The underground passage to the Kremlin. Part 2

But even now, 14 July 1987, a trolley, which departs from a stop just in front of our house, one wheel fell into the "well", suddenly opened under asphalt. When the well came down to the crash repair work, and with them the corresponding TV program "Good Evening, Moscow," we saw the room, lined with masonry. I'm with my wife Vika that night, luckily, was sitting at the TV screen and watched the evening transfer. And when the show is, I, just like in the best years, he shouted:

— The underground passage!

Well, not a tunnel, and it's possible some part of the wine-yard salt, for example.
The next day we learned from the same gear (we Vika is specifically waiting for her): Archaeologists showed no curiosity, workers filled cave with water, covered with sand and asphalted. Tightly. But, of course, this is not the last point in the former Sodovnikah where now former Government House.

3akonchilas war. Bersenevka alive again, everything seems at first, everything seems the same. She worked as a factory "Red October" and the wind priduval smell it produces. In the twilight of households are still stretched thin trees were scattered here and there Dig bench. The fountains have become garbage collectors — they fell asleep, asphalted. The roof of the house, damaged incendiary bombs and shrapnel flak, flowed continuously, and anyone living on the upper floors on the floor, on a chair or standing cabinet basin. I do not know at the very Iofan, he, too, was living under this roof. Watchmen long ago lost their uniforms and, of course, weapons. Most women are on duty now, which are mainly engaged in knitting and raising children in doorways. Shop with no outbuildings, was blocked by the court empty dirty drawers, boxes, cans, of which acquired a residence cats. Opposite the shop sitting on the balcony of Stasov, resting and watching the passing vendors, flashing through the windows then store it in the yard. If you notice any, for its consideration, the disorder — calls to the store manager. Quickly and somehow "blind" — who and what is around — was ran-brother Fedor Nadezhda Alliluyeva. After the tragic death of her sister has changed, has closed, and the entire family Alliluyevs though separated himself from the life … Slowly drifted duty "Rolls-Royce", landmark, looked like an old type "ambulance": was the old Bolsheviks on call, if someone had to go. Inside the house there were some punched the door, window, and attached ladder. Downspouts not reach the ground, dropped his end. Canopies over entrances corroded, bent, stone sills distortions. Iofan and was unable to save the child, now looked like a really sunk "Titanic" at the bottom of the story …
It will take many years, and we with Oleg, going down to the wharf to the river, hear the voice of the guide from the excursion ship, talking about our house on the waterfront — who in it is at what time he lived, he remembered and Yuri Trifonov, and another time a different guide call Levu and Fedotova … And perhaps one day will talk about and an underground passage to the Kremlin, we were looking for …
Now, quite recently, we have chosen to Oleg day off, called Artem Zadikyanu, our constant companion and photographer, agreed to meet on the waterfront near the Variety Theater. We came to a large rock came down on the side of the theater immediately, for the most steps on which the son of the Minister of Aviation Industry Shakhurin shot the daughter of our ambassador Umansky, and then fatally shot himself. The reason? Unrequited love. On one of the steps of a long kept their initials — Inolodi and Nina knocked out by one of our guys. Now faded initials, trample: this is the staircase flows of people flock to the theater, and then back.
Artem appeared. I waved my hand, showed that the move to the church. Only entered into the arch of the churchyard as Zadikyan stopped, crouched, looked closely and said:
— Nice shot.
Outside repairs of the temple over and Nicola flashed brand new colors. In the yard turned to the chambers Averkiy Kirillov: I had to find a deputy. Director Tatyana Petrovna Yezhov to get permission to film. Lucky — met with her right in the hallway. Truly a remarkable woman — not only instantly agreed, but after listening to my brief explanation, for what reason we are here, led us along a narrow (the width of a single) spiral staircase to Averkievskie, but for me and Oleg — Skuratovskaya, basements, podkletki . Lower and lower. Deeper and deeper.
Artyom started working the camera, occasionally illuminating the spiral descent blue lightning lights.
Low gray arches, stuffy transitions, box "facilities" such as those on which we first made the way. Of course, there was talk of the underground passage under the church and under the river.
— Is there somewhere in the course of … Yes, — shaking his head Oleg diligently keeping balance on the steep, slippery bends stairs. — I feel the truth …
— And I can smell … — Oleg was immediately supported me.
— It could not be, — said Tatiana.
— Why not? Do you exclude the possibility of its existence? — And I'm not expecting any objection and began to lead a compelling argument: — And as in the past to create complex dig under the castle? And the construction of the monastery of huge stone blocks? — I'm possessed arguments Alexander I. Frolov from the Department of Museum Studies.
— I do not object against undermining and monasteries, but in these places, I think, the underground passage could not be.
— Why not?
— The soil is unsuitable.
— What is unusable, when even in the rocks, on which stood the fortress? ..
— In the rocks — yes. But this is not a rock — water.
— Where is the water?
— Come on. — Tatiana took down the brick basement and in one place, where the stone floor was a large hatch opened, showed:
— Look.
And we found a pit filled with water.
