United States — is the drug mafia world

United States - is the drug mafia worldDrugs — it is a very big criminal business, manage and protect highly influential people working in the largest banking organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, members of government, heads of major corporations …

CIA, Wall Street and heroin

Why NATO forces are senseless war in Afghanistan?

Author — Daniel Estulin

According to recent opinion polls, Canadians are beginning to be disappointed in the actions of his country in Afghanistan. The Canadian government seems firmly entrenched in the idea that Canada — a campaigner for the reconstruction of Afghanistan and the establishment of democracy in that troubled country on the edge of the world.

In 2006, Jack Layton delivered a speech on Canada's role in Afghanistan, openly asking members of the government, is not the only reason for staying there in the future of their self-interest? In his speech, he raised a very valid question: what are the goals and objectives of the mission, and how they meet the objectives of Canada's foreign policy? What is the definition of success in Afghanistan, Canada's mission? And if they have a strategy to complete the transaction?

Layton, however, ignored the most important issue of Afghanistan — the role of the infamous drug business, which may be more important than all the objectives of the campaign together. Afghanistan — these are drugs, and drugs — Afghanistan. Those who believe that the restoration of the country's drug trade is more important to live in a fictional parallel universe. Prime importance for Afghanistan are just drugs. In this article I would like to once and for all dispel misconceptions of people about their government and about the truth.

Afghan heroin record

So why is the Canadian contingent is still in Afghanistan? According to an article Matthew Lee for «Associated Press», in 2007, Afghanistan had a record poppy crop, which strengthened the status of the country, as, in practice, the only global supplier of heroin. "It is expected that, according to UN estimates, which will be published in September, poppy production in Afghanistan increased by 15%. Thus, the proportion of Afghan poppy crop is 95% of the world, which is 3% more than last year "- say officials who are familiar with the preliminary data.

In 2006, Afghanistan produced 92% of all the world's opium — compare these numbers with 70% in 2000 and 52% a decade earlier. Rich harvest of poppy in Afghanistan in 2006 brought world production to a record high of 7.286 tonnes, which is 43% more than in 2005. According to the report of the Inspector U.S. Department of State, the price of the Afghan poppy crop on the black market is estimated at $ 38 billion.

The drug trade — a major source of income terrorists. Communication traffic «Taliban» against international drug trafficking — unconditional fact. In 2001, in the report of the UN Committee of Experts on the implementation of the "Resolution 1333" clearly stated: "The proceeds from the production and sale of opium and heroin, used by the Taliban to buy arms and ammunition for the financing of terrorist training camps and to support the operations of extremist organizations in neighboring countries. "

However, the drug trade is not confined solely movement «Taliban». In 2004, Time magazine wrote that the heroin trade — is also a major source of funding for the movement «Al-Qaeda». The article said that the Al-Qaeda network of organized smuggling of heroin, on which it is delivered to customers throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The income from the trade, in turn, are used to buy weapons and explosives.

Representatives of the organizations to combat drugs, argue that the only way to destroy the sources of funding for the movement — is destroying the poppy farms themselves. This, however, is directly contrary to the best interests of the U.S. government and most financial institutions of America.

Are you surprised? Let me explain what it is.

The drug trade makes the world financial "bubble"

Start with the fact that the money received from the sale of drugs — it is an important part of the American economy. I understand that this may cause you sharp rejection, but give me time to explain. If you trace the path of the world's cash flow, you will be stunned by the fact that drug trafficking brings annually to $ 700 billion in profits tax-free money.

In fact, the money raised from the sale of drugs, "are an integral and very important part of the global banking and financial systems, as they provide the economy with liquidity in cash needed to carry huge" monthly payments "on derivative securities and investment inflows into" soap bubbles "in the U.S. and the UK", — says Michael C. Ruppert in his bestseller «Crossing the Rubicon» («cross the Rubicon").

Catherine Austin Fitts, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. housing and a former bank manager Dillon Read, indicates that the multiplier effects on income (with a six-factor) from 700 billion "laundered" money can receive annually to 4.2 trillion dollars involved in transactions with money derived from drug trafficking.

All companies trading on the stock market, have a market value, based on a net annual profit. Shares in these companies are equal ownership interest in these companies. Also known as the "price to earnings ratio" multiplier effects on income often reaches coefficient equal to thirty points. Most financial analysts believe that the normal ratio of price to earnings of about fifteen points, with a maximum of thirty points to one. Therefore, if we use this regularity as strict mathematical expression, then by adding a one dollar net income, counted at the end of each year, the market value of the company by the end of the year will increase by $ 30.

