Three Chinese UFO HD? Fake? Unknown.


Three presented here UFO video allegedly filmed in Guangzhou in China, and has recently appeared on the internet, they reveal in detail the structure of the flying objects.

It is reported that the first video was removed from the bus number 582 without the date of recording, the second video filmed resident Tsentsun August 6, 2010. The last video was filmed over the canal in Tsentsun presumably August 30.

Many people believe that video — a fake, because pictures are too obvious, as if a scene was shot science fiction film.





There are various inconsistencies, for example, in the first video no shadows or reflections on the ground or window. Film shots are blurred when a UFO comes at a lamppost. Also, pictures of real objects — poles and trees in the background — are distorted due to movement of the camera, while images of UFOs in full focus.




As for the second video, the UFO is only visible for about 10 seconds, but there are a few points:

1. The sudden appearance of the lights when the boat picks up speed, realistic look at and difficult to reproduce.

2.Protsess transition from blurred images in clear frames when focus changes.

3.Gudenie ship regularly, there is a difference in the power of sound when the ship closer or farther away.

To achieve such a three-dimensional effect requires professional knowledge recording and 3D effects of the film.



The third video is very clear structure of the vessel with a humming sound change from the far to near. The object falls outside the focus of the camera when it flies over the camera. The process is natural and light corresponds to light environment.

Nevertheless, reflection in water UFO has the same sharpness as other objects. Reflection seems to be incorrectly placed in relation to the term.

Furthermore, the sound does not correspond to the end of the clip frames environment and sound continue, when the video is interrupted suddenly.

Using a satellite map, a reporter for "The Epoch Times" in China located two utilities like the scene in Tsentsun. He asked the local residents of the nearby areas, but no one knew anything about UFOs.
However, currently these three video authenticity can be verified.

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