Vedas about 2012. What Vedas say about the transition

In today's world, we hear about the coming end of the world almost by 2 times a year, and all this is no accident. If we put aside and not take into account, quirks mentally ill people, and fashion writers who write about it, because these books are in demand, then we shall see clearly misinformation that was needed to distract humanity from the one and only really important event . Note that the message of the coming end of the world, began to come just ahead of the millennium, that is in 1998, and then as sprung up all sorts of societies, the authors, there was just a sea of information, and all the shouting, who about. His promise in the new year to all calendars of the world, and starting a month before the first of January, and ending March, many already managed naotmechat 40-50 over the world. It was said in the following years, they say, and to this day.

Humanity, of course, tends to invent all sorts of currently non-existent problems and disasters, returning to the issue of the "crisis", but at the moment it is absolutely not the case. The turn of the Ages is always quite a difficult time, and passing from one era to another, changing a lot. Humankind has already experienced such transitions and, therefore, left to posterity a message that says that there will be, and what to do.

But instead of going on to analyze and draw conclusions, scientists around the world shout that the calendar has long disappeared in the mists of the Mayan end in 2012, and with it, and several more calendars say the same thing, it means that all — comes "End of the World." Would not have to dig deeper, and they just shout about it, but still Hadron kollaidr built, well, apparently quite live it to the poor on the ground enough.

Heard recently a lovely joke about this, so I can not help you to not share it: "Since ancient times, mankind has opened so that one time in 40,000 years, Earth scientists are going …. and build the Large Hadron Kollaidr. " Then collect the remnants of civilization on the planet.

Before we look at the root of the event and see what happens … By the way, do not worry you so, do not worry there will not be …. Let us define the very date. Why 2012 and not the same millennium, for example, all the same figure, it is more interesting. And why the Mayan calendar, and other lesser-known, but the ancient calendars, terminated at this figure. All this is because the modern calendars greatly deviated from the original source, scrap, cut out of these events, and even the whole year, and as a result they are now not-so-accurate way to measure. Ancient Calendars, for example, the same Mayan calendar, has a much more accurate, because it has not been altered due to the change of a political branch of government, or in the wars between religions for the flock. But these calendars have a small problem — they are based on an even earlier source, away from the nature of his actions and of cyclic calendars become linear. Therefore, at the turn of the era, these calendars are dropped. In modern terms, their effect has been registered on the logical line.

Modern calendars predicted a transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius in the millennium, but as mentioned above, they are not accurate enough. Personally, I prefer the other source of chronology, which may be to the taste is not everything. Knowing the extreme "youth" of the modern calendar we can judge its accuracy. And no wonder that the events in the future it can not be determined with high accuracy. Now let's look at what is said about this date is more ancient calendar, namely the ancient Slavic KalyadyDar.

It is quite a large system of measuring time intervals, and quite different from all modern.

It takes into account not only the movement of the Sun and the Earth, but all the stars, which are visible in our sky. In this system of calculation, there are 16 star palace, which is the movement of Earth's axis, similar to its motion by modern constellations, of which only 12. In the summer of 7520, and in the summer of 2012, there will be a transition from one era (the temple of the Fox) to another (the palace of the Wolf). After that there is a change of identity and understanding of the world of people.

Here is what it can tell us about the Slavic-Aryan Vedas. Slavs full range calendar is divided into two parts, conditional on the "dark" and "light" side. When our planet to spiral galaxy is a dark area and a dark palace, the physical world is ruled by passion. In other words, all that is connected with the physical world and civilization develops for this half of the global turnover. But all the while devouring humanity itself own passions and greed. It was during this period of flourishing of war, alienation, greed. Money rules the world, and everyone is ready to bring even the most intimate, just to get them a little more. It is time politicians, screamers, and bankers. Those who have no principles, tastes, feelings — just the desire to meet their needs. During this period, a person can become like animals and go to seed at all. That you and I are seeing today.

The second part of the circle, the so-called "light" side — is the heyday of culture, the rise of self-consciousness of mankind, the time of his awareness of his place in the universe. During this period, the person starts to turn its gaze to the nature, destroy it stops and starts to support it. Time magnates and bankers, politicians and oligarchs, rulers and slaves to an end. Immersed in the world of equality and mutual respect. People get the joy of labor and not calculate all the greed and money. This does not mean that the money will disappear altogether as an element. It says only that their value is much reduced, and people will not seek to destroy each other for their small handful.

The transition from the temple in the palace of the Fox Wolf Barrier is also a transition from the "dark" side to the "light." And this does not mean that the world will crack in half, the earth will come down to Earth, and humanity will end. The Vedas say that in the summer of 7520 end of the world for shady characters, and the end of darkness to light. And for a period of one circle of life equal to 144 years, there will be great changes in the lives of all mankind. And if as stated in the prophecy, the gods (Old Slavic gods) will visit us again, then we will witness the coming to earth alien race. For the Slavs do not think the gods or god some unknown invisible being, and just talk about their ancestors and the gods have come from another galaxy.

Well, believe it or not — we have to decide, and I think we will soon see this, or otherwise. The main thing is that there is nothing wrong with the new, forthcoming 2012 no. But the continuation of life as a half-animals, who care only about themselves and about how to grab (I apologize for such a dramatic expression) a lot of money — is. And the longer we continue in the same vein, the longer will be getting what they themselves created. Specifically, crisis, war, famine, crime, etc.

Roerich A.

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