Wake up people! You stole all true!

"Go through the worlds of many, learning and perfecting their own Spirit"

God's commandment Ramhata

"Live, people in the Soviet Union with nature vozmnozhaya Her, not ruining"

 Lada Lady

Alex Trehlebov —vedaman: — "We have faith. Etymology of the word "FAITH"- ABedenieRa, original light. Ra — honored our ancestors for centuries, as the light of fission and fusion reactions, that is revered Yarylo tricolor, revered electric light as Perunitsu, and for light chemical reactions — like fire, oxidation. Therefore, we do not believe people are called sun-worshipers, agnipoklonnikami, it said those who did not understand what faith is. If they fail to do this, then they are givenprojection of our Faith. This projection is called religion. Religion is translated as public re-education or re holy scripture. But, again, after what? After our Faith. Faith alone. Can perhaps be two of the Faith? Faith, we have already discussed, it is keeping Ra — the original light. Two of the Faith by no means impossible. Man or knows what Ra or does not know. "

In modern Russian, the word "FAITH"We write and read through the letter" E ". The Ukrainian language is the word we know as "InIRA". What's the difference? To the artificial division of Russia in the Great Russians, Belorossy and Little, that is, the Ukrainians. This word has been written with the letter "yat" —In?pa(Viera). Letter?(Ive) Pronounced double diftongovym sound (ie) and the meaninextricable link earthly and the heavenly(I — Heaven, e — Terrestrial), or cause and effect. His image corresponded vedaniyu Ra, Light and Wisdom. Thrown out of the letter of the alphabet?(Ive) and the connection with the heavenly world's gone. Without this context, the meaning of words are cut to the primitive dictionary definition: FAITH —firm conviction, a deep confidence in someone or something. And yet,KNOW— This meansknow the sign, the value. A plain — it is not easy to know this is to have the ability to pass the wisdom in the whole, unadulterated form, that is in the image. Modern science has such ability is telepathic. People with these skills are called prophets.

Nicholas Luchkov —slovoved:— "The belief that there is no prophet in our country, in his own country, as they say — it's not true. In fact, in the history of Russia and its people, the prophet was a huge amount. You can see, for example, the role of Leo Tolstoy.

A famous thinker, writer, scientist, educator, who left an enormous mark in slovoznanii force in the field of literature, culture and pedagogy. Seventeen years of work it took to create the book "The New Alphabet". It was published in 1875 (for ABC Family and school instruction for students Count Leo Tolstoy) and has been successfully used for training, in particular, the peasant children. Receptions held there, which are still not fully known and used. Why is it not used? — This is a political issue. Little known that even Leo Tolstoy in 1884, wanted to put into a political prison, which is located in Suzdal. In the Saviour Monastery Efimova was ready strict prison cell, from which virtually no one, never leave alive. And it was painted icon, which is stored in the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum, the icon on which Tolstoy burns in hell.

Located in the most severe repression, and, in particular, the activities of the church discontent Leo Tolstoy — these were the reasons for concealment of his achievements, silencing his performance, in particular the teaching. "

"In order for a student did well, it is necessary that he studied eagerly, for he went willingly, you must:

1) To what they are teaching students, it was clear and entertaining, and 2) to the mental strength of his were in the most favorable terms. That there was no new unusual objects and persons, where he is studying. That the student was not ashamed of teachers or friends. Avoid confusing the Russian words, words that do not comply with the concept or the two values, and especially foreign. That the student was not afraid of punishment for bad teaching, estza misunderstanding. The human mind can only act when onne suppressed by external influences. "

"To be conscious out the benefits, you must have one quality. This same quality makes up for any art teacher and any preparation, because this teacher quality easily acquire the missing knowledge. If the teacher during the three-hour lesson, felt a moment of boredom — it has that quality. The quality of this is love. "

These simple tips and distinct master Leo Tolstoy wrote in the nineteenth century. Their great wisdom is evident. Following only just these simple ABC of Tolstoy equip teachers many times more than five courses of modern pedagogical training. But we were told methodically idiotic idea that "There is no prophet in his own country". While to Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana came for counseling Western authorities from across Europe, the local Christian church betrayed Tolstoy anathema for daring to have their own views on life, and the Orthodox world order. The church built its history.

