Vote early — otherwise there will be problems with the student hostel

December 14 early voting in the presidential elections. Exact numbers, how many voted for the first day in the country, yet. They will be known only on Wednesday morning. Who rushed to vote on the first day?

On the first day of voting in Minsk polling station number 36, up Kalinin Street, the people were few. Chairman of the Commission Stanislav Grishkevich said:

"Today, 30 people voted. Come the young and the elderly. Different. "

ReporterAnd how many voters you have on the site? "


Thus the first day of a 36-m plot voted slightly more than 1.4%.

At the station number 6, which is in a building Polytechnic College, to the people a little more — vote here two student dormitories, the college itself and the Belarusian Academy of Arts. Here, on the first day voters about 3% of the voters. I tell the girls that go to the site:

Reporter"Here you have just voted. Why is ahead of schedule? "

"Because I go home, will not be able to come to the polls on Sunday in Minsk, so we have to vote in advance."

Reporter"Frankly, how many output promised?

Girl"Week. Before the session given to prepare for exams, and so before we vote. "

Reporter"How are you?"

"With Cherven. Of Luban. "

On Monday a student of computer-aided design of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics said that early voting is not directly made, but simply promised four output:

"For early voting promise great" bun "in four weekends: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. "Pairs", you can skip this missing classes with good reason. "

On the first day of early voting began to put pressure on those who live in the dorm:

20 people live here with our course, and all went to vote.

"Today, the dean of all called and said that the people of the third camp must necessarily just to take part in early voting, otherwise it will be bad. As if all is clear. 20 people live here with our course, and all went to vote. Because we all have the money to rent an apartment. "

By the way, messages from different universities that students bullied eviction from hostels, very much on the website of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections".

Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski informed about other facts of forced voting:

"This is just the beginning. We have information from the Birches, where the company's director "Berezastroimaterialy" ordered directly on the buses to bring workers, and today they went to vote, and in time. This will now be done through. And plus, we also noticed, is that during the pre-voting members of the committees, especially in the villages, they were already running with boxes — remote-nevynasnymi. How to count them? We will only know on Wednesday morning data on early voting for the first day. "

Ales Bialiatski said that the local council elections, which were held in the spring, the number of early voters was more than a third. This means that in Minsk be smaller — about 15-20%, and in the regions — by 50%.


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