Vedichestvo. Space Pocono. Is it possible to destroy the faith of their ancestors?

Vedichestvo. Space Pocono. Is it possible to destroy the faith of their ancestors? ..

Vedism is VEDAnie, knowledge coming from within. This relationship with the Soul and the Spirit. With the world of the gods and the world of ancestors living in the Otherworld.

We are told that our ancestors could not explain natural phenomena, and they bowed down before them. However, the place of power, the people who created the past, our wise men and the Druids, to the contrary.

Stonehenge, "medical wheels" dolmens — this facility, talking not about the development of the primitive, and the deep knowledge in the field of astronomy, physics, knowledge of natural processes. For example, in Belarus, Lake Yanovo, known for a range of boulders that show the exact time of the equinoxes and solstices, the sacred day of natural krugoleta in which lived ancient Rusichi.

Those who are so afraid of our Gods, all the while trying to make us believe that the gods are dead, that Perun allegedly drowned in the river at the time of the Baptism of Russia, and this may mean that faith is dead ancestors. Who knows for sure, anyone who has drowned and how it really was. The history of the present, rewritten before our eyes (Needless to say then about the history of thousands of years, even if today we see falsehood and lies in the history books.

Our Gods are powerful forces of the universe! The Sun, the Earth, and the elements of the planet, the Force of the Universe .. Is it possible to destroy them? Is it possible to drown in the river or burn at the Sanctuary? Perun — the Power of the heavenly electricity. He then lived, and still live! And if it will not, then die humanity itself! So act against anyone who blasphemes the gods? Gods — the mighty forces of the cosmos — to act against them, so to speak against the very universe, against life, against the very land on which you live! Against their children and their families, because if you do not become the Sun, the Earth — and people will not be overnight. So who, then, is a fool? Those who glorify the greatness of their own clans, seek a revival in harmony with these great forces, or those who tries it all to humiliate, insult, ie — the world in which he lives, calling our gods, pagan " idol, "which time, allegedly passed? Has it, the sun, the stars and the Earth-Mother? Rather, the time has passed falsehood and stupidity, ignorance, and it is time to return to the source of a kind!

Our ancestors did not bow down to these forces, but understanding the structure of the universe, knowing their purpose in it, lived Pocono, performing it. Rites and SvyatoDeystva is one way to enter into resonance with these forces. This exchange of energy and filling Moguchestyu and Power Generic our common spirit! This worked ancestors, not begging handouts from the gods. As co-creators, they helped the gods and himself Rod Father, please look after planet, protecting it from hostile outside forces.
Our ancestors Vedic period, there was no strict religions, dogmas, precepts. Now we also inspire and try to make believe in the existence of different "Vedas", allegedly in people Vedic period. Books and all kinds of writing, you need when humanity moves away from Pocono, from the truth, and thus loses conscience starts to degrade. And it can be anything period, not Vedic. Because when you live Pocono (Vedism), he is in constant contact with his Rod, with the Gods, with the multidimensional universe. He does not need any books, not some doctrine, because all knowledge is only in himself and the Path Vedichestva-through internal self, we have expanded the universe itself, generously giving their ancient secrets worthy .. What we are trying to instill in every way, the existence of some books that have been in Rusov. Truthful book that gives knowledge, it is a living book of nature. Read it to the rite, to see her every day, its complement in death ..

We are led to believe a stranger centuries prophets, others to pray to the gods generic, study whose history you want, just not his own. Ancestral Spirit awakens, so many are now looking for Rusichi truth, and seek to return to our roots, to their grandparents. Religion is also a danger that enslaves a person's will, and uses his powers for their own purposes. Religion is always kept on certain dogmas. Slavs who depart from a religious system, is once again trying to shove the other, under the guise of various "holy" scriptures, which the authors said, were our ancestors. If you remove the names of the gods, beautiful words, and leave only the substance, then we have the same religion as the other religions in the world, with the "power" of religious egregore. Egregore is artificially created by the information field, which is at first a certain group of people and then himself himself. Egregor need the power of human thought, emotion, which they use as food. This force is given to all sorts of religious ceremonies. Nature itself is beyond egregores, as well as the universe. Man is an integral part of it, living cells of a single organism. Living in harmony with nature, he Cohn performs its mission. A prednazanacheniya Man Creativity, creating new worlds and universes as to create worlds of our ancestors, preservation and protection of all this Pocono!
The return to nature, ie, to the very old (nature), to the Almighty — that means casting out demons, parasites with Mother-Earth. Because when Slavs returned to their roots, to mother earth, to the native gods and ancestors, we become part of our family tree, and thus become invincible.
White Race itself, and especially Rusichi, always drawn and understood the true essence of nature. For our ancestors, and now for many of us, that living nature is the true temple of the spirit and ancestral glory! Many of us have always felt and knew that, even instinctively. Our Gods live in protected forests, sacred groves and oak forests. Back in the bosom of Mother Nature, we are back to our gods, and thus to our Ancestral Power and the Spirit.

