UFO active worldwide

Several reports were received from different parts of the world.

UFO active worldwide

UFO active worldwide

All flights were recorded at different times of the winter season, but the network only released in late January, early February 2013.


In the skies over Mexico was seen just eight UFOs. Video taken January 26, 2013, and the network is laid out on January 31.

First, by roller Miguel Aguila took UFO over flock of seagulls. Seemed very much like the shape of objects on the silhouette of this bird. But then, looking closer, Miguel said that "seagull" moving too synchronously and not their wings. Zoom in using the zoom, it is considered a kind of luminescence around them.

The well-known UFO researcher Scott Waring (Scott C. Waring), these objects can be both extraterrestrial and terrestrial origin completely.

For example, unmanned vehicles UAVs. According to "seagulls" remind secret U.S. unit — TR3B, according to some, flying at high speed.

Russia, Kuzbass, the village of Konovalov

Kuzbass now famous not only for Bigfoot, and the landing site of an unidentified flying object.

A number of regional media reported that close to the village of Konovalov Belovo district of Kuzbass found not just UFOs, but the whole alien base.

Place, "declassified" with satellite map Google Earth, is described as a group of communities in the forest near the village of Konovalov.

Coordinates checked using "Yandex Maps" — circles back there, where they were discovered earlier.

This has led to a lively debate on the network. What is it — landing a giant UFO or a group of small vehicles? Some enthusiasts already were ready for the expedition.

And on this, the most dramatic place to discuss, someone thought of to check the particulars in Wikimapia. It turned out that at about the same place, even under the Soviet Union, was the point of deployment of air defense missile systems S-75.

A similar pattern is found on the map near the village of Deep Topkinsky district. Who wants to — can check. Coordinates of the "UFO landing" — 54.370647, 86.675086. SAM coordinates the village of Deep: 55.509359, 85.756709.

Russia, Perm

Perm region is known for its anomalous zones since Soviet times. In this region, unexplained phenomena so much that in 2010, their existence has been recognized by the local authorities.

At this time the UFO was recorded on February 7. Local resident as much as 6 minutes watching a spherical object that slowly swam in front of his house.

By roller with the nickname «Itomyoda» video accompanies detailed explanations "like flying", the speed and so on.

"… 2. at 4:12, note the location of the "stars" and at this point the hand jerked, […], and the "star" jumped ahead … (then again, it will change the situation, will go a little higher) … "

However, here the skeptics find a reasonable explanation. This is not no UFO, but just glowing Chinese lantern out of paper. In China, thousands of UFO's, especially during the holidays.

By the way, the most famous mysterious place Perm region is "anomalous zone Molebka" — a place of pilgrimage of the tourists and scientists ufologists.

Bulgaria, Pazardjik

A small town in southern Bulgaria ranked top overall places in winter 2013 were reported unidentified flying objects.

Few details, but there is video:

The comments of users appear to roller lanterns and identification lights of aircraft.

Photo: Wikimapia, Google Earth, YouTube

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