The underground passage to the Kremlin. Part 1

Late thirties …
Four friends — Lev Fedotov (aka Levikus or FYEDOTIK), Oleg Salkovsky (Salik, or Big Man), Michael Kite (Mihikus, Mistihus, Stihius or more Himius) and Yuri Trifonov (Yuriskaus) lived in the same house, went to the same school and the same class.

Take decades, and already a famous writer Yuri Trifonov wrote the novel "The House on the waterfront."
House on the Embankment Bersenevskaya or Government House (popularly shortened Dauprat) was dressed in a gray coat of concrete, 25 entrances and 505 apartments.

Some People's Commissars and Deputy Commissar lived to 140, and most of them will die in the years of repression, and many of those who are directly implemented repression and held in the house of the apartment of his victims, too, will be destroyed afterwards. Here is regularly frequented by Yagoda, Yezhov, Vyshinsky, Beria, Stalin could hit occasionally.
Lived Fotieva, Dimitrov Poskrebyshev, Zemlyachka, Alliluyeva, who was arrested incessantly; Milypteyn, Kobulov, Chubar, Stasov Kosarev Lysenko, Stakhanov, Khrushchev, Mikoyan, Tukhachevsky, Marshal Zhukov, the children of Stalin, Voroshilov adopted son, the Prince and Princess of Laos.

At the safe house, "Cuckoo", hiding various foreign spies working for the Soviet Union, was one of the last "Felix" and "Lina" from South Africa.
Some apartments on the highest floors of the kitchens had outlets in the attic. In the basement was a shooting gallery.
Here, in this house, shot son Kalinin, his body for funeral was not crowded at night in the club put the house and taken away in the morning.
There was a telephone "with an automatic telephone station of the Moscow Kremlin." The rules of use of the station said: "Of all the changes in the sense of personal use that or any other number, please advise the Kremlin commandant machine number 113 and the Kremlin dob.22."
Designed and built a house architect BM Iofan. He lived in it — in the apartment, which served him and the studio, where he will draft the next grand building — the Palace of the Soviets. Palace were going to build on the site of demolished Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
Boris received education in Italy.
Until the last days of his life trying to save Iofan he created concrete creation of various alterations, completions, and if you notice that somewhere in the gray-colored greatcoat tried to cut through the walls of the additional windows or doors — ran out of his 21st porch and angrily rushed to violators integrity Bersenevsky complex, and received another name — house Soviets CEC SNK.
Each spring, the roof slabs dumped ice that exploded on the pavement bombings.
In 1941, the house fly and a bomb will explode at the same pavement: Germans will mark their flight home on maps, as well as the Kremlin will be marked.
Sometimes by the confectionery factory "Red October" wind priduval smell of fresh chocolate smell deceptive sweetness that surrounded us, we soon realize, when the arrests start when start their active Yagoda, Yezhov, Beria.
And then our house will envelop Nagano smell executions …
And yet …
My mom and dad, still young, running after work in the cinema "Drummer", which was part of the government house, run to the dance.
Integral part of the house and the Big Stone Bridge: a gray, cold winter winds. In the old stone bridge in, or All Saints, carried to execution, at the Swamp area of criminals with burning candles.
Milled on the bridge of the order paid detective 'languages'. Hunted thief, robber and a former Moscow detective Vanka Kain. Blind traded locks and keys, contains "singers Lazarus."
As much a part of our lives and the church was St. Nicholas, and the House clerk Dumnaya Averkiy who persistently called Skuratovskaya, and all together — little church. It is rumored to have been an ancient farmstead Malyuta, torture head office of Ivan the Terrible, where there was a Moscow river and the underground passage to the Kremlin for urgent visits Malyuta with the king.
In the recesses of malyutinskogo monastery were discovered traces of ancient torture people — chains, shackles, rings for the buck. And also — skulls, bones, cut women's braids. Once we Bersenevsky guys decided to directly enter the Kremlin, using the old underpass. These guys were Leva, Oleg and me. Yuri Trifonov by then left our house (arrested the father and mother), so we have three Bersenevka. Loew kept a detailed diary of our expeditions …. Thus began our first joint and secret quest dungeons.
It took more than half a century, and one day in 1992, I learned that the underground passage to the Kremlin is interested in the newly established organization underground in North America, and it is called Frome (from English, "from", that is supposed to "out of the ground ").
