To work in Poland — far away from the regime

From January 1, 2011 citizens of the five post-Soviet countries, including Russia, will be able to find employment in Poland without a special permit. Poland's Ministry of Labor announced that foreigners will be able to work only on the basis of the document from the employer, and execute permission is not required hitherto required. How attractive labor market for Polish Nation?

Last year in Poland legally came to work about 200,000 people from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Moldova. But the shadow labor market, estimated to be at least 3-4 times more — from 600,000 to 1 million people. To legalize the bulk of foreigners, the Polish authorities have made concessions in contracts with migrant workers. The Ministry of Labour has signed a decree according to which the citizens of these countries on January 1, will be able to work on a document from the employer.

Cproshchanaya reduced to the application form. But what's next — while difficult to answer

The representative of the Polish Embassy in Belarus Paul Marchuk specified that the employer must report the intention to make a citizen of one of these countries to the management of labor in their region, and register there an application for a foreigner. However, it remains to solve the technical issues:

"In addition to the Ministry's decision, we need a number of executive acts. Example, there is a restriction which stipulates that a foreigner may stay in Poland for up to 90 days. How will this apply to people who work in this simplified version — do not know. Which visa they will receive, who will keep a record of employees? That is, on the one hand, a simplified form, is reduced to the application: the employer will report to the council on employment vayavodkuyu that he intends to hire a foreigner. On the basis of this application the person concerned will be able to get a visa. But What next — while difficult to answer. "

There are a number of jobs in Poland, as in many countries in Europe, the Poles do not want to take …

What caused the expansion of the labor market in Poland? Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Poles are leaving in droves to work in the EU, and the vacancies need someone to occupy. Explains Paul Marchuk:

"Part of it, of course. Because there are a number of jobs in Poland, as in many countries in Europe, the Poles do not want to take. But this is all about people with very different skills. For example, I met in Warsaw doctors from Belarus. This highly skilled workers. But at the same time I see almost daily in one way or another department store kasirak of Belarus. Besides, I know that we go to the Belarusian scientists plus as athletes. This two categories, which I know for sure that they are working successfully in Poland " .

People go there not so much to pay, and that just does not live here in Belarus …

A resident of Pinsk Dmitry Shulpina shared his impressions from working in Poland. On He said, he has never met in person with the Bug eastern Belarus, everyone — residents of Grodno Brest yes borderland. In addition, even if not the highest incomes, many are going to Poland in the free world — far away from the Belarusian dictatorship:

"Indeed, there are people who go there not so much to pay, and that just does not live here, in Belarus. So leave from our system. Lot of straight talk: can not live like this. But also go to find an intermediary company in Poland and then leave, for example, in Germany or Sweden. "

At the construction site in Poland can earn 2-4 million rubles. But to earn that kind of money, people usually work 10-12 hours …

Reporter: "We are still the busiest areas of the Belarusians?"

"Mostly it works associated with the construction. Should be said, that after 2008, after the crisis, wages are significantly lower. For example, this time on a construction site in Poland can earn 2,000 to 4,000 zlotys, an equivalent — 4.2 million rubles. But to earn that kind of money, people tend to work for 10-12 hours, and Saturday 6:00 somewhere else. In principle, now the money you can earn on a construction site in Belarus, the same 2000000. But someone still wants to be something more. "

The Ministry of Labour Poland clarify that above all there is a demand for seasonal labor, especially in agriculture. Foreigners — not competitors Polish workers who in recent years have discovered a much more attractive from a material point of view of a niche in the UK, Germany and Austria. In addition to the agricultural sector, demand for "guest workers" in the construction, catering, tourism, providing domestic services. In Polish universities are studying hundreds of Belarusian students, most of them after graduation wants to stay in this country.

We now have the lowest salaries — of 1,500 zlotys. It is about 500 euros …

In the Belarusian government departments do not predict the exodus of workers from Belarus to Poland. Before the Russian direction is relevant: there though and there is a threat to get to unscrupulous employers, but the lack of language barriers allows you to search for an alternative. Secondly, does not turn the high cost of Schengen visas, which restrains the zeal in trying to get not only in Poland but also in Latvia and Lithuania. The truth, according to Paul Marchuk, overpayment for the visa should not be afraid:

"If a person is going to work for legal work in Poland, for him it's okay. Need not only come from expensive visa. Now we have the lowest salary to someone even wanted to work for him — is 1,500 zlotys.'s About 500 euros. Poles are working for the money, so that the salary is quite normal. "

Exact statistics of the Belarusian labor presence in Poland is not. First of all because of the fact that workers from Belarus landings short-term, seasonal contracts are drawn partly on account of their words and not kept.

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