— There were swamps. Of course, you know it, the state of the soil does not inspire confidence in the possibility of the work under the river.
— All clear, — said Oleg seriously and added: — Someone still opened the door, and the water gushed.
— What is the door? — Tatiana raised her eyebrows.
— Iron.
Tatiana Petrovna eyebrows rose even higher. Oleg was happy produced effect.
— Do not be surprised, Tatiana, Oleg rights. I will now quote the document, it is historic. — I solemnly text memo written half a century ago for Oleg Lev "… go down the aisle and, descending lower and lower, you will see how the water trickles, and the right to security door. It is not open, because water will gush out. " That's it. But we really climbed. Water is leaking in some places, oozing. On this account there is this document: Levin diary. And then your dear colleague Elena Petoyan also climbed with my friends after the war, in the period of youth, found fragments of mosaics and something colorful.
Artem is still illuminated the basement blue zipper, took away more and more interesting points for shooting. I repeatedly hit the incredible "technical equipment", which is located Artem: old, worn out by the time the apparatus, ropes, wires, provodochki, homemade, almost out of a can "flash", rechargeable battery simply shoved into his jacket pocket, which is why very bulging appearance. Spool with film in a tin box.

And our argument with Tatiana Petrovna did not stop.
— When we go to church, I'll show you where we started — I said. — The other guys started from another site. According to our calculations, we have already reached the river, a tunnel has become extremely narrow. Was paved with stone blocks. Maybe we made a mistake and hit the side branch, and not in the main part of … In the trap, thinks one engineer, who sent us a letter from Kiev and drawing alleged main course and traps. And it turns out that we were right next to the main course.
— Some special drought was — nodded Oleg. — Blade knife, remember? Wide, like a dagger? Was hammered between the stones.
— Yes. They wanted to pull out, but could not. Rust is soldered to the rocks …
And here we are with Tatiana Petrovna going to the church of St. Nicholas. The church Artyom started shooting some clearing on the dome that resembled postage stamps from the series "Ancient Russia." Temple searing flash, Artem shot one "Old Russia" for the other.
— Well, let's go in your basement — said Tatiana, and we go to the sacred door, near which I first came in early childhood and to whom said, "Follow me, then I know."
Still the door of two halves, still padlocked. He remembered, as we sweep out the caps with Oleg tracks.
— Tatiana, that you are now in the basement? Then there were the old, broken chairs.
— And now, worn out chairs.
— It is amazing — and I could only say. — Not enough that they were the same chairs.
— I'm afraid prirzhavel castle. Have not unlocked.
But the key is turned in surprisingly easy, and the eye of the castle rebounded. Opened the two halves. Another door. She was just on the bolt. Also did not have any trouble. Tatiana flipped the switch — light flashed. The first time I saw our basement in bright light. Low arches. Circular brick. And friends — and the dust, and blossomed. Sheets of plywood, boards, glass in flat wooden boxes, window frames. Smart Guides on, to where we have come a half-century ago, led Levka. In the right corner — a mountain of chairs, former chairs. And again — the board and some iron construction. But now the old, end-of-century chairs were added colossal size paper rollers. Hardly get to the place the wall where the floor should be a rectangular opening high above half a meter — the entrance to the cave. But, as I thought, he laid relatively fresh brick.
— Here is to be input.
Extreme arch. Second. We started out …
Artyom was rushed stirs, moving these paper blocks, but he did not succeed, we came to Oleg — hopeless basement did not give secrets. There was once an old rectangular door, which then opened in front of us "with groaning and sighing," and Oleg put his hand with a lit candle into the opening door and wedged himself with groaning there.
Suddenly, in front of the place where once was a rectangular door, we saw a huge, life-size, gap: it is obvious to the basement break new, younger generation of adventurers! Littered with felled locks on doors, shovel, hammer and broom. I, of course, reached into the breach. Caught in the gap, solemnly lit a candle. Tom, respectively, immediately grabbed his camera. Bottomless darkness Opals flash.
We frequented by Oleg little church in the winter. We already knew — looking for a tunnel in the 60's, and double special search team searched and "church treasure": the ancient cult utensils (the guys stumbled Tolley Ivanov on one of the boxes with icons). It is possible that the treasure, hidden French general in 1812, too, dwells somewhere in the depths of the stone. General was living in the house Averky, in one of the survivors of the fire in Moscow.
… Now the beginning of July, the height of summer. Bloom on the little church at the feet of dandelions. Tear off one of them, gently hold the gray ball.
— Mike, why do not we take time with you Yuri Trifonov? — Asks Oleg. He is standing, squinting in the sun, hung over the domes of St. Nicholas.
— Paulin call him at Kaluga, other explanations can not see.
— Yura wrote to us then.
And I read the first two lines of the poem Yurina: "Where is my Lev inseparable? Mishka, Dimka and Oleg? "
The text of the poem brought from Olga Trifonova-Miroshnichenko, wife of the Jura, Artem Zadikyan. Half a century later, we learned for the first time, what bitter row has left us his rejection of Jura.
