The two main Slavic principle of life

Reader's our portal (Alexei), which he sent in the survey declared "Slavic Manifesto".

Honoring their gods and ancestors, to live according to conscience and in harmony with nature.
Many have often heard about it. It seems simple, but in practice, many people like to talk, so make one. If all awakened gradually began to observe this commandment — would not need any more items (rules), our homeland would be the revived with appropriate speed. In general, the process and so is — and we now live in it, but are impatient … like children. Instead the case — love to talk … So …

Honoring their gods and ancestors …

Many people think that here they uuuuh, so right worship of the gods, sitting with chips until 5 am on the forums … the gods worshiped … Read — is primarily to comply with certain rules … and different gods are different.

Jarilo-Sun — our Father? Father. As it read? Very simple — it is a mode of the day: rising before dawn, meeting the sun salutation, the activity during the day, go to sleep like all living creatures are bright after his call — up to 22 hours at least. This is the regime of the day just superficial, it is necessary to study … For example — a meeting of the Sun — it's so … We got up and met … no — there are certain practices, such as the Indian Vedas — Surya Namaskar … We must learn … and it still has different aspects, and all perform well on all counts. Many people now think, well, Indian Vedas … we're not Indians booty stand up, we — Russ! ogogo … and so strong, hard, even tying his shoelaces just sitting and oak are … Friends, you have come to the horse back … carefully … The Vedas have no nationality, it is not a religion, they are all over the world to gather knowledge, not divide it to Slavic and others. During the Night of Svarog for us — ordinary people, knowledge broken into pieces, you need to collect them … Here you have a broken cup on the floor — and you're building just next to each other, the rest of the pieces are not going to — there is no truth in them … you glued the bowl back ?

In the sun and other rules are, a lot of them — this diet, food, development of character, responsibility, relationships with friends, etc., etc. … We start from the simple to the complex, there is a complex practice, but what to think about them, it is necessary to start at least learn to get up on time … And, sun worship for men and women are different, and all need to learn and attention! Do it!

And the gods and ancestors have quite a few and all have their own rules … and we learn and perform, and suddenly begin to realize that this one is connected to this piece of … and so on and on, deeper and in breadth, and the body have become strong and flexible, the mind becomes pure, the mind rushes to the truth, the world around is better — fewer parasites, and all the pieces are connected … I'm sorry that so generalizing, but everyone has to gather knowledge itself, can not be a bowl at all … And one begins to different pieces — no need to yell, that someone out there is not right cup sticks together, not those pieces takes necessary These fragments forward … — this large horse, guys, you should not … Question: Whose bowl then it was, I do not Slavic that? And whose pieces is the most correct, then I do not Slavic? — The same party konyashki … Well who cares Whose Knowledge? The more they are given to us by the Gods. The main thing is that we have them, but they have other people to Midgard, they have other people in other universes and now … Maybe we should argue with them? All these issues must be discarded, they lead to aggression, but it is definitely not in Slavonic. Vedic Slavs were not the aggressors, they just always protected knowledge and love the world around.

Live in good conscience …

Too simple, everyone knows everything … Do not do to others what you yourself do not desire. And all want to live peacefully and happily, without violence … BUT! Yet these Jews, naked and stuff … they should all be torn, and now this — a Jew, and this, and this Jewish ears, and this elbow … ALL … you are completely in the manure, horse gallop flew … Congratulations .. Now the author, too, became a Jew …)))

It is not written that it is necessary to expose the cheeks … You should always resist evil, for otherwise it becomes more, but not have to be the very source of evil … or on what we on? Our ancestors were not brought up in hatred, if they cut Bosko, then with love, genuine concern that the adversary is not nakarmoval more, but if the other option was — no one killed anyone. Now the ideas of violence more than anything it is, and this is contrary to the commandments of our main parts: the Holy Honour gods and ancestors — unless Ancestors require murders? They demand — give up the temptations of the enemy, and in part — Live on Conscience — Treat others as to himself; also in part — in harmony with nature — for it all around, including the parasite. Or tick — it is something alien? Not part of nature? … But you are killing us! — Killing our people — yes … kill their own hands … so what? Jews need to crumble? Or arm yourself pootrubat? Or may have to remove your hands from your neck? Here conscience must answer correctly … What is our hands — it's the system that we have built, not the Jews … they whisper to us, and we are building … How to remove a hand from his neck? It is necessary that everyone who considers himself a Russian, gradually, to the best, refused to support the system … buy vegetables at the supermarket, and grandmothers, swifts not in a barbershop — and at each other, we go to the car only when necessary — more go not working more on wine-vodka-and enterprise is an enterprise with a creative focus, do not go to clubs, organize their sober activities and so on, so on, so forth … very naive example, but the direction is correct. Every conscience tells you where it is not all clear — and we need to act. Simple steps, phasing, where it's time to give up …

