Things to think about. Weapon of retaliation

Our homeland has the world's only tool to guarantee a retaliatory nuclear strike against the enemy, even a nightmare if we already have some will take a decision on this beat. Unique counter-attack gun — and mercilessly.

Imagine a worst option. The world teetered on the very brink of war, fell. Patience "Western democracies" was exhausted, and the Union of Russian countryside has suffered a pre-emptive nuclear blow. Deadly missiles launched from Shaft launchers, submarine and aircraft. On campus and military installations collapsed all the power of the many thousands of warheads. And while the Russian administration in shock and panic, it turns out, that did happen, do not mistake it, and how to remedy the situation — there was nothing to fix. The major metropolitan areas, industrial and military centers, command and control and communications destroyed by a single massive blow. The mighty arsenal of the USSR did not have time to use: the team has not arrived, and in the absence of the governing center scary competitor blind, and it is stationary.

But at a time when NATO generals raised victorious glasses, the unthinkable happens. Shut up, it seemed as if the enemy forever excited. Thousands of rockets streamed into the western side of the state — and the generals did not have time to finish off a bottle of champagne, many of them broke through with such efforts missile defense lined up, wiped out large town, military bases, command centers. No one beat.

So the system worked "Perimeter" which has received in the Western press chilling title "The Dead Hand", the last reason to Russian (and now — and Russian) of the country. Despite the multiplicity and abundance invented science fiction "doomsday machine» (Doomsday Machines), guaranteeing the wages though what the enemy and able to get hold of and is guaranteed to kill him, only the "Perimeter", apparently, there is real.

In general, "Perimeter" — a system that is stored in such a serious secret, and that with respect to its existence have some doubts, and all the information about its composition and functions should be taken with a large modicum of doubt. So, what did you understand?

The system of "perimeter" launches automatic massive nuclear strike. It guarantees the start of ballistic missile submarine, air and silo-based in this case, if the enemy will destroy all items that can give the order to attack response. It is absolutely independent of other means of communication and command systems, even accident "nuclear suitcase" system "Kazbek".

The system has been put on combat duty in 1985, and five years later modernized received the title "Perimeter-RC" and served for another 5 years. Then, within the framework of the START-1 agreement it was removed from duty — and its current state is unclear. According to one source, it can again be "plugged in" after the expiry of the term of the START-1 (which will happen in December 2009), and on the other — it is returned to the active state.

It is believed that the system works well. "Perimeter" is on constant alert, which retrieves data from the tracking system, including — and on the radar of early warning of missile attack. Apparently, the system has its own-independent command posts, nothing (outside) indistinguishable from a huge number of similar Fri SRF. According to some reports, there is such Fri 4 pieces, they are separated by a great distance, and duplicate the functions of each other.

These acts Fri most important — and most secret — a component of "perimeter", the autonomous control and command system. It is believed that this is — a difficult software package, made on the basis of artificial intelligence. Obtaining data on the negotiations in the air, the radiation field and other radiation at the control points, the information systems of early detection of launches, seismic activity, it is able to draw conclusions about the fact a massive nuclear attack.

If "the situation ripe", the system itself is translated in full combat readiness. Now it needs to last factor: the lack of constant signals from the ordinary command Fri SRF. If the signals are not received within a certain time — the "Perimeter" Apocalypse starts.

From the mines to the will of the issued command 15A11 missile. Made on the basis of intercontinental missiles MR UR-100 (starting weight of 71 tons, range up to 11 thousand km, two-stage, liquid-jet engine), they are an extraordinary head portion. As such, it is harmless to yourself: this is — radio engineering system, developed at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic. These missiles, rising high into the air, flying over the territory of the country, pass codes for launching nuclear missiles only.

Those are also automatic. Imagine a moored submarine: almost all the crew, who was on the shore, is dead, and only a few scattered the watch on board the submarine. At one point, she comes to life. Without any interference from the outside, having received from a strictly anonymous receptors signal to start, nuclear Arsenal is set in motion. The same thing happens in the immobilized Shaft installations and strategic aircraft. Retaliatory strike inevitable: too much, is sure to add that the "Perimeter" is designed so as to be particularly resistant to all effects of a nuclear weapon. Firmly
disable it virtually impossible.

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