The desire to contact the Frome, more precisely, the appearance of such an institution, and brought us to Oleg Salkovskim to the pre-war days, when we and three other children from a house and tried to find an ancient tunnel in the Kremlin. And now, after a decade (or rather, more than fifty years old) I — Himius, it was under a school nickname I have removed Trifonov famous novel, and Oleg Salkovsky (Loew died in the war near Tula, Yuri Trifonov died), the two of us plus the photographer Artyom Zadikyan and decided to continue our search for the tunnel to the Kremlin. But to tell you about the new search, all that we've been through, I think it necessary to recall our original entry in the "underground lair Malyuta", and for this cause page LEVIN dnevnika.No first a little more about Loewe Fedotov.
Yuri Trifonov many years later would write about Lowe: "As a child, I was struck by one of the boys. He was surprisingly full development of personality. Several times I have prayed for him was in a newspaper article, the narrative or story, for Loew stirred the heart forever. He was so different from everyone! With boyish years, he rapidly developed his passion and personality in all directions, he quickly absorbed all science, all art, all books, all music, all the world, as if afraid to miss somewhere. At the age of twelve, he was living with sensation as if the time had very little, and have time to have an incredible amount. Time was short, but he did not know about it. He is especially fond of mineralogy, paleontology, oceanography, painted pictures, his watercolors were on display, he was in love symphonic music, writing novels in general thick notebooks in calico. I'm addicted to this tedious business — writing novels — with Loewe. In addition, it was tempered physically — went without winter coats, short pants, had a jiu-jitsu techniques and despite the inherent disadvantages — myopia, some deafness and flat — prepared himself for a long trip and geographical discoveries. The girls were afraid of him. The boys looked at it as a miracle, and called softly: FYEDOTIK. "
Diary Leva Fedotov. December 7, 1939

…"At today's stories in close small class Salo leaned toward me and whispered, with a mysterious type:
— Lev, do you want to join us … with the Bear? Only or anyone … anyone … do not tell.
— Well, well! So what?
— You know, in the garden of our house is the Church? This church seems to Malyuta Skuratov.
— Well?
— We know there Mishka basement, from which there underground tunnels … Narrow, horror! We were there already. You write "Underground treasure", so that you will be very interesting. We are again one of these days want to go to these dungeons. Just do not tell anyone.
— You can count on me — I said seriously. — If you want, I can keep my mouth shut. And know.
During the lesson Salik told me about their past adventures in the dungeon. I burned with curiosity. At the break I asked Bear — said whether Salo Malyuta Skuratov of dungeons? I said yes.
— We might go tomorrow — said Mihikus. — Since the day after we have few lessons. And let's go for three hours. You just put on something old. And there, you know, it's a trash. We fools, went first in what usually go, and I have not even put on a clean coat, so we went from there everything was stained, dirty, sprinkled — as from the dead … "
It all started with the fact that in the late 30's I, as a schoolboy, he came in next to our home government CEC SNK church, where in the former refectory worked cabinetmakers. Then I came to them for the frame, which ordered my father (he was fond of painting.) Cabinetmakers were engaged in a quiet conversation, from which I understood that from the basement of the old church of St. Nicholas — their studio — like a ancient subterranean passage, and not just anywhere, but directly to the Kremlin, and it is connected with the name of the Malyuta Skuratov so that he went to the secret reports on the course of the very Tsar Ivan the Terrible.
So … Late in the evening I tried to find solitude in this round. Then, under the strictest secrecy, said this at the beginning Oleg Salkovskomu, and then we decided to invite Oleg our expedition Levu Fedotov.
So, I'm back in the church of St. Nicholas on Bersenevka where first learned about this underground passage. Now, on the church and the adjoining old houses Dumnaya clerk Averkiy Kirillov were reinforced signs informing that this historical complex belongs Research Institute of Culture.
He opened the door … immediately — the Church Hall. The hall is a long table with a green cloth around — green chairs by the window — chair, next to the chair — slate. Piano. On the whitewashed walls and the dome — the squares and rectangles of old paintings, as if postage stamps from the series "Old Russia": Mock trims.
He knocked on the door — "The sector of landscape architecture." Three young women sitting at office desk, drinking tea: lunchtime. Sorry.
— Are you on any issue?
— As for the building, to be exact — the basement.