30/1 = 60/2

What this means in the real world?

What if companies such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, General Electric, or Brown Brothers Harriman received an extra $ 10 million of net income with money derived from the drug trade, it would have caused an increase in their market value at $ 300 million. But before they can insert the money in their annual income, you need something to do with the cash obtained by illegal means.

Profits from the drug trade — illegal. This is another thing that is often overlooked by people trying to understand the scheme of the drug business. Before you can use the money legally, you need to hide them for a while, and then "clean." Michael C. Ruppert, in his book «Crossing the Rubicon» writes about it: "Money is moving so fast that if you do not control computers or software to process transactions — to trace the money will not be possible."

In other words, drugs — is big business, controlled and protected very powerful people working in the major banking institutions on both sides of the Atlantic, members of various governments and heads of large companies whose stocks occupy a leading position in many financial markets.

In addition, these corporations can earn a lot of money by taking money from the illegal traders and drug-producing countries as contributions by very low interest rates, and getting through them (after the "laundering") astronomical profits.

When the $ 100 billion of illegal cash that can be used to get as a loan with a rate of 5% of a large company, the money becomes legal and liquid. Ruppert, a former police officer in Los Angeles, writes:

"Drug traffickers have such power, because the proceeds from the sale of drugs money is the key to investment companies in the world. They are creditors of politicians. They keep on the hook those gringos with Wall Street, whose children often die from these drugs. Dealers from Wall Street can not prevent the destruction of drug lords. Congress can not prevent the destruction of drug lords. Presidents and those who finance their election campaigns, can not prevent the destruction of drug lords.

Why? Because our economy is hierarchical, controlled one percent of society can not tolerate competition (whether political or economic) in the use of the money from the drug trade. And with every increase in sales for a million dollars, or an increase in income after the acquisition of a controlling stake in another, the market value of the assets of one percent of the company increased by twenty, or even thirty times. "

In April 2000, Christian de Brie and Jean de Maillard, in his excellent article "Crime — the largest of the free entertainment world" for LE Monde Diplomatique describes the action now "operating system" of cash flows involved in the international drug trade. De Brie writes:

"By allowing these funds to move freely from one end of the world to the other, globalization and the rejection of territorial sovereignty stimulated explosive growth of the underground financial market. This balanced system is closely related to the expansion of modern capitalism and is based on the interests of the three groups: governments, multinational corporations and mafias. Business is business, and economic crimes — is primarily a market, a prosperous and well-structured, and therefore governed by the same laws of supply and demand.

The extreme complexity of large businesses and non-interference by politicians — is the only way that can benefit from organized crime to "money" and use the money for other purposes. Transnational corporations need to support the government and the neutrality of regulatory authorities, in order to strengthen its position, to increase profits, withstand the competition, make a "deal of the century" and finance their illegal operations.

Politicians are directly involved in the business, as their ability to influence anything dependent on external support and the funding that allows them to stay in power. This clash of interests — is an important part of the modern economy, lubrication, which allows the wheels to rotate capitalism … "

CIA: 50 years of "friendship" with drugs

Author — Daniel Estulin

What I am about to tell you may at first seem one of the most shocking revelations of the ones that you have heard, but I will prove to you to be right. As I mentioned earlier, the annual income from the drug trade reaches the impressive figure of 700 billion dollars in tax-free cash.

$ 700 billion under the mattress does not hide. Significant amount of experience and expertise to secretly move such huge funds. Therefore, the policy of ignorance in the matter "laundering" huge amounts of money — not a reasonable position. And yet, for the 50 years that the mechanisms work "laundering" money derived from drug trafficking, very few people know about this unpleasant reality.

Why? Who protects the money, acting on behalf of major companies, whose shareholders are constantly demanding incarnation pipe dream of endless profits?

In fact, it is none other than the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). CIA to engage in the drug trade was the creation of illegal cash, easily transported liquid capital, giving an unfair advantage in the market to those who can control it. And this is not a new phenomenon.

The CIA has been associated with drug during the entire 50 years of existence. Let me give a couple of examples. In 1979, shortly before the war, the Contras in Nicaragua, the annual consumption of cocaine in the U.S. is 50 tons per year. Only 5 years later, that number had jumped to 600 tons.

