Ukrainian feminist undressed against Belarusian Parents

On the eve of the presidential elections in Belarus, Ukrainian FEMEN feminist initiatives decided "to support the brotherly people, exhausted by the totalitarian regime of Lukashenko."

"Hey, Belarusians, use your chance! Throw Lukashenko from a familiar throne!

Privatization of power — a concept unacceptable by today's standards. The cult of personality — a relic of long-deceased Soviet Union, and to stop it — the sacred duty of all Belarusians. "

FEMEN held a mono-rally "tour father!" near the walls of the Belarusian Embassy in Kiev. The second message of the action was, "Look, Olesya!" — How to call women to enter into politics.

"We believe that to save Belarus today can only be a woman. FEMEN offers Belarusians oppose totalitarianism brazen male female softness and strength. Chercher la femme, brothers Slavs!" — Noted in a blog FEMEN livejournal.

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