Volyn flooded: From the shores of the river came out all

At Epiphany usually always cold. There is even a term "Epiphany frosts." But this year the tradition was not justified. In Volyn because of abnormally warm weather from the coast out all rivers. Water crept close to homes. Already flooded nearly four yards, also suffered thousands of hectares of winter crops. While rescuers can keep the situation under control, but the water level in the rivers continue to rise. Details Inna Beletsky.

Inna Beletskaya, correspondent:

— All rivers flowing in the Volyn region exceeded the critical level of water. The banks came Pripyat Stokhod, Styr and Turia. Already flooded tens of thousands of hectares.

Hoteshov village. Here the water — most of winter and a few dozen yards. Flooded village streets, some houses can reach only by boat. People are concerned — so much water was last seen 30 years ago.

Michael Davidiuk, a resident of Hoteshov:

— In 80 to rotsі, the above bіlsha Bula water. Tse vzhe nedіlyu hour vzhe, ale kozhen day pribuvaє, bіlshe bіlshe pribuvaє.

Podvoly flooded ground water. All that is stored there, had to make an emergency.

Oksana Novosad, villager Hoteshov:

— Do not let dwellers zіpsuvalasya Get out, bachimo scho pid hatoyu water here, then where do — that rescuers did Treba bulbinu yak.

But to preserve the harvest until the spring is unlikely, the people said. Now the water from yards and cellars siphoning technique MOE. But success — time. Even yesterday, after the departure of Mary Panasyuk rescuers yard was almost dry, water again today is approaching the house.

Maria Panasyuk, villager Buzaki:

— Two dnі rocked. Otakoovo water bula, ranіshe takoї Vod not Bulo, well Bulo Troshkov, skіlki mi live such a miracle is not above Bulo.

Because of the significant warming, the water in the rivers rises every day. In four areas — Stone-Kashira, Manevitskom, Lyubeshovskom Ratnovskom and rescuers are ready for any eventuality.

Vladimir Bagnyuk, head Kamin-Kashira RV UMCHS in Volyn region:

— On 42 vіdsotki bіlshe rates for tsі ostannі dіb 10. Rіven prodovzhuє pіdnіmatisya, vіn not zupinyaєtsya for CIM slіdkuє upravlіnnya osushuvalnih systems, mi koordinuyut, we punch, prokopuvat ditch fight.

Now the area of flooding — about twenty settlements Volyn region, nearby rivers. Officials are beginning to count the losses of population and farms. People are put in the yards of tags to track the rise of the water level.

Inna Beletsky. Nicholas Vasylyuk. "Details". TV channel "Inter". Volyn region.

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