Alex Trehlebov —vedaman: — "In general, the term"History"etymology know? "From the Torah I am."Torahis the Hebrew Scriptures. Translated into Russian language — isOld Testament. That's supporters called the Old Testament tradition"Historians."That is, in our opinion is a liar. Because it's all based on lies. History is always written in favor of the existing government. It is a fact? Fact. And we have always calledsacrilege. 'Koschun "- is epic. (CO-Hb = tentacles to schuram ours). 'Scorner "- a storyteller. A "KOSCHUNOSLOVIE "- is telling our old, that was in fact. So when they say"This is blasphemy, it is impossible to say what was to Christianity, is blasphemy."We say yes! Blasphemy — it's great! But the story — it's disgusting. This is also Russian. Etymology to see what's meant every word. And then everything is in its place. "
Recently, a rare TV show dispenses with various priests, exotic healers, soothsayers, sectologists and lawyers. This gentleman's set, traveling from channel to channel, discussing the European values, American patriotism, the basest human passions and never a great variety of Russian traditions and culture.
But biblical values are presented daily as our native Russian homologated product, without which we are — drunks and heathen cannibals. Is it ignorance? Or, after all, a betrayal?

From the speech of Andrei Kuraev(Deacon, Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy, ROC)

"The two of my books appeal to the youth:" Rock and Missions "and" Cinema ". These books may not need to read the Orthodox people. But they must have in every Orthodox home every Orthodox grandmother for a time when your grandchild reaches puberty ruggedandThe guard is not in the Temple, as the age of five —slip under his pillow these books.

Well, understand Petrushka, you can be young and modern at the same time be Orthodox. Do not wait for retirement age, to go to the Temple.Here, read about Orthodox rockers, Orthodox movies and so on. "

Orthodox rockers — it's probably cool. And the Orthodox Church — a decent place. But popular media ecclesiastical controversialist Andrei Kuraev enters the flock astray. It uses the now traditional for the Christian church substitution of concepts.
Orthodoxy and Christianity — is a completely different model of world. 

Orthodoxy is the original cultural system of world order Slavs and Aryans based on ancestral continuity of generations in millions of years.
Orthodoxy— It is not a religion.In this?Ra, — Vedanie Source.Right— This is why it is the world of the gods and the ancestors that gave rise to the people in his own image.Slavia— Is respect, acceptance and celebration of life resources for the people of their ancestors. AReality— Is the visible world in which people gain experience and, according admonishes Ancestors, makes evolutionary ascent in the world of rules and enrich his experience. This multi-dimensional cultural system established Russian pantheon of Gods.




And Christianity — it's just a religion created by the Jews, reconstruction, which is based on the works of Moses and the teachings of Christ, which was revealed to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
Jesus was sent to the Jews, to tell about human values. They took advantage of this divine opportunity in accordance with their values. They crucified him.

And then the long destroyed his followers. Then Saul practical, I mean Paul, Jesus crossed to Moses, created a new brand and, in modern language, loaded religious franchise on the planet. Today, a hundred different Christian sects profile continues to mutate to serve the economic interests of the hidden players. Successful enterprise. Just where is Orthodoxy? Or our national idea is to serve the foreigners?
Calling Christian Orthodoxy, we unconsciously agree with monstrous substitution and tear information touch with family gods.

