Weapon of genocide begin ban throughout Russia

So far — only at night. Sales ban will take effect — in Russia in the new year, and in Moscow this summer. The initiators of this step are sure he will improve citizens and reduce the number of crimes committed in an alcoholic haze. Statute of limitations selling beer supported even brewers.

Go dry at night for spirits has already borne fruit. In Moscow, for example, the number of alcohol poisoning declined by 10 percent. Fight, figuring someone who respects, too, have become much less frequent. But for the addition of all the running around actively. And physicians are very concerned about this.

Sergei flights, physician:"When a person has received any dose of alcohol, there is a desire to increase it, runs for a beer than causing irreparable harm to themselves throughout the body. And the brain and liver, and kidneys. "

Reportcorrespondent of Channel Ekaterina Ivanova


Our comment: really, what to measure degrees, when all the weapons of genocide and it kills people. What turns people into vegetables, devoid of all reason and consciousness, has to go back in time. Gradually this way will still be passed. Dawn is near.

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