— Are you an architect?
— No. — And, not to waste time on explanations — who am I, what and why, put in front of them traced back to the Left plan malyutinskogo dungeon. One of the women — later found out that her name is Olga Vladlenovna Mazunov — exclaims:
— I was a child my grandmother told me that three children conceived to get the Kremlin sought underpass! But they fill up, that is …
— No. Do not fill up. You see, I'm sitting in front of you.
"… On geometry, physics laboratory. Salo drew me a rough plan of the moves that they already have found with the Bear, and I tried to remember. But at home, I suddenly seized doubt. For some reason, it suddenly seemed that Misha and Salo I just play, make fun of my credulity. I decided to act cautiously and more subdued. I came up with a little trick. I clearly remember the plan and underground churches inscribed Oleg, I decided to compare it with a plan that would have had to draw on my request Mihikus. After all, there is no doubt that they advance on this we agree … At my suggestion to draw a rough plan moves Bear said
— Yes, I do not remember.
— Well, at least somehow.
— Yes, so hard. Well, okay. Look. — And he began sketching out a separate plan of rooms and passages in the exercise book. The plan was exactly the same as the Salkovskogo. After that Bear was telling me about the adventures of a dungeon … "
And adventures we did have. Oleg because of its heaviness and then stuck in the narrow aisles, so we have not examined in detail. Something crunched under their feet, crackling, and when we reached a small Oleg "hall", where you can almost be a full-length, they saw — the brick floor is littered with tiny skeletons of mice: they and crackled. But this is only the beginning. We got to the next "room" — presented itself in the corner of what was supposed to be, and, according to our beliefs, in places marked name Malyuta — skulls and bones. The "room" we were, in examining modern brickwork. Obviously, it should serve as a barrier so stubborn drifters like us. And the wells were. And the mold was. And the silence. And Oleg more soot from the candles on the ceiling painted skull and crossbones. If we actually fell asleep, fell, then, since no one knew where we were headed with Oleg, hardly figured out where to look. Oleg recently reminded me that we then put on the mask of gauze, because it heard that the church basements were once whitewashed, sanitized: the result of the fight against the plague and cholera, which once raged in Russia.
I remember we were at the insistence of Lev engaged in compiling a list of things needed for the expedition — an electric lantern, candles and matches. Watch. Lom. Lev offered another rope with a weight to measure the depth of the wells, a notebook, a pencil and a compass for some reason. And the pink of candles, which has remained with us and Oleg from last time: brightly lit, but the truth, is smoking …
Women from "sector of landscape architecture," with whom I already knew — Muse Belov, Olga and almost Mazunov girl Irina — continued to insist that drank tea with them, and told me more about what happened to us in adolescence.
— Details will be.
Irina suddenly remembers that in the department of museum works Alexander Frolov. He gathered interesting material on the church of St. Nicholas, which stands very close to the chambers clerk Averkiy Kirillov.
— House Averkiy we called the church as a child for his appearance, — I said. — Lived there janitors, porters, roofers, carpenters, and some of krasnoderevschikov.Olga Mazunov volunteered to run for Alexander Ivanovitch. Soon she came to him.
Alexander, regarding me and briefly acquainted, said that until 1917 in Moscow Guide boyar house Bersenevka name appears as the House Malyuta Skuratov with the home church, and even in his twenties came here to watch Lunacharsky Skuratov fiefdom where Malyuta "beschestvoval their victim "lyutoval together with the royal jester and executioner Vasyutkoy dirty. When, on the other side of the Moscow River, building a subway station "Palace of Soviets" (now — "Kropotkin"), then found a gravestone Malyuta and decided Malyuta obviously lived here. Nearby was also a small church.
— If before the move to the opposite side of the river, Malyuta still resided Bersenevka? Maybe it?
— Maybe.
— The hypothesis had the right to exist?
— Was and is.
— I've learned from some of the staff of the Institute, and I even place in the church discovered walled girl.
— When opened the niche?
— Yes. Braid, ribbon in the queue. The girl suddenly fell apart, turned to dust.
She was seen only by those who were around back then.
— Your opinion on the underground passage to the Kremlin? — I asked Frolov finally the most important question. And thus said Alexander, that the management of Monuments argue that the underground passage could not be, because in our day metrostroevtsy hardly pass under the river.