Pocono Parents space is not a religion, not a sacred book that nothing will be known after the death of civilization, this is not a set of strict rules or dogmatic prescriptions. Pocono Parents Space is always right, the Power of the Universe, the Great Harmony, which was, is and always will abide, for the Universe itself forever! It can not deceive, destroy, offend. You can temporarily block the ancestral memory and communication Rusichi with their gods, but the gods themselves, and Pocono, can not be destroyed.

To once again become a part of the universe, its lively and healthy cells, it is necessary to return to the bosom of their own Generic Spirit. You must clear the mind of religious slag and tear "collar" that we riveting centuries. This will help us Native Gods. The closer to nature, the closer to the generic Source. Nature gives us strength. We tried to break though, would be for the weekend of the dusty towns and concrete boxes. This is indicated by our natural desire and the desire of living in harmony with the universe. This is what is left in the genetic memory of the entire white race, and those who have not yet fully been zombified consumption machine and turning it into a slave, zakablenii body and soul.

Vedism is to follow the truth and the life, in all fairness and high ethical canons and ideals. The strength of our Ancestors, was their spiritual purity. Their moral shrine that they imbibed with mother's milk. Preserved to such expressions as the Russian soul, Russian hospitality, the breadth of the Slavic soul .. These are the remains of the spiritual culture, which was with our ancestors. Spiritual power gives Moguchest. On the example of Russian St. Sergius, Seraphim of Sarov, and many others, we can observe how the purity of the soul and the life of the ascetic Pocono gives spiritual strength and power. Such a person can communicate with the elements, the animals, do acts that people for today, may seem a miracle, but who quietly worked our wise men and priests, the Druids, being in constant contact with the forces of nature and Rod.
Vedism can not be destroyed as it is impossible to destroy all the souls in the universe, because it was originally born into the Soul of Rod Love the Father and Mother of the Lada-carry goods and light. No matter how many planets and worlds destroyed demons, no matter how many civilizations they zakablyali, still in the vast universe, millions remain righteous souls who suddenly can revive from the ruins of any peace and the planet, for that will be higher.
Gods and higher beings Generic Chury wait Soul are on the path of Vedichestva-path of spiritual purity and inner contemplation. To such people, gods and ancestors are always ready to help, even in the most difficult times, to support the testing of rock, help to survive, because the soul radiates a light unto the Righteous, like the Cosmic Fire Rod, like a candle in the darkness of the Kali Yuga, and the light of this particularly important in the Otherworld, because it illuminates a path Peace and civilization does not disappear in the darkness of centuries and centuries .. Through such souls, Light Vedichestva went through the worst times and bloody era, keeping himself and was referred to descendants.

Faith of Our Ancestors, is as old as the Universe itself, as the torch of Vedichestva was one of the first stones that Rhode Father laid in the fundamental basis of the universe. This Pocono-Great Space Law, to see and honor the Soul Rusich, righteous soul, and he lives on the whole universe. How can you destroy the universe? You do not. Therefore, faith-Veda our Ancestors lived, now lives and will live as long as there UNIVERSE! It is impossible to destroy the gods, it is impossible to destroy the love, kindness, light, truth, for our gods — is the powerful forces of the universe, in the heart of the righteous awakening Rusov.
Millennial dream-wraith is finished. RaSvet Vedichestva can not be pulled back. You can only pull the spiritual development and awakening embodied in Reveal Souls, but the space age Vedism no way to stop. If the Earth Mother has come at least a few souls Rusich living Pocono, the revival of Russia inevitably! A shower is embodied such a great variety. These souls are like a beacon in the night, like the light of a candle lighting the way Rusich, giving hope to soon get rid of the yoke of the foe, and will soon return to our Light Pocono suffering and heroic planet.