Artem and still continues to increase our photo archive. We are with him to the last, they say, Pebble furrowed Bersenevka ARROW, where the waste drainage channel and where it is often mined in ancient ice, dropped in on the way to all of the old yards. Furrowed we Sofia Embankment with the Mariinsky School, which was located after the revolution, our 19th school. Artem all attempts to penetrate into the attic of the building, since I have heard from us that in the distant pre-war times, we found in the attic of a portrait of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna, the guardian of the school.
We are all looking for premises for the 'emptiness' in this old, rich mysteries of the island of Moscow. Artem promised that the city archives procure materials archaeologist Ignatius Jakovljevic Stelletskogo. And Zadikyan hand happy. At various landfills, abandoned houses he can find older photographic plates, films, with which he makes prints, and before us appears in pictures of a bygone life in Moscow. Archive Artem unique.
I wanted, in the interior of the house looking for anything out of the Levins heritage, and here and made a startling discovery Artem. Well, when abandoned to overhaul "Bulgakov's" house on Lawn Kudrinskaya he got lots of films, printed, and please — the house on Serafimovicha in pre-war form and, moreover, our girl Tanya Kuibyshev also quite prewar. But here's Artem went to a new school building on the waterfront Kadashevskaya once again to remove the piano by Rachmaninoff, and on the way to one of the houses set for overhaul (could not get past the same Artem!), In one of the rooms because of the steam radiator heating it pulls (believe it or not!) … chapter of the Levins novel "Journey to the depths of the Earth," the story of "The actions of poisonous snakes," pencil drawing of Verdi's original dated 23/11-37 and personal signature — L.Fedotov.
Artem Zadikyan appeared at us happy: in his hands — a large envelope. Extracts from the envelope photoprints drawings from some old books, reports, one by one to me and Vick:
— Ivan the Terrible himself in two ways. His seal, what a whopper. This Malyuta also himself. It — dig underground. This cave under Kremlin tower. Here at all — the skull bone. Horror and only. Confusion and rebellion. Speedy trial. Someone to become a monk. And it — ax … Oprichnik on horseback with a broom and pesey head …
Artyom spoke forcefully, as if he just all this "grabbed" lens with nature. We were happy with him his unprecedented success. Artem then laid on the table prints the log pages twenties called "30 Days" — to become an archaeologist Stelletskogo Ignatius, a specialist on the Moscow underground, and pictures of him. Read and find out that all stone houses XVI — XVII centuries in Moscow has caches and tunnels. Invariably, every old house, surveyed the scientific, gives a hiding place — whether it be a secret chamber for treasures or a secret passage to escape. The most interesting in this sense, Moscow is home to Malyuta Skuratov Bersenevka.
When the father of Ivan the Terrible Vasily III lived in the Kremlin, near the corner of the tower, lord Bersen Beklemishev. From him, and the name of the tower went — Beklemishevskaya. Near the Musketeers District, the Moscow River, Bersen built a stone house, and that gave its name to the waterfront — Bersenevskaya. Gradually the soft sign of loss. Vasily III of this worthy nobleman executed because of "reckless candor." House Bersen great antiquity and by fate. The architecture of the XVI century. During the reign of Ivan the Terrible owned his confidant Malyuta Skuratov-Belsky. Then went to Boris Godunov, and then to Streshneva Kurbatov … (N.Kalachev. Malyuta House Skuratov. 1867). Malyuta to home made extension, "according to the tastes of his inquisitorial and the Terrible." Under the old house Bersen — two dark vaulted cellar (we went down into these cellars and Oleg Artemyev), a niche … Ring in the vaults … pit filled with water … The niches, bearing traces of iron shutters were kept instruments of torture. On rings suspended victim. There was a back door in the attached wall, running from the top to the basement. Now bricked up (we saw). Led from the basement stash, while we have not yet discovered. Another stash — Solyanka.
Stelletskogo reading materials, the question arises — what is meant Solyanka? Stelletskii further relates that this patrimony Malyuta full of romance and underground mysteries. There were living quarters, which were introduced even the horses, there was a well. He was dug at a depth of 15 yards (yards — 0.71 m) for the construction of the power station in 1906 at the Swamp embankment; rotten carcass. Ignatius Stelletskii during the excavation, removing about 8 yards of log, found well-preserved skeleton of a horse, and under it, at a distance, the human skeleton. Boots with upturned toes aristocratic era. Nearby are the same women's boots.
Underground patrimony in our house. Yes! This is it! Scary underground mansion Malyuta Skuratov-Belsky was in our house, or rather, our "horomny" house occupied territory horomnuyu Malyuta, underground. It all fits!
"Dark and mysterious house Malyuta — continues Stelletskii Ignatius — was presented to the Government of the former Moscow Archaeological Society. For years, stood grim and forgetfulness. "
But on some of the documents, we know that another patrimony Malyuta and his grave was in oprichnina Chertolya. Archaeological Society in 1864 as a house already occupied Dumnaya clerk Averkiy Kirillov. We have kept an old photo (of course, from the archive Zadikyan) Averkiy home and the sign above the entrance — "Archaeological Society." The question is — if the house is not built on the foundation of the duma the clerk at the basement of the former malyutinskogo? Well, we will not deprive themselves of this conviction.