Alexander Ivanovich replied:
— How in the past committed dig under the castle? Smuggles barrels of gunpowder? Undermining technique was very high. As erected Solovetsky monastery? Underground tunnel could suffer from flooding. Severe flooding was the case in 1908.
Alexander Ivanovich recalled also that the house in which we lived, is part of the swamp, part of the on-site wine and salt yard, part of the cemetery.
-So, go and see the old place? — Alexander asked me, as if sitting in front of it is the same boy in 1939.
— Yes. In the basement, I entered first. Wander. Around. I must admit, and scared to some degree.
— Then called friends? — He said, waiting for my story.
— Oleg … um … sorry if based on your Institute, now a professor, Ph.D., who taught in Germany and even in their own language — Oleg Vladimirovich Salkovskogo, well Levu, of course.
Scientific Research Institute have indicated smiles that fully appreciated the "titulovannost" Oleg.
— So, you're still looking for a tunnel? — How to aggressively Frolov demanded continuation of the story.
— To search. And I think that with enough persistence. Can confirm diary Leva Fedotov.
December 8, 1939

"… Once we got to the site, as our eyes ran figure of a man standing near the warehouse.
— And, hell! — Grated Bear. — Wachter. He was always hanging around here.
— Let's pretend that we just want to go through the gate and Sadiku reach the quay — suggested Salo.
Carefree whistling, we went down to the garden and headed toward the gate of the embankment between the janitor and the warehouse adjacent to the church …
— Rather, — Hurry up we whisper Bear.
We quickly turned the corner of the church and went to the top of the stone staircase. Blurred distant steps in the eerie darkness, and it seemed to us that this is a bottomless pit. There's even the stairs were not, or rather, they are from time to time quite scuff.
— Come on — Mihikus whispered, bending down, and started to gently and quickly slide down. We Salik followed.
I strongly beating heart, I hold your breath.
Finally, we are brought to a semi-circular plank door, consisting of two valves. The boards were dried and gray with age. The first words belonged Mishka. He told us in a whisper:
— Follow me. I know everything.
Cautiously opened the door leaf. There was a faint high-pitched squeak. We froze, but the next moment is squeezed through the door leaves. Now no one will have noticed — we are plunged into the impenetrable darkness of the basement first, part of the vast dungeons Skuratovskaya church. My eyes were wide open, but I saw in front of him only coal darkness.
— Tightly close the door — I heard Bears.
The door creaked open, and a narrow strip of dark blue sky completely disappeared. I felt a strong smell is not the mold, not the dust, not the old stone walls crumbled. Under their feet, we felt a layer of soft dust, like a torn rag or tow.
Mihikus pulled out a box, struck by its edge — a match flared, flared steady flame. Its orange rays throwing everything around ominous glow, making the picture that we saw seemed wild and gloomy. I looked around — we were in a small basement, walls and ceiling of which were composed of bland gray bricks. On one side lay broken chairs, gray with dust, on the other — there was an old bulky barrels. Right in front of us was black passage into the next cellar.
— Come on, — said Bear, holding a match in his right hand.
Shadows on the walls moved, came to life, and soon the room was plunged into impenetrable darkness — we went into the next room. Bear lit another match.
— Let's see if we could now go on this course — turned to Fat Bear, pointing to a low passage leading to the left and having a cross-section resembling a quarter round. Teddy looked at him and said:
— He sealed up. You see!
Indeed, floor corridor gradually rose and mingled with the ceiling. In the second basement Mihikus pulled his white candle and put a match to its wick.
The second-largest cellar was almost the same as the first. His dark brick walls and ceiling somehow inexplicably pressed upon us, and my chest was a strange feeling. The opposite wall was completely littered with broken furniture, and in the depths of the basement were two stands, on which lay an old yellowed leaf doors. It was something of a bench bench. The air here was also damp and had an unpleasant odor of rot and some other devilry. Near the floor, we saw a short, rectangular door in half a meter. It was covered with piles of broken backs of chairs.
— Shh! .. — Whispered suddenly Salo.
We froze. Somewhere I heard similar steps. Progudev over our heads, they stood in the distance: someone passed over us.
Then, without a word, we began to carefully uncover the door of broken chairs. Backs were dry, light and dust. We arranged a conveyor and a minute later saw foot rectangular door.