Nicholas Luchkov —slovoved:— "This is very clearly done especially in the Middle Ages. The introduction of printing motivation was not only the development of civilization or to give these books. It had quite the reverse process, hidden from the consciousness of knowing that. First, the church books were published. Thus, the previous books were easily discernible as handwritten. And those who are being introduced, such as the Catholic faith in Europe and elsewhere in the world, they are, therefore, makes it far easier and more knowledge of the other books. A previous subject to destruction. The same thing happened here in 1918, when "a kind grandfather Lenin" by decree, at the very peak of the civil war, destruction suddenly issued a decree on the reform of the alphabet. And it was done when as if more was to do nothing. Again, this was done for the previous layer of culture, history, knowledge, was destroyed and implemented proletarian or disguised as a proletarian world view of knowledge. That is it — the ideology and politics. "

By decree of Patriarch Nikon (XVII century) "True believerChristian faith "was replaced by"HOLY".
Christian priests gradually, along with our calendar, replaced the Slavic-Aryan festivals and replaced them with their religious procedures. For the same reason people stopped celebrating his September 21 Rosh Hashanah, and hot drunk January 1 for the New Year, that is in the eight-day cutoff boy Jesus. Well, a very important lesson for the Slavs!
By the way, in Russia the word "pop"Has always been used as a dirty, as this is interpreted as an abbreviation of"PPAXAboutttsovnRedan. "

From the TV program "Today" (Belgorod region): "Last year elective course on the basics of Orthodox children go at will. In this — the teacher warns compulsory subject, the assessment will go to a diploma. Many students, like their parents, to share his attitude to a new subject refused, saying "we are here to learn." If you declare orthodoxy compulsory subject, you have to learn as disciplined as the mathematics and Russian. Communist Demchenko took up the study of textbooks on Orthodoxy. MP concluded: "In the manual from the 2nd to the 11th class under the guise of the history and culture of the children impose orthodox religion."

— Must comply with constitutional rights. What is the announcement by the Governor of Belgorod region: "The lesson should begin with a prayer?" Yes, I'm sorry, pray. Why is my child at Your command must pray?

— Why local authorities conducted a survey of public opinion? Why plan to teach Orthodox culture by reducing the hours of the main subjects of the school program? With these questions, several members of the regional legislature intend to appeal to the prosecutor and the court. In the regional prosecutor's office has already received the first complaint from a former teacher. He believes that the compulsory study of Orthodoxy in schools unconstitutional and puts an end to secular education.

From the response of senior assistant prosecutor Belgorod region: "If there is not a culture taught to Orthodoxy, and will be taught religion, or the law of God, the prosecutor's office will take appropriate measures prosecutor's response."

You have observed another classic substitution of concepts.For centuries the Russian people remember that they are Orthodox. The word "Orthodoxy"Derives from the words"Rightly famous"That is, Russian gods, and not Christ, Moses, or Jehovah. Christian priests stole the term "orthodoxy" and use it as a wolf sheep's clothing. Exactly the same happened with the substitution of the term "communism", who now hates most people involved in democracy. It is worth noting that Jesus himself has to Christianity very distant relationship. His true followers killed, as well as our wise men, aristocrats and the best soldiers. But there is no sturgeon second freshness. It either fresh or rotten.

Attention to the most expensive product in our universe. For what is neglected, continues to exist. Ability to manage other people's attention leads to profit. Today the focus in our social body controlled by the player owning the media. There is the open-end, and there is — the hidden, so overwhelming. The more we learn to manage their own care, using common sense, the sooner we will have the opportunity to become a cause of their lives.

Father Alexander —The head of the Orthodox Church of Ancient Slavs — Staroverov: -"Now draw and write:" Verily true and correct structure of the Earth. " "Flat Earth rests on three elephants, which stand on a turtle, and the turtle swims in boundless ocean."

Listeners say: "Why, land — a round?" — Do not interrupt, write: "Flat Earth is the essence — flat judgment of a man who thinks in categories of two-dimensionally" Yes "or" No ". Every person living in the world learns from one of three elephants. Athree elephantsa symbol trehmiriya, trehtochiya, trehmirovozzreniya:materialism, idealism and transcendentalismor, as it is called, — mysticism.The basis of materialismmatterThe basis of idealismideathoughtThe basis of Transcendentalism — Materialized idea, that is,word.But these elephants that are taught from a turtle. ButTurtle is the world outlook — YUDZHIZM.It receives information from the ocean of limitless knowledge and absolute truth. And the basis — energy. So, what is thematter? This densely concentrated energy in its various manifestations.What isthe idea? Information is power structure.What isword? Vibration is energy. "

Nicholas Luchkov —slovoved:— "We have, however, an internal translator who verbal symbols, audio, speech and writing translates the signals into a language of images that no longer belongs to the mind than the mind. I do believe that the mind operates with symbols and images of the mind operates. "

It is believed that mathematics — the mother of sciences. This judgment is quite true, but only in the region of the mind. In the mind reigns image. Our ancestors: X'Aryans, D'Aryans Svyatoruss and Russenia and arithmetic was shaped, and therefore understandable.

