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Tehran offers mediation in resolving the crisis in Syria. Already the following week to Iran for consultations and Minister for National Reconciliation CAP, said salting Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi in an exclusive interview with "Expert Online». According to the Iranian settlement plan, the table should sit down government Syria and the internal opposition and the armed rebels should use force formats exposure.

Tools anti-WestAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran salting Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi

— Mr. salting, Iran in the near future seriously activated on the Syrian track. I wanted to find out what Tehran has a specific plan to resolve the Syrian crisis?

— Iran in the Syrian decline acting in 3 directions. In 1-x, through the media, we are trying to convey timely accurate information about what is happening in Syria. We have TV channels in the UK and Arabic, as we give information in Spanish, French, German and Urdu.

What is happening in Syria, different from what it was in Yemen and Egypt. In Syria, there is no popular discontent, as it was in those 2-countries. Background of the crisis in Syria are quite different. If the opposition in Syria has been strong — as in Tunisia and Egypt, it would be able to overthrow the government through peaceful methods. What is happening in Syria — is not the opposition, they are people with a gun in his hand, the interference of foreign countries, which are sent to Syria instrument, the means fighters who do not value the lives of people.

In-2, Iran helps Syria economically, that this country would not affect the economic sanctions imposed by the enemies of this country.

— To what extent Iran provides financial assistance?

— Let's not talk about that read: I do not want to give the opportunity to enemies of Syria to find out about the schemes of economic cooperation with Iran. In another, they can cover up this cooperation.

I wish to note, in that situation, when the West began the invasion of the East and torn the introduction of legitimate tools, we are also required to have their own tools and instruments. We believe that the West is using for their own interests and aspects of international organizations. Namely, the West imposes sanctions on Russian companies, that they not engage in trade with other countries — is an illegal tool. In addition, they impose sanctions on companies providing insurance and banking services. Earlier, as they acted against Iran now against Syria may continue to apply these mechanisms against Russia or China. We believe that, for sure, has already started the third global war against freedom-loving nations. The West wants to keep us under control and to prevent the development of new technologies. Because the time has come to build systems and infrastructure to ensure the independence of the decision of the West.

B-3, Iran has the political support of Syria. In Tehran, a conference was held in what was the role of 30 states. We continued on the basis of contact with the leaders of the Arab and Islamic countries are trying to prove their point of view and approaches to the Syrian settlement. We point out the dangers that threaten the region if West forced regime change in Syria.

We try to bring to the attention of managers of the regional powers that the position of Bashar al-Assad is not very bad economically.

I wish to say that now in Aleppo, the situation is stabilized, the control of government forces over the city in the main restored, many terrorists from among the opposition were arrested. The government army has stepped up the militia forces that act against the terrorists. Specifically militias in Aleppo suspended terrorists, not the Syrian army. So Makarov, with the involvement of the people to fight the situation in Syria is changing. I believe that the event horizon in this country encouraging. Tough times passed. We believe that the government and people will be able to return peace and stability regardless of the intrigues of the West.

Now the Syrians must not allow military strikes deal — because it was in Libya. West began to apply military strikes in Libya under the pretext of death of 500 people, but in the bombing has destroyed 40 thousand inhabitants. And at the moment there is no stability, and is not expected.

— Last week, at a Tehran conference, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi stated that the need to motivate the parties to the conflict to dialogue. How they can be forced to the negotiating table if they do not want? Iran has a suggestion?

— We believe that the Syrian opposition, living outside Syria, has no effect on full-scale operations in the country. These people are turning to foreign states, and are not based on Syrian people. They want help from the West and are not representative of the Syrian people, and carriers zabugornyh thoughts and motives. Part of the internal opposition against harsh government action against the introduction of guns against striking.

In the subsequent week, Minister for National Reconciliation Ali Haidar Syria arrives in Iran for consultations. We offer it to negotiate between the government and the internal opposition.

— Internal opposition agree on the mediating role of Iran?

— They are against the death and destruction of cities. After many months after the start of the Syrian crisis, they have seen what they do with their state and Wahhabi radicals. Because internal opposition finds a lifeguard.

The new president of Egypt, Mr. Mohamed Mursi offered to make a contact group on Syria from four influential states in the region: Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Morsi urged to include Islamic and non-Islamic themes in the range of topics to discuss with the Government of Syria. He believes in the positive role of Iran in the negotiations. We do not believe in the benevolence of 2-members of the group.