— You see, old door? — Asked me Bear. — Here we are in it and slipped.
Climb into it we were surprising: it was very small. With his heart pounding, I waited.
— I'll go first — offered Oleg. — And that to me all the more difficult to get through.
— Come on — I agreed.
— Such overweight uncle — said Bear ironically — is difficult to get through a door.
— But we crawled into it before — said Salo. He bent down and stopped suddenly in a daze: somewhere in the dark was a rustle.
We jumped.
— Quiet! — Teddy whispered, closing his hand a candle flame.
But it was a false alarm, it was all quiet. Oleg gently took hold of the door and pulled. There was a faint squeak and rattle. I gritted my teeth and clenched fists. With groaning and sighing door opened, and behind it I saw the pitch darkness. In the face of a suspect blew dry.
— I'll light your candle, — said Oleg — and climb it.
Basement rays lit up two candles.
— Will hold illumination, — said loudly Salo, forgetting obostorozhnosti. — Their carcasses! We need to save!
We froze his thundering voice.
— Quiet orientation! Bear growled. — Eco screaming. Heard since. Light your candle, rose, — he said to me. — And then Oleg Now you want and we will remain in the dark. I reached for him, and you for me.

My candle flared in time Salo at this time put his hand with a lit candle into the opening door and wedged himself with groaning there. His corpulent carcass is occupied all the space in the door is open, so we only saw the lower torso and legs, nothing is moving floor.
— Hush, hush, — whispered Bear. — Hurry!
— Yes, wait, — we heard a muffled voice Salik.
Finally leaving only his boots. Then Teddy rubbed his hands and bent down and slipped out the door. I stayed in the room alone. I heard a voice from the door Mihikusa:
— Climb here for us.
I blew out the candle.
Basement plunged into total darkness, a narrow beam of light fell on the floor of the open door. I spat carelessly, the door creaked on all fours and crawled forward. When lifted his head, he saw only dry gray brick walls of the narrow corridor and pants Bears — he stood to his full height, and I still was almost lying down.
— Close the door, — whispered Bear. — Just as tight as possible.
I bent down, pulled his legs into the hallway and, holding the edge of the door, closed it. She groaned and turned to squeak. Somehow led her to the wall and heard the question Mihikusa:
— Tightly closed?
— Close — I said quietly. With that, I strained muscles of the legs and stood upright. And you know, my friends, where are we? We were in a terrible narrow but very high pass. He was so narrow that it could be only sideways, turning his head to the left or to the right, otherwise we would have rubbed their heads and noses against the walls.
Bricks of old, faded, peeling and sometimes covered easily rebounding old light-brown mass, which for hundreds of years, managed to dry. This mass when you touch it crumbled into small pieces and dust.
My heart was pounding in his chest pressed, and from this developed a terrible tightness some inexplicable, uncomfortable feeling.
— You see, what the passage, — said to me Bear, somehow turning his head toward me, making his cap, visor hooked to the walls, tore off a piece of gray-brown putty and she slid to the side. — So this is the very narrow course , which we told you about. I nodded silently.
— Come on, is it? — Said Oleg.
And we, the rustling of clothing on the wall began to move forward. Suddenly, in the wall, in front of my eyes, floated several tall, narrow windows. I looked at one of them, but could see nothing. He put his hand there and felt nothing. These creepy dungeons like pressed on my mind, and I felt choked and clenched, not only physically, because of the narrow corridor, but also mentally. I squinted my eyes and saw that my clothes got gray. Mishka, promote me, and Salik, going in front, were also similar to the underground devils, and not to people. In appearance, this church is small, dull, I thought, and under has such a vast dungeon! Very strange … "
Aleh in the house was Leo Tolstoy's novel "Resurrection", the publication of the century. Ecclesiastical censorship confiscated chapter on worship. The owner of the book of those years rewrote it on the usual "tetrad" paper and glue. One leaf remained free. Oleg vomited and wrote on it the text is similar to this: "Walking down the aisle and all below, you'll see the water dripping, and the right to security door. It is not open, because water will gush! "Oleg was referring to the Moscow River. And the signature — such a high-school student.
Having set out on an old paper "old" text, Oleg packed a note in an old iron box confectionery factory "Sioux." He put the box Levke underground. Lev will have face when Lev finds a note!