Father Alexander —The head of the Orthodox Church of Ancient Slavs — Staroverov: — "We are beginning to study mathematics with a fourth-year seminary, and before beginning to study X'Aryan arithmetic. A look at a few of the principles'Aryan multiplication. I always ask people the question, "Thriceseven — is how much? "For some reason everyone say," Twenty-one. " But thenthree onseven? Multiplication "in", that is, on the surface, on the plane — it's a two-dimensional multiplication. Multiplication "zhdy" — this is three-dimensional. A multiplication "yu" — temporary volume. In addition there is a structured type of multiplication. Rising multiplication, prismatic, pyramidal, triad. That is, they are different. For example, in the expression "rovnozhdy nine — 729. This means nine structures in the series (both in width and length) and nine rows in height, that is, as it were, in the cube, that is, in the third degree. But our ancestors did not use the power form. They had simply — "rovnozhdy nine — 729." Here, take the dice and made nine, nine, nine.

— And it is generally easier perception of the world?

— Sure. People not to fixate, we say — on numbers. He already sees the images. And our forefathers said not 10 or 12 and said 27 of the planets around the Sun. "End of the world" — three to nine.

— And this is where the matter.

— Yes, for example, Nastya goes to the tale of beyond in the fairy kingdom. Or how (God is only then credited) in trinadesyaty chamber. Many translations of "threeonTen "- as thirty. I always say that, for example, is ten, and the top three rubles — three to ten. Would be thirty? Trinadesyaty is thirteen. Nastya and sends the thirteenth chamber. We have not the 12 signs of the zodiac, and 16 of the Halls. And mark the 13th Abode — Abode Finist it. And she has recovered to where? The ends of the long distances, for his clear Falcon. Farthest distance — it is more than 518 billion miles. And there must also be multiplied by 27. The question is, in what galaxy, she went "hitchhiking"?

By 2006, the planet Earth (Midgard) recorded 6,800 languages.

Nicholas Luchkov —slovoved:— "The issue of unification of languages and the creation of a universally accepted and commonly understood language poses many centuries. Tree languages very branched and gone from their roots. Therefore, the language later, in particular, European languages, they are no longer the language of images, as opposed to the Slavic languages Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian, who retained the imagery. Therefore combine figurative languages with languages character is not possible. It is not even the subject of a certain national pride, it is the subject of economic expansion, which takes place in all directions. Did not think that it can be done in some other way than through the English language. And this is a dead end. You can not build out of the language, which is a wholly sostavlennymiz character of the fragments, fragments of other people, other languages, I'm talking about the English language. For me as a professional it is completely confusing concept. So my suggestion is to use the languages after all, who retained the imagery less gone from the trunk of the tree of knowledge are gone, and this is the direction to try. For those publications that are now appearing on the books can be assumed that this process is just such popular way partisan. And the expectation is such that this is finished. "

Vedas are learned through the living Word, for tokmo living word reveals the meaning hidden in the Vedas.


Slavs and Aryans worshiped their gods for billions of years. They have never stood in front of them on their knees, never to slavishly not bend your back, never been kissed the hands of the priests. They always felt a natural affinity with them, for tightly connected by a single race. Ancestors left us descendants, a great value — the language of faith, wisdom Recom Asami. Word — it's not just a symbol, appointed by agreement. The word "word" is a divine act of creation — all spaces are creative. To all the Slavic-Aryan world regained its spiritual power, to clear from falsehood his sacred foundation — Russian word. That's what really begins right education.

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