of Larissa "Parnata."

Larissa Simakovich learns maystrovtsami with Christmas songs. Winter 1981-82 year, the philology faculty of BSU.

In short, everything here happens by chance, but the field on which to mount a germ movement predictable. Invisible Architect Artisan built it not anywhere, and specifically a certain place and specifically with a particular material. In other words, the intersection of all these long strangers in fact, if see the whole picture together, have been predetermined.

We are all aware of it, if not, then feel. We thought the Belarusian movement has been born. But we could be wrong and would then we were disappointed. But we were wrong. We were not making so much effort, but a new case brought more than we had hoped. Yesterday we had three or five, and for thirty and fifty. And as it was not thought that the miracle happens.

What's next, you know. Artisan will last several years and is divided into a plurality of chambers that will one day become support groups BPF and the BPF will make the country independent. It seems that the former dissidents who put political purpose, for ten years, through culture, education and morality proven goal to the masses and turned it into reality.

For me nedaprayasnenym is not the result but the beginning of the episode — as an underground, if anything, exalted, dissident idea open to the public, in the best sense of the word, people?

Today, we answer this question, along with the founder of Artisan Vintsuk Vyachorka.


Vintsuk"Nesumenna that I was a dissident, that without realizing it. But, at the same time, neither I nor you, nor the Falcons did not set themselves goals to sit in a hole there and cultivate their uniqueness, praniklivasts — we all understand, but the neighborhood is not clear.

Figurine Hanicke Marinkina "Masterfully trinity", which the author found, Vintsuk Vyachorka and Sergey Zaprudskaya.

We have a key word for some time the word "processing". It is a bad word, it is with this suffix "-ka", meaning a commercial process. But we have used it to mean "to find like-minded people, to convince, to draw."

On the third floor of the library Lenin in the building on Kirov Street was Belorussian Front, and the second was the "back office". We on this second floor, going down on a level with the Belarusian department vylavivshy some of cronies, students, and had long conversations about this beloruschinu and well-read in the department of rare books or found in Vilnius and inaccessible in Minsk and about heard on radio.

The desire to seek out people to engage new — it was the fundamental motive for this activity. Goysanne in different fields, going to build some fans Thinking I remember. We came back and said there defiantly in Belarusian. Ezhzhanne together with the tourists at the festival of art song, which took place in the woods, along with Sokolov, who also knew how to play the guitar and sing. Again, in order to find like-minded people and there. And such stralyanne by area — apparently, this is the best definition of what we in the years before the workman, Yeah after the workmen were engaged. A workman was precisely its such a field, set up his own hands crowd, but open.

"We just sang folk songs"

The principle of openness imposed limitations. For example, in the Artisan, its explicit public sessions, which consisted of two parts — a choir practice or rehearsal of the theater, and then lecture — could not be openly articulate political issues. Thanks that's just this experience, listening, reading books about the Ukrainian dissidents who drove us secretly Kiev friends, or there, say, the Spanish antyfrankistskaga underground, to understand something about the conspiracy, what can and can not do. And I'm at least aware that there is a closed political group that was later called a group of "Independence" and is Artisan — an open platform for any person who can pe
rceive the Belarusian idea. The major Belarusian idea. As for the political ideas, it was considered as an objective, comes just come up to the idea of Belarus. That idea gives rise to the idea of Belarusian political choice, freedom of choice. She worked very atmosphere.

This, in the present, the draft apparently unique in comparison with previous projects, the group "in the attic," or a group of university students of the previous generation, it was deliberately aimed at expanding and those who initiated it, understand that its the first time we can not directly substitute for direct repression. We only sing folk songs. It was disarming all who follow us, "was responsible."

I remember my conversation with the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Philology, the Pipchenko Nicholas, who was responsible for the Russian branch. For some reason, he was appointed to look after us. I went to him and said, we sing folk songs, we put people's performances, we are ready to reprezentovat faculty on college and other amateur competitions … He liked it, he had a sore spot. And it made a friendly agreement that we give the audience to sing folk songs. Because at the Philology sing folk songs — it is a natural thing.

Speech maystrovtsav to "agitploschadke" in the Minsk court, May 8, 1983. Vintsuk third from the left.

