U.S. ordered Russia to pay a daily fine of 50 thousand dollars a day for the Jewish Hasidim rarities

50 thousand dollars a day — a fine imposed on the power of the U.S. Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. The penalty will apply as long as the Hasidim do not return a collection of their spiritual leader.

Photo: RIA Novosti
Valery Melnikov

The District Court in Washington ruled that the Government of Russia should pay Jewish Chassidic movement "Chabad Lubavitch" fine. It turns out 50,000 dollars daily until Moscow returns Hasidim "Schneerson Collection", ITAR-TASS reported.

The penalty imposed Judge Royce Lamberth, with a lawyer representing the U.S. government actively discouraged it. Joel Makelveyn stated that the imposition of monetary sanctions only complicate the process, moreover, can seriously spoil relations between Washington and Moscow.

Hasidic organization is not the first lawsuit for the collection of historical books and documents belonging to the spiritual leader — Rabbi Joseph Isaac Schneerson. In 2010, the same judge ruled that Moscow must return the shroud what no response. It is unlikely that Russia and now pay attention to the solution of the daily payments.

Schneerson collection includes about 12,000 Hebrew books and 50,000 rare documents. Rebbe at the beginning of World War I moved part of the archives in Moscow, where the collection was nationalized by Bolsheviks. In 1940, Schneerson moved to the U.S., where the movement began to spread "Chabad Lubavitch".

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