Underwater UFO capsule found in the 60 meters in length


Photo: ufo-info-contact.org

Alien and very ancient origin capsule was found under water in the Arctic region in the Arctic Ocean. This object about ten thousand years, and he has recently started to publish on a specific radio frequency signals.

Judging from the behavior of the object found in the rock in the waters of the Arctic Ocean, it can be a beacon that ten thousand children came back to Earth, and now began to publish the radio. Stably transmitted at a particular frequency signals first spotted the American experts. Having them in the Arctic and lost in conjectures, they turned to their Russian colleagues. Past and were able to detect the exact location of the source signal orderly.

Underwater Arctic Ocean was found large capsule, sealed in a rock. Melting behavior may indicate unusually high temperatures at which the subject entered the ocean and melt into the rock — this indicates the arrival of its space through the layers of the earth's atmosphere. The study of rocks around the capsule gives reason to believe that it was melting there about ten thousand years ago. However, the signals and their source was able to track just now. Capsule material can not be exposed to mechanical, has no hatch, crevices, cracks, and other items. The size of the capsule about 60 meters long, with a width of fifteen and five in height.

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