Tundra under a palm tree

Recently, our polar explorers descended to the bottom of the bathyscaphe Arctic Ocean, to prove that the Lomonosov Ridge — a natural extension of the New Siberian Islands and Ridge Range, which means that an organic part of Russian territory.

Independent evidence that the legendary Hyperborea — a huge continent, covering the whole of the current Arctic — is integral with today Eurasia, found Alexander Koltypin, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences.

Land, now hidden in the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, which once was sunny fragrant earth. The temperature in Hyperborea ranged 25-30 ° C, the coastal waters heated to 22-23 ° C. In local valleys, palm trees grew, ripened bananas, avocados, and other exotic fruits of the subtropical zone.

This heavenly area flourished in northern Circumpolar 66-34 million years ago. Earth's axis is then positioned vertically, and over Hyperborea the sun never set.

According to ancient Indian, Iranian and ancient Slavic mythology, near the poles at that time lived arrived from outer space white gods. In the equatorial zone — a giant serpent people and the later and many-many-armed creature. The first war between the gods and the white zmeelyudmi began about 66 million years ago. Reptiles were defeated (this happened simultaneously with the extinction of the dinosaurs), and the Golden Age of the Earth began to reign, which lasted about 32 million years old — a time without wars and disasters, disease, and old age.

Geological science shows that about 34 million years ago the world entered a period of active mountain building associated with this process of natural disasters. By the time Hyperborea several million years submerged. The end of the Golden Age coincided with the disappearance of most of the continent's paradise in the deep. A large part of Hyperborea was on the current expanse of the Russian North. On the Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea is still preserved a mysterious maze, lined with boulders. There is a legend that in 1930 a Soviet expedition under the leadership of Barchenko found the way out of the center of the labyrinth of underground tunnels in the system, but Lubyanka boss, look for the "ultimate weapon" Hyperborean, classify the findings of this expedition.

There is a version that not all residents of Hyperborea died. Many, anticipating future disasters, down into the earth, where they founded the city, is still hidden from our eyes. Recall the hypothesis of a hollow Earth with the Sun and the Moon in the geometric center of the ball, whose supporters were a Platonic philosopher, astronomer Edmund Halley, a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences of the mathematician and physicist Leonhard Euler.

According to the hypothesis of Alexander Koltypin built on evidence from geology and mythology of ancient peoples, about 17 million years ago, tried to promote a Hyperborean land by the separation of the Moon from the Earth and is likely to succeed. Moon was brand plucked out of the womb of the world. Moving away from the Earth, it is their attraction promoted the Earth. Deviated from the vertical axis of the earth has led to climate change and the duration of the day. Since the output of the moon, apparently, came through the northern cavity of the globe, to search for traces of Hyperborea fruitful on the moon, where it has recently been discovered the ruins of ancient cities.

Savely Kashnitsky

Category: Mystery stories

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