On the same old photos in the background, to the left chambers of the duma clerk — the bell tower. Not in a bell that went to search the underground passage Lena from Khabarovsk to the guys? ..
I first met Helen Khabarovsk at a meeting on the establishment of the museum Gosdoma in 1989. As a child, Helen lived in Khabarovsk, so it was for us — Khabarovsk. Initiator of the museum, its current director Tamara Ter-Yeghiazaryan and members of the public council to decide that the search in the archives of materials on the history of the house and its settlement. Vick saves simple invitation — "In that day you will be able to meet with the first exhibits of the future museum, archive staff to hear stories about the history of the house 30 — 50 years. November 12, 1989. "
At the request of Tamara I brought for the future museum documents and photos related to our boys: Left Fedotov, Oleg Salkovskim, Yuri Trifonov, Tolia and Galya Ivanova and my other friends. And, as always, the conversation turned to how Loew, Oleg and I were trying to find a tunnel under the river.
Khabarovsk Elena suddenly, as if in passing, said:
— I also visited the cave. And long before your expedition.
Well, I, of course, for the sake of politeness asked:
— What year?
— Shortly after the bombing of the Temple of Christ. When it blew?
— At the end of the 31st. Fifth of December.
— The snow was gone. So, I went in the spring or early summer.
— How climbed to dolezli? — A rather more calm I remained interested.
— Not out of the church, as it looks now … Next was something. Some more structure …
— Next? The bell tower. It was dismantled. And another old wooden house.
The audience could not help listening to the conversation.
— And the result of your expedition? — I was still calm.
— Select from the opposite shore, — as calmly replied Helen. Siberian character she is not a supporter of the effects, sensations all very simple.
— Passed by the Moscow River! — I cried frantically. More precise words that can convey the extent of my surprise, my shock, not pick up.
— Gone.
— How did?
— I said — not from the church itself. — Lena looked at me as if to a sick child.
— So, in the bell tower, — I muttered, — or where there was once more covered glass gallery.
— Maybe. Six boys, it seems, well, I'm a girl, seven.
— Who are these guys? From? What was the name? — Elena bombarded with questions.
— All of our house. Names I do not remember, was a little girl. I'm sorry, but what to do.
— And it is a real underground tunnel? Under the river? — I did not let up.
— Of course, it's real. — Lena even smiled. — At first — step gray stone. You go down, down. Some wooden hoop, whether that remains of them, and then — the tunnel, and he immersed himself, and started downhill. And the silence — no trams could not hear anything. Then rise, as it were, up the hill. Gradual.
— To move in a full-length? — I did not let up. — Free completely?
— Yes. Flashlights hummers were mechanical, remember those?
— Of course. You press the lever, it pushes a small dynamo and lights buzzing shining, blinking at the same time.
So, Toll Ivanov Valentin Kokovikhin Igor Peters and Jura Zakurdaev went into their church route with resin torches, we — with candles, Elena — with buzzers. And was under the river as well!
— Full length, say, and free — I can not calm down.
Remembered the letter engineer from Kiev — could not have Malyuta crawl on his belly! ..
— Up to the ceiling, probably would not doprygnula. And came back. Put it in her dress with the destruction of the Temple marble flower, dragged him. The territory of the Temple was surrounded by a wooden fence.
— You were near a church outside the fence?
— Well, yes. There were three or four times.
— And by the river? — I was just stuck on this one.
— Of course! — Broke down and laughed loudly Lena. — And every time I took away the marble flower. Laying them at the balcony.
Elena's apartment and balcony were in that hallway, in which we are sitting.
— Chains across? Shackles?
— Glands. I do not know what. Every now and then stumbled … The boys are deliberately shouting, "Ooh! Vaughn's head flew off! "" A-aa! Hand sticking out! "" Ooh! Again chasing dead! "
— Our expedition was in the thirty-ninth, your seven years before — I counted. — Somewhere in the thirty-second.
— It turns out — Lena nodded.
Lev was right when he said, "Perhaps we have not moved there." Knowingly persistently returned to the underground secrets of the church of St. Nicholas, wanted even one slazit underground. "In view of the church is a small, homely — said Lev in his diary — and under has such a vast dungeon!"
When the spring of 1936 Toll Ivanov and his boys went down for 6 — 8 steps of a church (remember — the opposite side of "our entrance to our basement"), and began a low, narrow tunnel. Bent their way, after 10 meters there was a side branch. Here in prison and a skeleton in a niche with the remains of the chains. It seems that the man was still on the wall and chained. But the long bones crumble, lay heaped. Then — the rotten door for her — again crumbled skull and bones (verbatim record Tolin story), then found a small icon in the box. Took two or three. Passed a dozen meters, damp, mustiness, stone masonry. Obstruction of brick. Had a crowbar and shovel, so began to peck. When prodolbili hole, cast the last torch. Darkness and gloom, and more like anything. Route stop, left without light. Discovered icon father Igor Hristoforovich Jacob Peters gave to the museum professionals. Experts have dated seem to fourteenth century. Tolia remembers. The fate of the remaining icons in the box is not known.
