Under Tuapse on the road, new fractures

The crack in Agui-Shapsugs.  Photo: tuapse.ru

Products are imported to the affected area on the trains and trains.
Tuapse district has become a victim of a landslide is February 8. But a week later traffic on the section of the federal highway Dzhubga — Sochi is not recovered.

But the development of the disaster has been averted. At the very least, the threat of the dam the creek, located next to the emergency site, eliminated.

— Possibility of flooding of homes excluded — experts explain the Federal Road Agency. — The outflow of water from the damaged section of the highway is provided.

The reconstruction of the destroyed elements of the road will take about a month and will cost the treasury 160 million rubles. However, experts note that the landslide slows down.

Today all the cars up to five tons will still be sent to the bypass road through Shahumyan pass. One of these days the bad weather and the snow became a barrier to travel, but now everything has changed.

— The road to the pass is clean, it is open, transportation passes quietly — tell local residents. — It can be seen sprinkled with sand, the machines are not stalled.

At the same time the web there are reports of new cracks in the road.

— Week no one was paying attention to what is happening in Agui-Shapsugs. — Tell users Tuapse forum. — Yesterday morning, the bus could pass, but the afternoon was more crack. Now the buses can not pass.
— We also know about the problem, — the Department for Civil Defense and Emergencies of the district administration. — But while the road rehabilitation works are not conducted. Shapsug is in the valley, there is nothing to collapse. Moreover, geologists explain the destruction of the roadway dry summers and heavy rainfall, reaching now. And with the landslide is not connected.

Food products are imported through Tuapse Shahumyan pass activated and rail.

Authorities ask residents to report the facts of the overpricing of products Hotline 8 (86167) 05.03.98.

On other issues can also be addressed at the hotline number on transport in the Tuapse District: 8 (86167) 2-29-71.

The passenger train was the same thread and trains: it added additional cars and trains.

In addition, it is planned to use three ferries that will run between the ports of Novorossiysk and Imereti. But their work is only possible after a storm at sea will stop.

Yulia Yusupova

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