But terrific plan with a bang burst. The reason? Oleg caught himself — the text is created without yatey and other ancient wisdom, which he could not create even the most unsold schoolboy, for "wisdom", these are elementary. Lev man meticulous research — just expose the fake. And when we now have in the apartment Dr. Oleg Salkovsky remembered and told the tragicomic story, we laughed for a long time. We read with Oleg Levin diaries, again made far, gambling trip. In many ways, and reckless, given the ultimate goal — the Kremlin … And the complete lack of consistency, reasonableness in action — adventure seekers! .. Underground corridors. Halls. Tall, narrow windows and a terrible camera with hooks and rings on the ceiling. Squeaks. Rustles. Mold. Coal darkness or light beam. Skulls and bones — heaps. Malyutin Terrible secret reports — how many people are ruined "manual cropping," how much more "reliably tortured." Who roasted alive on a large skillet: it was and is. I even remember the name of this way executed Boyar — puppies. In short, the real horror! Whatever you say. This excerpt from the book academician Veselovsky I did already. We have come down to us not chronological lists synodic and a complete list of the executed, but a very incomplete list of those who died for the whole period of mass executions … This list was compiled not in the order of events, as an afterthought, hastily, according to various sources.
"… We have not passed a few steps from the door, like a corridor at right angles to the right and turned to make already before. To move sideways and then it became more difficult: even the walls of the corridor touched my ears. We were in a giant vise.
— And the hell did they do such passages? — Surprised Bear. — Who needs such narrow?
— Here again the turn? — Cried Salo.
— Yes, you're quieter, — whispered Bear. — What do you always forget to be careful! We have been here, and you know that turning two.
First, we have already passed, but this — the second. And there is nothing to shout.
Suddenly, somewhere in the depths we heard a whisper. We froze. Standing for a few seconds and continued on their way more carefully. On the right wall, I again saw the little window.
— Look, — said Bear, turning his head toward me.
— What? — I asked a choked voice.
He put a candle in the window. I looked back and saw a square chamber, the walls of which consisted of poserevshih bricks.
— See how the camera? — Asked me Bear.
— I see — I said, gaze, looking grim camera … "
We then trembled and died away from these bring us from the unknown depths of history whispers. And now I'm rewriting Levins page, gave the onetime experience.
"… And here we come to the end of the aisle. Wall barring our way, under the ceiling had a square hole in the meter wide: it was the beginning of oblique stroke, the leading somewhere to the left. Around the hole, just under the ceiling was dark long, low niche. In order to get into the sloping course, it was necessary first to climb into the niche, much of it to creep in oblique stroke.
— Well, what are you waiting for? — Oleg said Mishka. — Go there in a niche, not tear away. Then I'll climb to you and look around the turn.
I stepped back a little bit, to give the opportunity to step aside from the Bear climbs into the niche Oleg: he might get kicked in the face of the Bear … "
All the following, which was the day we have to talk with Oleg: Levins continuation of entries. No next notebook. It is among the missing. No doubt that this book numbered VI was all accurate even scrupulously recorded: the number of mysterious window, mysterious chambers with skulls and bones, hatches, stairs, corridors, entrances and transitions. And in one place oozing water and flowed somewhere between the stones, forming there a long time, a deep trough. So what happened to us? The more complete the journey?
In a very narrow inclined hole, despite the fact that Oleg climbed into a niche in the end went Lev — the smallest and most frail. I do not have a list of equipment we have taken so-called Swedish cord. Pieces of cord we are, where possible, cut off from the transom and put together in a relatively long rope. She tied Lucius, and only then he moved on. The underground passage narrows and narrows. A stubborn Levikus this evolutionist Precambrian or Dekombry (regular Levins nicknames in class), the chronicler of the earth, resting on the floor galoshes, all crawled and crawled, and stuck again moving forward, touching the bricks is not only the ears, but the nose. That's for sure. We Oleg completely lost sight of Levka. Even light his candle. And Lev finally stuck like that it should have been. And this is where we began our scientist Oleg pull the rope pull. Short coat wrapped it on his head and Levka could hardly tear. Even the unflappable Oleg perenervnichal until we Levka dragged. What if the rope burst? Or unleash? Neither I, nor even to Oleg Lev did not get there.
— He's choking! — Even now experiencing Oleg.
— Candle he went out, — I reminded her friend.