— You reached the Temple of Christ — I said Lena. — Could move further to the Kremlin. It now appears that the stretched and moves in the direction of the Kremlin hill.
— Areas under the church were and moves somewhere else, but we did not dare. Very afraid of getting lost.
So, was not injured underpass from severe flooding in Moscow in 1908, which I first heard from researcher Alexander I. Frolov, and which does not reject the idea of the underground passage under the river.
— What else is there for our house, what antiquity … What other tombs, crypts, caches, — said in thought Tamara Ter-Yeghiazaryan …
I thought of a hidden monuments of Moscow, writes about Stelletskii and dating back to the beginning of the end of the XIII and XIV century. Dungeon feature this time is that they are being dug in the dense layers of the continent, were not taxed stone. Only in later centuries, some of the tunnels surrounded with a brick. A measure of the age of the dungeons just in terms of the brick cladding would be contrary to the requirements of a strictly scientific approach. The word "cache" is three-fold meaning: a secret room, hearing (a window or door to eavesdropping), and a secret passage.
Caches are elevated (house walls, domes of churches) and subterranean. Ignatius Stelletskii allocates and caches, "dug into the water." The main purpose was to supply the fort with water. In ancient fortresses they are sheathed with boards. Stash remained unchanged mystery even for the closest servants Kremlin rulers. The legend tells of a cache to the Moscow River from the Water Tower, and chronicler — from Tainitski and Beklemishev. In the area of the tower was Tainitski underpass, and he passed close to the Kremlin. From the cache to the water and close to the cache under the water under the river.
"Groundwater moves — further notes Stelletskii — elementary identity of any of the ancient fortress and castle. In the Moscow Kremlin move to the role of chief flight belonged to the so-called cache Aleviz, marching past the Nikolskaya tower at China Town. "Alevizovskim" it was called because ditch over it, on the Red Square, was lined with stone italian Aleviz in 1508. Built as the move by the creator of the Kremlin Aristotle Fioravanti in the 80s XV century. "
Italians do to perfection not only the art of build underwater tunnels, but the arches and surrounded them with lead and tin to prevent moisture in the tunnels under the river. So the Metropolitan Macarius, caught fire in the Assumption Cathedral in 1547, escaped death, having a secret move Tainitski tower and the Moscow River now serving. Stroke, according to legend, was built by the same Aristotle Fioravanti.
Generally, in the Kremlin "Gordian knot" of the underground Moscow. Here, the "mystery of mysteries" of Moscow.
It would not be surprising if by the Moscow River subsequently found to lead several moves. There is … there is a tunnel under the river, and more … further in the ill-fated Kremlin hill. And probably not far off time when we Artem Zadikyanom its "open", but, of course, is by archaeologists, using the "Frome." The more recent "Moskovsky Komsomolets" alerted readers in Vagankovsky hill on which stands Pashkov House (the main library of the country), and construction of communications under a thick layer of earth suddenly found fragments of the underground passage. Red brick, low and narrow passage into the depths of the Moscow land. Where he was? What keeps secrets? Only — version. According to the most common of them — the course conducted by Ivan the Terrible. They say some of metrostroevtsev allegedly ran into him. And among all the debris even found a chest of gold. Under cover of night allegedly came after them, and some people were taken away in an unknown direction. A involuntary witnesses in fear of death were ordered to remain silent.
Another discovery, almost sensational, because nothing like this in Moscow had ever find — well, white-stone masonry with a diameter of 4.5 meters! Unprecedented depth. Construction work at the facility had to be suspended. As long as conservation methods will be found well. And to determine its purpose. Initially decided that it was kept a supply of water. But later, when found in fixing the spiral staircase and the remains of the logs, this version is shattered to pieces. And her place was taken by a new hypothesis related to the entrance of the cave.
For the first time the "Frome" I heard when we waded with Artem Zadikyanom Vagankovskoye hill, which rises Pashkov House (the main library of the country), and where in the process of repair in the construction of communications under a thick layer of earth found fromovtsy first one entrance to the cave, then two more. Perhaps they were all in one instance. It is possible that there Vagankovskoye hill that ends the main course, the tunnel, which goes back to our Bersenevka and which is one of the branches of the course leading to the Kremlin. Well, this is purely my assumption is problematic. The more that a few months ago, almost opposite the gates of the Kremlin Borovitsky also were some communication, we dug in with Artem pit workers clearly saw the old brick arch tunnel, at all, of course, zatrambovannuyu. They wanted to take pictures, but we were not allowed. So as soon as I heard about the "Frome", I immediately thought that the official organization for such a short and cryptic so far for me the title is exactly what I need to solve and our Bersenevka, ITS-ground parts and finish finally, what did you do at one time. Print our childhood! I must say that the people of the "Frome" did its direct business — for the integrated study of the buildings and grounds, geophysical methods have studied the deformation of foundations, isolated zones of weakness buildings, generally explored more, to make recommendations for addressing the causes of the destruction. And our business interest to them in parallel. Once Geophysics told me of a mysterious white stone pit with the fixings for a spiral staircase in the Pashkov House. Was found and the stone container, original stone safe, a lobby of the building, the floor of which slightly exceeds the height floors in other rooms. Why specifically created stone safe? That it used to be hidden? Bricked? Locked stones? Unknown!
