Unknown creature keeps at bay the villagers in the Altai region

Unknown creature attacks the inhabitants of a village in the Altai region. Mysterious Beast sucks the blood of domestic animals of the villagers, the correspondent of TV "NTV".

About a month ago there was the first attack on the village of rabbits Anuyskoe. Unknown creature crept into the barn, turned the metal bars of the cage and drank the blood of animals. Morning were found 17 carcasses of rabbits, though the males and females were separately. On the skins were left traces of huge fangs. It is known that female grabbed the spine, and the male — his stomach. Rabbit meat is practically untouched.

A month hunting vampire drank blood from almost all rural rabbits. Local residents came out to fight the bloodthirsty creatures. They established duty at night, strengthen barns, set traps and cameras. But to no avail. Animal manages to tear the door locks and see through to cut the bars of the cage.

Unknown beast raging in Anuyskom, has been dubbed Chupacabra — As a mythical Latin American monster. To some of the villagers, even being able to see: it is the size of a dog, red color, recall witnesses.

Anuyskogo residents raised the alarm, the search for a vampire attracted precinct. Currently police every day after the change along with the hunter in the woods looking for the monster. In the existence of vampires, he does not believe, said that the hunt for rabbits is trot.


Chupacabra (Spanish chupacabras, chupar — to suck and cabra — goat, literally "sucking goat") — A phenomenon that appeared in mid-1995 in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Something strange is killing all the cattle in and around the city of Canovanas, drinking all their blood. When the bodies were discovered, blood was sucked through one or two small wounds-hole (as needle stick).

Eyewitnesses have described the beast as being Fanged kengurupodobnoe with evil red eyes. Many say that his front legs are small, some see more and wings. Or crest on the back. The body of a chupacabra whether as a reptile, or as a dog's head is elongated, the legs — with webbed fingers, soft wool, like a bat.

In Russia, a mysterious bloodsucker appeared in 2006 in Orenburg. On farms farming families have lost a dozen turkeys, sheep and goats. According to the villagers, to batten down the throats of animals found traces of two bites, similar to bullet wounds. Assumption that it could be a wolf and lynx have been rejected. First, wolves and dogs eat meat, gnaw the carcass, and the mysterious creature only drank blood.

The reliability of the existence of Chupacabra is not proven. Cryptozoologists but it has already become a household name in the same character, such as "snow man."


What kind of creature keeps at bay the villagers in the Altai region, can not find any police or veterinarians. According to the description of witnesses, a monster attacks on pets and sucks the blood from them. To understand the mysterious murders, our correspondents dared to spend a few days in an ambush on a vampire.

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