— I do not understand the prospects of stabilization, with the participation of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

— We do not believe in the benevolence of these states, but maybe in the case of the creation of such a contact group will resolve any issues.

— Indicates power and the internal opposition, do you think, should sit down and negotiate how to deal with the armed opposition?

— Acts of the Government of Syria so far have been successful. It must be admitted that the Syrian army was not ready for the invasion. Army unusual for the city to conduct the war. Furthermore, the volume of arms, money and fighters sent to Syria, were great. These people are inhuman and ruthless. One of the arrested, a member of the Wahhabi group, admitted that in one severed head they received 50 thousand Syrian pounds. Committing such atrocities feral, they scared the population of cities. They can easily kill you makes a "human shield" of the population. Army — no.

At the moment, the army came to himself, formed the militia. Americans because they say about the ability of the introduction of military means against Syria outside the UN Security Council. They fear that Assad will be able to take the whole situation in the country under control. If the success of the army and the militia will last, then soon this armed opposition will be placed outside the boundaries of cities, arrested or destroyed.

— Not so long ago, the highest representatives of Iran went to Turkey for talks. The main theme — Syria. But, as I see it, there is still
one fundamental theme common to Iran and Turkey — Kurdish. If Syria will break away from Western Kurdistan, will join Iraqi Kurdistan, the Turkish inevitable separatist Kurdish population of the south-eastern Anatolia. Then in Iran probably will begin in the middle of the excitement of the Kurdish population of your Kurdish provinces. Is not it?

— As for the Iranian Kurdistan, we have no fear not. Since the Iranian Kurds remember how before the Islamic revolution of the international forces have used them as a tool of their own policies. Only after the Islamic revolution in policy towards the Kurds was benevolent. They are happy with their own lives in Iran — they are part of a huge, strong and secured the country. This ethnic group is respected in Iran, no discrimination is allowed. The approach to the Iranians, Azerbaijanis, Arabs, Kurds, we monotonous.

In all likelihood, Turkey is concerned about the fate of their own Kurdish provinces.

— Then why, despite this, it undermines Syria?

— It is for us the question: why governance Turkey cooperates with the West, despite the fact that this makes it the problem of security. Perhaps Ankara hopes that in compensation from the U.S. it will get something severe, because intensely against Syria.

Our Turkish friends they say they are concerned about human rights violations in Syria. But there are other countries where human rights are violated even tougher. I suppose it's not the main reason for their interference in the internal affairs of Syria.

— Head of the Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi was unable to reach understanding with the Turkish officer Ahmed Davutgolu?

— Mr. Davutoglu listens to superiors. Maybe the party Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan went to such a step to gain more legitimacy in the actions against his own army, which was very strong. In the past the Turkish army changed a couple of times government. The current government of Turkey for the first time managed to fire a number of influential generals. Perhaps other background.

I do not understand the stimulus Turkish friends, but they are playing with fire. I own a Friend — Turkish Ambassador in Moscow, Mr. Aydin Sezgin — said that we should not forget the role of Saudi Arabia in Syria and that the decline may be, Wahhabism is manifested in Turkey after the events in Syria.

— Arab countries took up arms against Syria. The Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is clearly demonstrated. Why did they turn away from Damascus?

— I do not quite agree with you, along with Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Algeria did not support the idea of exclusion of Syria from the organization. As for other states, when some issues are the United States, these countries do not try to understand, observing the democratic norms. At the summit of the OIC, they started a political game, saying that there is still more complex situation in the Palestinian territories in Burma. A relative of Syria gave kutsee statement that there is still the problem and Syrian. Our president is a symbol of protest left the conference. And the minister of foreign affairs yelled in protest, but the chairman of the OIC did not hear it. This is all controlled by the political games of the states that are subject to the U.S..

Unfortunately, in the XXI century, we have witnessed that the West and its allies use the new model of dictatorship in relation to the freedom-loving nations. They call terrorism municipal democracy.

I wish to thank the Government and people of the Russian Federation for their sustainable and transparent position on the Syrian crisis. We believe that the approach of the Russian Federation is not limited to the support of Syria, is the support of freedom-loving people and humanity of mankind. It is aimed at ensuring that the Syrian people will guarantee freedom of their own, and not at gunpoint.

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