U.S. South pinned record cold

Icy winds brought by a powerful cyclone cold from Canada, handcuffed life in the south central states of the U.S.. Sharp drop in temperature, which occurred today, much more difficult in the aftermath of a blizzard that hit the area the day before.
Meteorologists warned that the thermometer in the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma can drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius, but the cold, surpassed all expectations. So, in Bartlsvile (Oklahoma) was registered a record low temperature ever recorded in the region — minus 33 degrees Celsius.
Life in the region just died, according to U.S. TV channels. Authorities in a number of states have introduced state of emergency, advising residents to stay home and not go out without urgent need. Meanwhile, a number of electrical substations accident occurred, but of serious failures in the power supply are not reported, according to ITAR-TASS.
The complex situation develops on motorways in the region, long traffic jams and snow drifts on the roads forced drivers to abandon their cars on the road, in their evacuation provided by the National Guard, activated state government in the aftermath of the storm.

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