And it is clear that openness and allowed to join the Artisan people who intuitively beloruschinu perhaps not been politicized from the outset, as the Falcons or me. And speaking of filfakavskih girls, then we just had a good, friendly relationship. They were educated and eager to learn, speak Belarusian. There was a certain co-weathered conflict linked to the scandal at the so-called potato when we Sergei Zaprudskaya were on the side of injustice girls. Well, I must say that our opponents were people who dare to speak scornfully of Belarusian literature. It's in my mind kept within a certain pattern, so to speak. The students of the Belarusian branch contemptuous of Belarusian literature of Kupala, his poems. They themselves said in Russian defiantly. This confirmed my suspicions that the Belarusian-speaking people a priori there are good people.

Well, the further my career has confirmed that this is not always the case. Apparently, a complete nation should be monolingual, but it should be all. "

The right anti-Soviet

Dubovets: We are not only 'just sang folk songs, "we are also well studied, there were and are often applied by Soviet students, as though dissidents and anti-Soviet. And it is not because we have all the time pretending. Here the paradox of his time. If you really sootvetstvuesh formal requirements of that system (polite, hungry for knowledge, fair), then you're not sootvetstvuesh this image.

Vintsuk"A very important thing was that we did not have the right under the bases before the system by certain formal criteria. Sense if suddenly comes to some of the conflict and the question will arise to expel from school or work, you have to chase for the views, activities not the school itself, or dishonest work.

Artisan at the philological faculty of BSU. 1981-82 year. Vintsuk holds a lecture with the Polish language and explains what "jelen" (deer).

This was an important point in the Charter of the tacit behavior of the then young nationalists master environment. Cultivating knowledge, valued seat in the library. Well, almost after the first Christmas, it was a late spring, if I'm not mistaken, after the regular singers we joined the lecture.

Lecture or discussion. Architecture, history, literature, arhealegiya, ethnogenesis, of course, language, linguistics. Later, towards 1984, znahabeli to the fact that even some political science began to include things carefully. But as far as the national cultural block, then I think we have a good parallel university for three and a half years of existence Artisan able to realize. "

Image of the Soviet Republics as a safety mattress

Dubovets: An Artisan in the middle of the Brezhnev stagnation. Perhaps, and this very zastoynasts provoked her birth. But what of the total of all non-state persecution by the KGB? I have heard the explanation that the party apparatus a change of personnel at more favorable to the national idea. Also heard about smart security officers who guarded almost Artisan from overclocking …

Vintsuk"I think that in some ways has contributed to such vgnyazhzhennyu Artisan at the same Philology, because it is not slammed at once, the fact that Belarus had a reputation as the most reliable Soviet republic. Masherov cultivated this reputation. Which, by the way, together with the so slowly cleaning the leading product from the aliens. And filled it with his clan guerrillas. And in Moscow exported image of Belarus as the most loyal, most peaceful, most of the Soviet, the most obedient.

If something like that, I'm thinking appeared in Lviv University at that time or at Vilnius University and Tartu, you can absolutely be sure that this is mament there would come, and interrogations, and who and why and so on .. .

Artisan at the shout of spring in Zaslaul, 1982. Vintsuk in the foreground on the right.

And this was a definite harnesses mattresses for us, which allowed the workman to recover, get back on his feet, a year and a half survive without major problems.

Well, there was still a quiet national Fronde. That is why we have deliberately Belarusians were not dissidents in the style of classic Kim Hadeeva.

Number "Voices of the motherland", dedicated to the masterful Christmas Zaslaul, 1982. In the picture Sergey Timokhov as Goats, Arina and Vintsuk Vyachorka.

Yes, because we have seen a real support and, as they say now, silent signals that are sent to people from different environments, from the scientific, academic, journalistic, which gave us some opportunities, they wrote about us in government newspapers. First, in "Golas Motherland," and then in the "Banner of Youth." Well, the "Voice of the Motherland" is clear. This is creating an image of Belarus Belarusian exports. But again, there is no "Voice of the Motherland" this would not be writing if it was not there Valentina Trigubovich, Igor Hermyanchuk. And just conscious people who know what's what, who evaluated the phenomenon of Artisan, we started rowing foothold in various media, academia and so on. "

DubovetsAgain, a unique situation where a youth initiative elders mostsyats fulcrum. Today it is difficult to imagine. Probably because then we all had a very small, as counted, and that was the beginning. Net experiment, pure genre, net of solidarity.

Vintsuk"Then it was gone, but then it was. We then had a formal roof. And, too, have had a certain status. This is all status items. More they have, the more difficult to kill. By then it should be with us. Yeah, wrote in the newspaper of the Central Committee of the Komsomol "youth Banner" or "Red Shift" means the official medium-low level of thinking that, apparently, is somehow blessed from above and if that is not the case, then let the top and they decide. Well and on top, I think, at first did not notice it at all, and then took care of the i
mage here this quiet non-nationalist Belarus. Why do we have these few years of fairly calm until they were zharshchey articulate political views and has not yet come to a direct demonstration.