— What do you think — was to try to find me — and was ever sign here, a manhole?
The oldest library officials argued that there was nothing. The "black box" — that's all. There is another "black box" in the depths of the Pashkov House. The entrance to it was allegedly in a large column. Some of pashkovtsev knew that the column had a small metal door, but at the dawn of the Soviet military and came all tightly concreted, the witnesses removed, but rumors leaked out of the military. Column exists, but it is now — a monolith! There were no signs of even the doors of the former, and the column can not be disassembled. This is the conclusion of experts involved in the construction equipment, and the "Frome."
So what was before and in this stone vault? Under this monolith now? Again unknown. "Black box" I have been associated with the Pandora's box: the first woman in ancient Greece, established by the will of Zeus — Pandora slammed it, releasing all the evils and misery, and, according to legend, at the bottom there was only hope. Hope for what? The fact that the Vagankovo hill somewhere "lurking" library of Grozny? This is our sort of Pandora's box …

Here, Vagankovskoye hill, I first heard the names of some fromovtsev — Tatiana Kostyukov, Yuriy Mikhailov, Alexander Zaitsev, and learned about the General Director of the Center of archaeological research in Moscow Aleksandr Grigor'evich Wexler.
Collecting information about "Frome," about his work, I knew I had to get the consent of fromovtsev expedition to Bersenevka briefly, kindled a desire to join them, of high-class, to our quest. Moreover, we continue to search for and Artem, and even more so when Artem showed the film that made the frame, as I climbed into the subway in our break and sit with a candle, he called me up at night (Artem shows at night, because all day long wandering with a camera in Moscow), and so at night called and excitedly whispered reason:
— Rear Islandwith an inscription on a stone!
So, in the depth of laying underground, where we waded with Artem, on the stone, which for hundreds of years, a flash, grabbed the old Russian text.
The next day we brought to the basement of the old tow and poloternuyu brush cleaned the stone in the gap — the letters are large, but not all, relief. Another shot, special, target, and then enlarged print text, then transfer it to a young employee of the Museum of Old Russian Art Andrei Rublev in the Saviour-St Alexei Yatsenko. The monastery is famous for being here with Kulikova field on the order of Dmitry Donskoy brought in hollowed decks of all the Russian soldiers Muscovites who died in battle against the Mongols, and was buried in the monastery cemetery. And yet — in the Saviour-St is the icon of St. Nicholas, written during the life of Ivan the Terrible.
Alesha — a recent graduate of Moscow University, a specialist in reading ancient texts. Our stone lyrics (and the second we found a stone with an inscription) aroused interest not only of Alyosha, but also members of the Department of the State Archive of Ancient Acts of Russia: not often similar finds recovered in such a dramatic place. And on the "light" rock (we called him because he is in the light, that is, in the excavated Artem and me where before there was the bell tower) Alesha picture parse words:

Timothy and Mary ………….
… The Creator of the Lord God in
FUTURE Weeze ……….. (Century)
Eternal memory …… ……….

Who are they, Timothy and Mary? And even in this multi-line stone about them or even on someone or something said? Alexei Yatsenko taken to comprehend it on the spot: should test the half obliterated letters, proosyazat, and then, maybe, revive the integrity of the line, and that about which we have said. Alesha promised to come to us when they will be able to open until the end of the stone for the full review.
The second stone — "dark", he was shooting in the opening Artem basement. Words made out Alesha picture:

(Obviously, Peter)
Matthew ……. ……………………..
MEMORY ……………………………

That, in memory of the martyrs buried someone in the basement, in the crypt? Maybe they were tortured there, and then someone with the names of the martyrs buried? Or is it buried renounced sin, bleeding world servants of the temple? Plate with the text was hidden because, lies a thick brick wall. Or is it laying the later period? And why it took her to co-create, if so? It now remains very little, also read to the end and look at the text, what is dark stone harbors. We are Artyom, arbitrary dare not do: we will wait — did come suddenly a group of 'Frome' ability to extract information from the ground. If you come, then headed by the director, and the director Kostyukova, it is possible that interested us and CEO of archaeological research and the clarity and come with stones, and with an underground passage.
And Tatiana Nikolaevna my suggestion about Bersenevka immediately interested, and she asked me to stop by to talk more.
"Frome" — inscription on a small card that is attached to the rickety plank doors in the old, the old Moscow, three-story house, opposite the famous Moscow Art Theatre. Behind the door was a long wooden table repair, hanger as on a board full of nails, which, in turn, fixed to a simple little cupboard, old chairs, old phone that rings incessantly, something resembling a boiling kettle, where hops cover .
