We are talking about large-scale ethnic clashes

In Moscow today, the Company adopted enhanced security measures in anticipation of possible clashes between the ethnic communities and nationalist youth. Under heavy guard was taken Manezh Square, the central area of the metro station and the Kiev railway station, where mornings were the acquisition of the OMON officers and Interior Ministry troops.

During the day there were about a thousand people were detained during the protest radical youth, in some cold and withdrawn traumatic weapons.

This is not the first inter-ethnic clashes this week. December 11 at the Manege Square in Moscow, more than 30 people were injured in clashes between police and participants of a rally nationalist youths in connection with the murder of a football fan.

Details of the situation in Moscow has shared our correspondent Victor Dyatlikovich.

Znatkevich: As far as current events people in Moscow, Russia evaluate how limited subculture of football hooligans, or it has spread to the political stream nationalists, or generally regarded as a full-scale ethnic conflict?

Dyatlikovich: As part of the subculture of football fans this conflict held the first two or three days after the murder of football fan. But when the events took place already on Manezh Square, it has taken a wide scale. And now we are talking about large-scale ethnic clashes, which involved not only the fans. I mark that there is a minority of them. So I think that it should be treated as a national conflict, not only in Moscow, but as far as I know, these events took place on a smaller scale and in St. Petersburg, there are also tensions in those Russian regions close to the Caucasian republics, as Stavropol. There are now taking strong security measures, police moved into a state of readiness.

Znatkevich: Does the police managed to discover some of the organizers of these encounters?

Dyatlikovich: Right now, I think the police is acting solely on the events. She is on all the squares in Moscow. If somewhere there are any clashes, the police immediately detains those who participate in them. I do not think it can determine who organized these people who came to the area. The situation is a little strange — all of Moscow and all web diaspora groups the last two days alone, and said that they are opposed to having to go to this area. And if listened to them, neither one person in this area would not. However, for the information, that is, tonight in this area has gathered several thousand people. You can say that about a thousand of them were detained. And there is evidence that such fights are taking place in other areas.

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