They see everything from above

They see everything from aboveNorth Caucasus — the troubled region. More than once, then flashed pockets of fighting, attacks do not stop militants in recent years. The local nature of armed clashes, transience and mobility battlefield require surgical precision when striking the scattered groups of bandits. In such criteria to perform tactical missions aircraft operational data intelligence can solve, and sometimes dedicate finals of the battlefield.


Aviation reconnaissance squadron Colonel Andrei Uvarov, stationed in the North Caucasus military environment, do not just have to really make the case for their own purposes. Permit tactical reconnaissance planes Su-24MR almost everything is designed modern battle way separate reconnaissance aircraft Vitebsk Red Banner, the Order of Kutuzov Regiment. Now air squadron, which was transformed into a glorified air unit, included in the Morozov air base.

In general, the pilots could not have forgotten that they continue the traditions of such famous pieces. Servicemen Regiment formed in the summer of 1942, took part in the Rzhev-Vyazemsk, Luki, Duhovschina-Demidov and Smolensk and Roslavl offensive operations. All befallen the North Caucasus region of armed conflicts air scouts perceive an active role. Aviators and worked on special forces and paratroopers and artillery.

Unfortunately, it was not without losses. In the spring of 1999, did not return from a flight squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Kovalenko and assistant navigator Squadron, Major Andrew Malker. In October of the same year MANPADS missile was hit by a car wing commander Major Constantine Stukalo — the pilot died. And next year is not returned from a mission the next crew — commander, Major Yuri Kazakov and navigator Captain Eugene level Kurdyukov died when the flight for exploration in the mountains of Chechnya — near the village of Benoy-Vedeno. Regular soldier Regiment, Senior Warrant Officer Sergei Perchenko, died in 2002, when in the performance of search and rescue operations in the area Khankala crashed Mi-8 helicopter with a rescue parachute team on board.

CYCLING intensely tactical scouts Su-24MR and during the operation to force Georgia to peace. Now, before you start tracking your actions on the enemy aviarazvedchikam had to open their air defense system. The risk, of course, great. But, fortunately, fortune was on the side of our pilots.

They see everything from above

— We of course take into account the experience of 2-Caucasian campaigns. When, for example, went on an item, then do all the tasks in the first approach — explains the "luck" of their own fellow head of intelligence squadron captain Alexey Bykov.

There is another important reason for the fact that for tasks to restore peace and stability in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict aviarazvedchiki have not lost any of the 1st plane and not the 1st soldier. In the so-called five-day war Su-24MR were armed with more modern complex intelligence.

A couple of years back more often to the sky podymali most experienced crews. Now we have an opportunity to fly and a lot of young officers.

— The emphasis now is on combat training. Fuel for the flight is released in the right quantities — says squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Uvarov.

Total flying in the squadron in comparison to last year has more than doubled. It is not so long ago came to the unit pilots already have proficiency: 5 pilots passed to third grade, as many are willing to take on the 2nd class and four will take on the 1st. As the experienced pilots, it is not so long ago, so decent performance raids could boast units — usually, an instructor pilot. Now it is the general rule. Now 14-15 shifts, this month has become commonplace.

The training of pilots is usually: from simple to complex. Young people have successfully mastered the flight of days in normal weather conditions — now have to work out the implementation tasks of combat at night. In the middle of summer in the squadron took flight and tactical exercises, in which all the planes were involved and 80 percent of the crews. It is significant that in the performance training and flew combat missions not only the "old". The crew of the Queen's lieutenants Igor Pakhomov and Artem together with more mature tandems successfully coped with finding and photographing small targets, while passing by the previously unknown route.

— Activated and the training of pilots, instructors. All the commanders of the squadron has access to instructors work — emphasizes zamkomeska Colonel Shumkarali Gaparov.

On the flight instructor majors Vyacheslav Podchasova, Igor and Sergei Kukartseva Phil bears the main burden for improving skills of pilots flying aircraft reconnaissance squadron.

They see everything from above

In general, not less work and technical staff: Majors Rauf Mamedov, George Babka, Sergey Gricuk, captains of Alexander Usov and Ruslan Maznichenko, senior warrant officer Sergei Shumilova and Sergeant Andrew Pinkin. To podymali aircraft safely into the sky, you need a lot of work on the ground.

A number of posts airfield logistics nedavneshnih been staffed with military personnel at the call, that's just the right professionals with the "citizen" is still not in proper quantity. Even the positions of the drivers immediately sent recruits who do not have not only the driving experience, and the right to drive the car. Because some spice to work for two. How, for example, the driver Victor Company ATO Shabolkinu. Identical situation and other services. Immediately several abnormal positions assigned to the Chief of REB lieutenant Andrey Fedotov and platoon of Lieutenant Vladislav Godlyauskasa. In general, they are not the only ones from the military and civilian personnel who Radzivil takes its obligations: Alexei Vasiliev, Paul Kidyaev, Victor Privalov, Yevgeny Ivanov, Misha Perfil'ev Igor Pron, Tuzhilkina Natalya, Natalya Bortnikova and many others. Deputy squadron commander for educational work of Lieutenant Colonel Igor Erhin new names and new names. His colleagues adore and appreciate their profession, truly committed to their own business and wish to continue to engage in them. In aviation, as in the past are utterly in love with the sky people.

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