Tatiana heard between my phone calls and said she will be expected to start in mid-spring, when the weather is finally established. Gave the logo — a bat, so that from now on I also began to consider themselves fromovtsem.
Most recently, in the dungeons of the former home Pashkova found ancient coins. As for our dark stone, a thought about crypt. Perhaps somewhere nearby and the underground passage to the Kremlin? Under the river?
May close, at least in the churchyard of St. Nicholas. There, by the way, is the stone on which he spoke Jora Talanov, one of our children, who lived in churches, stone, which then met diggers, in the early thirties conducted the gas to the former priest's house. Diggers buried stone, not even inquire what kind of labels were on it, did not raise it, it means he has survived and is still resting untouched underground.
Bersenevka was to much to see, to experience and to lose.
Suddenly it became clear that we would like Alexander Zaitsev absentia familiar, because it turns out he was in our house of government, attended the Museum of History of the house, and most importantly, we know through my friend Vladimir Kuibyshev living on Bersenevka since the beginning of the 30s. Volodya — son of Kuibyshev, by profession — architect. Fromovets Alexander Zaitsev Volodya spent one whole evening, they said the tragic death of Volodya's father, who had been poisoned, and talked about the house as an architectural monument at the historic site of the ongoing overhaul of apartments (access for entrance), in particular, delivered today major repairs 19th porch, where once lived, Svetlana Alliluyeva — perhaps it was one of her first self-contained apartments, when she first got married and settled in Bersenevka. By the way, we visited with Artem 19 th entrance to unscrew the pristine apartment number plates — still throw away, and it is part of the past: every number plates — the fate of …

And here again, I'm in an old mansion fromovskom on the third floor, but in the other, working the room, loaded coils with electric cables, geophones, recorders, worth Talgar registrar and cart for transportation, is a simple mechanical hammer for "shaking the soil" to Talgar-recorder recorded the excited waves in the layers of soil and classified them, and there are some parts of GPR, which probes the ground energy of the probe pulse. Almost all property stencil printed fromovskaya "bat", but I think that the attic and the present mansion inhabited by bats.
On pomerkshih, have not repaired the walls of the small buttons pinned cartograms electrical and mechanical intelligence, or "risunochkov" — as they are called Geologists in the home, the various districts of Moscow, is to probe and prosvechennyh, for example, home Pashkova Svyatogorsk monastery.
Some resemble risunochkov school contour maps, but only in color, where the "open sea" float numerous islands, often surrounded by shoals. I already know that the islands — is fixing the foundations of long-gone from our lives of old buildings in Moscow, "shelf" near the islands or areas of low density — "basement", "wells", wooden structures in the form of piles (eg the recent "light" Kremlin Ivan the Great and found that this famous giant built on wooden stilts), and closed contours in the drawings with short dashes-sticks inward — it's not just the foundations and remains of wooden structures.
I stared at the white paper, the results of seismic surveys and elektrorazvedok and if I leave in the distant past of Moscow, in Russian curly brilliance, when not yet collapsed "all image" and Tikhon cold of the thirties is not wrote in an article entitled "Capital of socialism," that "the young master class does not care who his long ottopal the path of history. " Electrical schematic — what was once the feast in the Kremlin (Kremnyuke), I see the center of this Gordian knot, which has always been hidden "mystery of mysteries of Moscow", which walked Grozny without parting with the keys to his underground library, which has now become, Perhaps the main "mystery of mysteries of Moscow" and which, according to the assumptions of some scientists, may be located near the Manege Square. Here, too, there were many old foundations, wooden structures, wells, and in fact on the edge of the area where the old University building was Oprichny lock on the gate which was depicted a lion with glass eyes and a rose on the towers where the black double-headed eagle. Interestingly, this will draw electricity "Lubyanka Terrible"? Close to the area named the area has recently initiated efforts Yuriy Mikhailov: roams trolley Talgar receptionist and assistant Yuri Anatolyevich rattle area hammers send impulses into the depths, and still sometimes hear radio team of Yuri Anatolyevich Talgar — Hammers: "Another blow! More! Stronger! Come on, ba-Baah! "Actually Yuriy Mikhailov soon prigonyat air hammer, so it is something certainly dostuchishsya, dobahaetsya" before the Terrible. "
I told Oprichny castle Yuri Medvedev, when he helped to roll the cart to the receptionist to the next figure, mark, marked on the pavement with white paint, and extend the wires to the geophones, which reminded me of the days of military service, when running with a heavy coil with telephone wire: We direct link between the company and battalion commanders. Only the military had a special wire sixth possibly even throw on the trees and a wide range mask, but this one just crept over the smooth urban asphalt.
For some reason I now increasingly cornered memories of fragile guys war years. And a large recess soil that is produced on Manezh Square, where spatulas and scrapers are quiet operation archaeologists reminds me of the German bomb crater, which was described in the diary of the war dead boy soldiers Loew Fedotov you about this place on Manezh Square, he stared, shocked, that the Germans had almost ended up in the Kremlin.
