Truth Is Out There (Issues 41 — 45) Watch online

Truth Is Out There (Issues 41 - 45) Watch online
"One day in the spring, at the hour unbelievably hot sunset in Moscow Patriarch's Ponds, there were two citizens …". At one point, the actress Natalia Krachkovskaja Lysenkova told Alex that after starring in the movie "Master and Margaret"She fell down on the problem. Natalia L. very worried and feared, but still dared to tell the crew applets" But somewhere near "about their own concerns.

Issue 41 I am going to live 160 years (26.08.2013)

Issue 42 Thunderbolt. Magic? (27.08.2013)

Issue 43 Photos for life (28.08.2013)

Issue 44 Master and Margaret. Cursed roles (29.08.2013)

Issue 45 Nicholas Hnatiuk: the long road to God (30.08.2013)

The truth somewhere near — a serial

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