The ancestors are watching us from heaven shining Svarga Blessed with Worlds of Asgard, Navi light and wait for the prompt return of the right to Mother Earth. Waiting for our awareness and spiritual awakening-making.

How to help more Vedichestvo return to Russia and to free the planet from the demons and parasites?

— For Newerth irrelevant spiritual book that you are reading the words that are written in it. Souls of ancestors, need light coming from the ground and clean space in which to incarnate soul Rusich. If the parents are the unrighteous life — smoke, drink, eat the flesh of animals, ie, in every way zakablyayut physical body and subtle body, his soul, in the incarnation, in the body of a newborn soul loses much of its memory, and possibly all abilities. Therefore, for a strong soul relatives, themselves must be physically and spiritually pure, true man. The embodiment of today are largely Knights and magi Voi, which are so powerful that they can remember myself and clear the way for other souls. But even they do not always pass through the traps placed "dark." Many fall into the network and destroyed zakablyayutsya do not remember myself, living life as the common people. Typically, these souls feel that their life is something wrong, they do not go his way, live wrong .. It says and "screaming" the very soul, trapped by the adversary.
The strength of the demons in the management and manipulation of society. Each soul awakening for them very opastno, unnecessarily awake, she the power of example and the power to awaken the soul and restore others.
— For those who want to live and return to Pocono light Vedism to Russia, it is necessary to understand that there are weapons of the adversary. That he is acting on us through the most powerful tools zakableniya that come through diet and bad habits (hook parasites) — meat, alcohol, tobacco .. Excluding all of her life, we say a firm no, physical zakablitelyam! Purification of the soul and Communication with Rod, promotes and restores life to the moral CONAMA. Rusich to restore the family. That moral purity and a foundation that was not even our ancestors even 100-200 years ago. This chaste purity and virginity. We need to understand that somewhere in the world is precisely the man / woman who made it for us and are particle divided once more soul. Met their restriction / constriction, we can draw on our Rhode Soul kinsman high. Then begin Revival Rod and Restoration of our ancestral and hence revival of Vedic Russia itself, because in the Reveal will embody the souls of those Rusich who lived in those ancient times, and that for centuries waiting for the hour when it will be possible to incarnation.

-Our ancestors have always lived on a sunny, cosmic rhythms and cycles. They met and created a holiday that we call natural. Now the exact dates of the cosmic cycle is unknown. Knowing and understanding what rusam can not give exact dates for Christmas, because in these days of cosmic activity particularly high and is able to clean and help souls, filling them with power and Moguchestyu, the adversary has confused all calendars mixing date, and building on top of each other. Invented the artificial days, creating artificial calendars, to bring attention Rusich and divert it away from natural dates. Therefore, on the basis of the modern calendar, any religion can make to the side or even in the dead end. Now we know for certain some cosmic, astronomical dates that occur independently from religious calendars and holidays. This is the solstices and equinoxes. First Solar do Rites vozzhigaya sacred fire at the sanctuary in the days of the equinoxes and solstices, we included in resonance with the forces of the Earth and Space, open the gates to the world of the gods and souls of ancestors. In those days, our relationship with Rod particularly strong. When we are doing something right, with sincerity and a good conscience, we are given knowledge (this knowledge, not information, because knowledge is came from the depths of the soul VEDAnie, and information is a word from a book written by someone, but not missing through its own Vedagon (Soul), and therefore not known to us in practice and bringing little real benefit).

So, these basic principles of asceticism and spiritual — a healthy way of life and thought, sober and ready for a meeting with sole / single and living the moral canons, the creation of the Solar Vedic holiday — purify our souls, give us a link to Rod and strengthens the spirit, and so make us righteous (people living on the Vedas (the light and knowledge of the pure soul)) and allow for the arrival of the mother-land of ancient souls of ancestors from the highest of the Halls of Pure and Svarga worlds Asgard (hail the Gods).

Vera ancestors Vedism there billions eons and centuries. It — it antiquity of the universe and the Supreme Cosmic Code, it is the natural order of the rotation of the universe and life in great harmony with the universe. It can not be destroyed and eliminated, because the universe is eternal. And the faith of our forefathers and us is the Space Pocono parents, is Love itself and Good, Ra will give work and life in happiness!

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