Joseph McNamara, former head of Hoover Institute at Stanford University in San Jose, published a report, which allowed us to estimate the prospects of what is happening. In 1972, when Richard Nixon declared war on drugs, the article of the federal budget for the war on drugs amounted to $ 110 million a year. In 2000, 28 years later, this budget item was $ 17 billion, while the number of drug users in the country have only increased. They have become more potent and much cheaper than in 1972.

It seems that the government there was some secret plans. But who benefits? Just follow along, which unites the cash flows. If the annual $ 700 billion of "dirty" money from the sale of drugs, "laundered" and spin in the economic system of the U.S., it is beneficial to people with Wall Street. This is what the banned drug trade, which the CIA operates successfully for their benefit. That's why I laugh when I hear the word naive activists who insist on legalizing drugs.

CIA — is Wall Street, and Wall Street — it's the CIA. Most of the key figures in the history of the CIA were closely associated with the financial apparatus of America.

Clark Clifford: lawyer and banker from Wall Street. He served as defense secretary under Lyndon Johnson (Lyndon B. Johnson). Charged with a criminal offense, as chairman of First American Bank Shares — Bank, the CIA secretly controlled by the action in the other, who was involved in the drug trade bank — BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International — World Bank lending and commerce). CIA earned $ 6 million in net profit by purchasing shares through an unsecured loan issued BCCI.

Richard Helms: CIA Director. He was formally charged and put forward a claim for lying under oath to Congress in 1976. His lawyer spoke Clark Clifford.

Allen Dulles: «He created" by the CIA for Clifford. Dulles was head of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services — Office of Strategic Services of America), the forerunner of the CIA. He worked as a spy in Switzerland, met frequently with Nazi leaders and watched American investments in Germany (ie investments Rockefeller). He worked as a manager in the Standard Oil (corporation owned by Rockefeller). Director of the CIA during the Eisenhower (Dwight Eisenhower). Occupation: Partner in one of the most powerful law firms on Wall Street — «Sullivan & Cromwell». He was the man responsible for the fact that in the 1960s, LSD flooded the U.S..

Bill Casey: The CIA director under Reagan (Ronald Reagan) and veteran of the OSS. Nixon served as chairman of the Securities Commission. Occupation: lawyer on Wall Street and a stockbroker. Participated in related to the CIA covert operations of drug trafficking under the code name «Amadeus». Operations were to held under the protection of the CIA, "washing" money derived from drug trafficking by having them in many banks around the world. 5 months before his death, being terminally ill with cancer of the brain confirmed the participation of the CIA in the drug trade. Left on this account certified by a notary affidavit given under oath, acted as a witness, Richard Nixon.

According to the Paris newspaper «Observatoire Geopolitique des Dorgues» (Geopolitical Observatory of Drugs), the value of drugs developed in the last year in Afghanistan is estimated at about $ 40 billion. This means that heroin is a $ 40 billion will be in the streets.

Do you really think that these primitive, unwashed and illiterate warlords beards, wrapped in sheets, bearing the beach slippers, and based on the hand-carved wooden sticks themselves think through all the surgery? What are they — the think tank, which plans transportation, chemical processing, distribution, and, in particular, is incredibly complex mechanisms "laundering" drug proceeds in the largest financial institutions in America? Revenues of $ 40 billion!

Who is the "think tank"?

And if not for these warlords are nerve center of all operations, then who is the real organizer and leader of the business? Here comes into play the international democratic coalition. You would be surprised that it is in the presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan, heroin crop of this country has reached a historical high. The latter, however, do not work alone.

For example, the U.S. government has long known that Turkey is one of the major sources of funding «Al Qaeda». Turkish mafia plays an important role in this system. She bought the opium in Afghanistan, paying members of tribes pound gold bullion (bars in 4/10 size), minted in Credit Suisse.

These little bars are only used to make payments to members of the tribe, as a full-fledged bars used in the Hong Kong market — the biggest buyers of raw or partly processed opium. Then forwards it to the Mafia through the Turkish-speaking countries (Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan) in Turkey, where he is finishing opium.

Again, I must reiterate that the drugs — it is a very big business, manage and protect highly influential people working in the largest banking organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, members of Government and heads of major corporations whose shares are traded on many financial exchanges.

Is the protection of the heroin trade one of Canada's mission in Afghanistan?

Should ask this question to someone from the Canadian political elite and wait for dire consequences. Alternatively, they can read the numbers from this article and make a public debate with me to prove my point. Recently, however, it would be pretty stupid on their part, however, I suspect that the Canadian government will remain silent and wait for me be silent.

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