Everyone … Do not do to others what you yourself do not want to … we are told will be candy? It is useful, tasty … (lie), we will! (Believe in the word). And poison … Who is to blame?
You just need to abandon the destructive nature of people and things — and harmony will be restored. All. Parasites here is nothing to do … win! Around the boxes and tears of joy … Russ resurrected … Many want to fight with the System-you had never been to win, no one shall fight other hand — this is stupid, you will create new systems — all there-isms, but never build a generic … The way The way generic — is when the hands are not harmful to the body and do not fight with each other, and the whole body is in harmony. Parasite entered in one hand, she began to harm the body, and then to other parts of the body, all mixed up … Now, to get better was to drop, which requires a parasite, is a complex disease — a kind of cancer — cells must stop, and stop destroying the whole. And while we hate the system — it is feeding this hatred will produce all sorts of parties to address it is from itself — it's a vicious circle. Instead of hate — creation and help others. If the temptation — and mutual rejection, if the violence — resistance and assistance. Everyone has to start with ourselves, to become a real man … Only then the disease will gradually retreat … Not all Russian want harmony — that is a fact … that they, too, under the ax? No, we are one family, every family has its black sheep … patiently and lovingly explain how to best live show by example … If you were in such poor condition, no matter what to do with themselves want?

After all, we do not force necessary to stop the violence … by force — this is our duty. Recall the Second World … We are tempted … And we are tempted … tempted to stop rejection of him. You girl seduces smiles so — you so raaaz — head and shoulders … demolished … ok … or may not need to react to it senses, and mind react? Who's got it wrong — you need to call him a moron and a Jew, or try to help? This is the work on himself, help his brothers — this is the observance of the commandments. It is necessary to do so. More propaganda, more action, every, every, not lip service, it's just a talk and waving his hand to the sky … and patience, patience … The healing process is started, the process is not fast … Cheers!

… In harmony with nature.

Here, many people think that the beef is not part of nature, we — predators and other nonsense … Slavs — predators scavengers … I do not know where you get this … There is a commandment — Do not sacrifice to the bloody …

So are some people still think that they are not involved in these daily demonic rituals that take place in slaughterhouses?! No! Demonic ritual — is when the Jews slaughter animals in their ritual places … and the daily killing of goyim hands of thousands of animals — cows, birds, fish and other animals and eating them — it's not the ritual, it's so … I mean, when we do sacrifice in the meadows Ancestors , throwing the bloodless sacrifice to the fire — this one, and when you put the bloody pieces of flesh on fire at home — that's another … all is one, because Rod has it all and you are!

Race, and you put food on your inner fire of the body … the glory of Rod … And what we put there? Carrion buying in stores, it's not even meat, you vote for bringing new victims — you need to know, and honestly admit. No need to fanaticism — you need light — understanding and gradually all the way out … the cow to the Vedas — the second mother, her milk feeding us with love … The milk is preparing Surits — sacred sacrificial drink … of other products of its activity while silent, they are extremely useful Our ancestors used them actively … and now your attention! Second Mother — beef … no comment here …

Mother Earth is tired, you feel sorry for her and stop her rape … Everyone should start with yourself … Conscience tells where to start … you can instead of a third pair of leather shoes — buy tryaposhnye … no bigotry, just a reasonable approach, the gradual reduction of violence against nature … not conversations, and business … not to mention that the other did not, and to say that he did … although you can be quiet. Plant fifty trees — and keep quiet … Modesty makes the man …

All benefits and spiritual growth!

Glory Rod!


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