Vitebsk: BRSMovtsy tried to disrupt the meeting with Nyaklyaeu

13 December presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu agitational meeting held in the cultural and business center of the "May Day" in Vitebsk. Several young men shouting at first place with provocative remarks, and then we had a significant move — left the hall in protest at alleged. But the followers could not be found.

Meeting with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu began in the 18th and held in unsuitable premises: while cultural and business center has been specifically defined by the authorities to meet with voters, nearly half of the seats were defective — they had only the back and sit on anything.

At the half of the room, where the chairs were normal, sitting with two dozen young people who have started a dispute with the candidate. It began with the fact that some young man asked the question, why the poet goes into politics. Reply Neklyaeva that art, and poetry in particular, can not improve the situation in the country, the guy is not satisfied. He began to speak loudly that everyone should mind his own business. He was backed by supporters of BRSMu — began to shout that Nyaklyayeu offender, as calls people out an action on October Square — pushing them to the likely fight with the police.

Guys trying to soothe, but they said they left the meeting in protest. Followers could not be found: the other spectators who are to still stood gladly took the vacated seats.

Only at the meeting were about three hundred people. True, some of those present who did not have seats, broke and went to the end of the meeting.

The lounge is large, and there is nowhere to sit.

Vladimir Neklyaeva questions were many. Asked about where will the money for "maternity capital" to support the birth rate, about whether it would be better funded basic science, and there will be a new president if elected again and again to reform schooling.

Someone asked about the early voting — they say, it being driven violence. Nyaklyayeu promised support to those who suffer for the fact that "escaped" — in primarily students. Responsibility for the clash with the police, according to the candidate, should take over the government — after clashes and fights in the square no plans. "We will go there just to demonstrate its position", — said Nyaklyayeu.


Questions were asked as long as the administration building is not threatened to turn off the hall light. Naprykntsy Vitebsk amateur artist Lilia Ivanova gave the patient his work — a picture of salt dough. Mrs Ivanova said that this is the traditional gift opposition candidate: works made in the same technique, it has already handed Yaroslav Romanchuk and Andrei Sannikov.

The meeting ended at the beginning of the ninth evening. At the end of Nyaklyayeu still "carved out" a few minutes to sign wishing her books.



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