On the wall in the mansion fromovskogo workroom buttons neatly pinned colored cross-sectional areas, but far from the Lubyanka. There different types of red, green, yellow squares, rectangles, which saturate the cultural layer, and then the image is immersed in a steady red light — the bedrock, is not having a "culture." Special seals and the presence of small red, green, yellow squares, rectangles show deep "well".
I've learned to read as an elementary planar and transverse images. Immensely fun, simple geological detectives. Anatole France has left us with the words: "That in which there is no mystery, devoid of charm." That Goethe: "The best thing that gives us the story — it excited enthusiasm."
Take out the plastic bag, which brought, remove the drawing Malyutinskogo underground passage up to the Kremlin, the Church of St. Nicholas and pictures of our stones with Artem with texts, displayed on the table. Tatiana Nikolaevna Kostyukova, unfortunately, was summoned to the meeting, and it has yet to see these photographs, but still without any expedition Bersenevka not take place.
Appears Alexander Zaitsev, head of the department, he "Frome," and with it Yuriy Mikhailov, he's leading geophysicist. If Alexander in denim suit, Yuri, as always, in a jacket and tie, but it does nothing, it is as recklessly and romantic man, like Alexander, and is ready to wear a jacket and tie to take part in any of the underground "adventure ". I was convinced when we talked to him on Manezh Square and I discussed Oprichny castle. In the square I then worked for a few hours: there is a large geological exploration, is the emerging construction associated with the "depths of the earth."
I already like fromovets mastered the technique. Turns out you can cut a hole in the alleged void run back camera and display on the screen the contents of voids. Interestingly, similar to Bersenevka amiss, for our "black box"?
Can be run on a long rod and camera with flash with remote control. Imagine Artyom himself produced a system: the camera with a flash hidden in cans imported sausages, because Import Bank longest — in and fit, and it is easy to extend even to the ordinary, small-diameter borehole.

Alexander and Yuri are both looking at my pictures laid out, and gradually switched their attention fully to the drawing Malyutinskogo proposed tunnel to the Kremlin. They do not need to explain. The more Alexander two months ago and met with Vladimir Kuibyshev, with whom I often wandered through the country.
Artem appeared inseparable from fotosumoy, that wallet, not a bag over his shoulder, because sewn-pereshito-pereshtopanoy. He is among fromovtsev his people — and the assistant geologist and archaeologist, and simply digger (no wonder the army served in the construction battalion), and, of course, the photographer who takes the necessary working moments.
With the business and Artem tied with concrete conversation when it Yuriy and Alexander arrive with equipment to us? Can not stand, I ask Sasha:
— How will the underpass on the electrical diagram, if we find?
— The line orientation, and in cross section — rabbit ears.
Uncomprehending look at Alexander. He draws on a piece of ear, it is hare, but shorter and wider.
— How do I know that the course is under the river? — I continue to torture Alexander and George.
— We'll get a boat, — says Yuri A. (said so — boat) — Immerse equipment and quietly sail itself. Electrical water. Best thing to do in May, will be warm enough.
— The electrical impulse through the Moscow River — as it were, with skill I utter.
— Get risunochek — confirms Yuriy.
— It is necessary to sail along the Kremlin — immediately offers Artem.
— Swim and along the Kremlin. Check to see what's there.
— But the tunnel, of course, something powerfully embedded! — Bethink me. — How will the picture?
— So be it, that is embedded.
— And what is embedded, you can understand?
— Try it.
— The edges of him, then they will be targeted?
— Will — it calms me. — Isolines.
— And a chest of gold will be plotted … — does not stand up Artem and laughs again.
And again we all laugh.
— What — continues Artem. — Found is now on Manezh Square treasure!
— Found — nods Alexander Zaitsev.
— What? Real treasure? — Lights on me.
— Yes. Silverware, coins. And mica windows, perhaps dating back to the fifteenth century. But he did not see.
— This is the time of Ivan III — grandfather Ivan the Terrible! — I cried. — Was married to Sophia Palaeologus.
— I believe, yes, this grandmother — playfully nods Alexander.
— It was she who first brought to Russia and valuable books, a collection which then filled up the Terrible.
— Get up to the library — cheerfully says Artem. — Somewhere in the dungeon in the "black box." Next …
— So, go on Bersenevka!
— A final agreement with Tatiana Nikolaevna: it home housewife.
The enthusiasm aroused — and that, of course, the best thing that gives us the story …
After the 19th entrance stood for overhaul 1st entrance courtyard with its commandant. Disturbing darkness enveloped his worn stairs in the empty, dark, multi-room apartments and sundeck, designed in the past for winter gardens — knocks, squeaks, noises … From day to day will be on major repairs and the last, the last prestigious 12th road, and also with their winter gardens and pool. It also cover alarming darkness also begin attending knocks, squeaks, noises, start crying and whispering walls begin anomalies. And just between the most important in the house, overturned in the darkness bare entrances will blaze a laugh Variety Theatre.
What else do I now see and hear in depth if there still I caused? What lies ahead? What else Bersenevka find, discover, and our ex-CEC — SNK house and patrimony Malyuta?

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