We Levu, of course, pulled out. So Vidic he was, all the dust Paleolithic of geological calendar was on Levke — on his face, hair and clothing.
— Perhaps we have not moved there — breath, said Loew.
When, after various adventures with other hatches, entering and exiting left the cave and returned to the "sublunary world," was the eleventh hour.
In the Kremlin never made, as you know. The head of the detective agency oprichnina Malyuta Skuratov saved us from his secret communication through an underground passage to the king "oprichnina" states. But Lev, biting his lip hard to go back to the underground mysteries. He needed result.
In early 1989, Apollos Feodosevich Ivanov, a former employee of the construction of the Palace of the Soviets, published in the journal "Science and Life" excerpt from the book, which tells the story of the destruction of the Temple of Christ the Savior and how he and his friend got into an ancient tunnel leading from the Church of Christ towards the Kremlin and Vagankovsky hill that is the modern home Pashkova (Lenin Library). The tunnel was "human bones with the remains of rusty chains … remains unknown prisoners thrown into the dungeon of someone's ill will, maybe, the most Malyuta Skuratov. " I responded to this publication LEVIN diary fragments and some reminders of our efforts in 1939 to enter the ancient "malyutinskim" underground passage to the Kremlin. Among the letters, which then discussed our boy's expedition, there was one notable of Kiev from Rudyk engineer.

He wrote:
"I had an interesting and very simple idea (would not be surprised if someone has already thought of that.) So, the question with a professional bias: was built a long and very narrow underpass? In addition, it gradually declined to the point that it got stuck, "the smallest and most frail" of the children, and in fact built a move likely to adults. Hence, it can be assumed that the course dug in the ground, should be much more spacious than a brick manhole. This suggests the idea that this underpass is very close to the narrow manhole as digging a wide passage and immediately strengthen its brickwork is much more convenient, and a narrow hole can be constructed in the same aisle … But in any case, a tunnel to look next to a narrow manhole. A tapered hole — is not nothing but a trap for the uninitiated or escaped prisoner. It is ridiculous to suppose that the mighty Malyuta Skuratov crawled on his stomach for such a distance or even walked through the narrow passages. After all, with its capabilities, it was legal and this tunnel digging. "
After more than half a year after our secret activities Loew wrote: "In the first applicable one evening I decided slazit the dungeon in order to fulfill all the same what is conceived in the summer." Here Lev and his character. Went to church, but going down the "crooked stairs," found on the doors of the "enormous wrought castle."
Again, after a few months, a record: "In the morning I was surprised to see that the whole upper part of churches, including the dome, painted in beige. This immediately tells me that we do not get to the church, because it is no longer an abandoned church, and the National Museum. "
Why Loew wanted to go alone? Maybe we Oleg deprived his utmost concentration?
To us the church of St. Nicholas, its underground part, examined our senior guys, Toll Ivanov (cones), Val Kokovikhin Igor Peters and Jura Zakurdaev. Also put in a tunnel, but that started on the opposite side of the church in relation to our course and has been traced in the other direction beneath the temple, but also to the Moscow River. These guys "met" a crumbling skeleton of a man in a niche once confined to the wall. Then they discovered ancient icons, then they have "run out, extinguished torches, which they were," and the boys are back. The details of this expedition, I learned this year in our museum "House on the Embankment", located on the waterfront in the House, from the Anatoly Ivanov. He even sketched out on a piece of my plan "to tunnel" … As for the old icons, it may be, they are still hidden somewhere. And she was entombed in the church in the place where now gray Italian marble on the wall there is a subtle pattern in a frame. This temple, which still have not forgotten the names Malyuta Skuratov and Basil Dirty, "faithful and scary dogs king oprichnina state."
I remembered how in the dark pre-war years a significant number of apartments was empty: inhabited by men who are sent immediately to the world of eternal rest, who previously behind barbed wire, who, as a member of the family traitor, in the distant exile. The boys did their best to rescues from arrest personal things most necessary for life. Valya Kokovikhin and Toll Ivanov from the balcony Wali dropped late at night on an apartment balcony sealed Peters rope. Roofing — small in stature and light, so the rope Cone reached balcony Peters, managed to open the door to enter the sealed apartment and take the necessary Peters son, Igor, clothes. Toll on the rope came back. Things picked up.
It was dangerous game, but Bersenevsky guys gained experience. Did not give each other …

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