Such direct demonstrations were apparently two: Midsummer, the last master, on the Neman. And a protest demonstration against the demolition of the house Pole home "peasant" in Freedom Square in Minsk.

God spared from the KGB

God spared me from contact with them. Maybe they realized that it is pointless to talk to me. But we must remember that after the brother-in was captured by Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha in Novapolatsk with the publication of "The Mirror Days", then most of Sokolov called KGB curator at the University of repeatedly hauled in for questioning. And they also tried to interrogate Sokolov-father in Novopolotsk. Which, unfortunately, seems to have pushed the death of Mr. Anatoly Sokolov. Apparently, the appearance of public space samvydavetstva pushed them to the "active measures", as they have this to say. Indeed, at first, at least outwardly, there was no the impression that some of our people, our activists pressed, intimidated, and so on.

That's closer to the summer 1984 the atmosphere in the Artisan was really disturbing. And one could imagine that someone hauling, someone being bullied, someone advised not to get involved. So this is, I think, going on the rise. But first, they clap, I'm sure of it.

My father, who still has to be warned about the bad behavior of his son or his leadership, or the security forces and the then — the first time with me anxiously told you that you look, do not do something silly, only in 1984. He was told that after our demonstration in defense of the theater "peasant" KGB was my case at the Institute of Linguistics, where I was in graduate school, and even took to read the text of my dissertation on the history of the Belarusian language.

I do not believe that someone in their structures have deliberately covered. I assume that if someone was covering, most people from the civilian leadership of the country, not strangers Belarusian culture. Yet let us not forget that at different times in the same CC and Buraukin, and lawyers, and Butevich visited. In short, the people for whom belarushchyna not an empty phrase. Petrashkevich visited. I fully admit that at some occasions could say a word in defense. That I am not in connection with the Artisan — knowing, for example, as Buraukin defended the rights of the Belarusian language in the same CC, I think he was not alone at least.

The premiere of "King Maximilian" at the philological faculty of Baku State University, Spring 1981. Scene "before beheading." In the role of Adolf Vintsuk, as káta author.

Naturally, we, those who engaged in parallel underground political activities, aware of what it can smell, and understand that there may be a puncture — in the form of the zaangazhavannya here, some recruitment. But, thank God, we then had the intuition to realize their fantasies in any practical action — in the expulsion of someone questioning, the mass distribution of some rumors, gossip. But we would do it, it would be done away with the atmosphere Artisan — the most valuable thing there could create. Friendship, belarushchyna, confidence, joy of joint creativity.

Again I say — until the end of Artisan, by 1984 it became less confidence, some people have gone and apparently accidental. Apparently, they were told that further hikes may impact on their studies at the quarry, the parents can. Therefore, it was necessary to move on to other ways of working. Now, however, then it was a whole different time then Soviet Union. "

Dubovets: One of our series of transmission will not be enough to uncover all the mysteries of the workman and the time when there was a Christmas miracle. Next time we'll talk to Vintsuk Vyachorka about his personal history, and compare the Belarusian movement thirty years ago to today.


Vintsuk"I now look forward to the youth, the young youth.'s Even thirty years, many of which, unfortunately, ushtukavalisya in the current model of government (and opposition). They resemble me Komsomol our young ages. Well I do not accept the thesis of a partial the realization of our ideals in the form of the current state, which calls itself the Belarusian. neprynyatstse For aesthetic of the Soviet system — it's the same aesthetic and neprynyatstse current system. This is not just not the kind of Belarus, it is often not Belarus.

Today again I heard on the radio from the mouth of the deputy chief ideologist that the Belarusian — Russian is the same, only with quality. He is an example and model of democracy has led us to "sabranie National People's Congress." Well, I do not want to "People's Congress" in the country, I see that Belarus still hope.

The game of "Nightingale the Robber" during check-out, along with students in Vyazynka, May 1982. Vintsuk Vyachorka as "Nightingale" on the tree. Role in the Knights: author, Sergei Sokolov Voyush, Eugene Volosevych.

In this sense, the people who are now 18-20 years old, as we were then, and because of his youth and the nature of the young mind, a young body, kategarychnastsi moral young are able to get their momentum. I'm not saying — we learn. It is very hard to pass. They are able to vypradukavats his. That's it, it seems to me to be one of the most important tasks of our equivalent — how not to miss these young people. "

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