Web — Resources-independent media are beginning to recover from the attack burglars

Internet - resources independent media are beginning to recover from attacks by hackersDecember 4, throughout the day or, websites-independent media outlets were attacked burglars after are only at the moment the victim of attacks began in part to renew their work. After 9:00 pm Moscow time normally earned websites magazines "Big City" and "Echo of Moscow". Unfortunately, Web sites, magazines «Slon.Ru» and «The New Times» Now hitherto not available, including the Web site of the newspaper "Komersant."

The problems associated with disruptions in the above websites began on December 4, early in the morning. Representatives of some Web — resources for day or made a statement of DDoS-attacks, the radio station "Echo of Moscow" in the face, head editor Alexei Venediktov, drew parallels between the attacks on the website and taking place at the time of the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Due to these conjectures, he planned to file a complaint to the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation Prosecutor General's Office, the security service company "Gazprom" and the department "K" of the Interior Ministry.

As well, other than these web sites, hacker attacks suffered recognizable blogging service LiveJournal. Within a few hours, he was not available, but in three hours Moscow time regained his job.

Election of the sixth convocation at the Municipal Duma ended at 21:00. According to data provided by the exit polls, the parliament went 4 games: 48.5 percent — "One Our homeland"; 19.8 percent — the Communist Party, 12.8 percent — "Fair Our homeland"; 11.42 percent — the Liberal Democratic Party. The remaining participating in the elections, the three parties have not typed, and 5 percent, a favorite among them is party "Apple", scored 4.17 percent.

These exit polls conducted polls — the All-Russian Research Center public opinion. The survey involved more than 250,000 people. 23.75 per cent of them have refused to answer questions. According to official figures provided by the Central Election Commission, the national average of, the election turnout was 50.4 percent.

Presumably, December 4, at 22:30, the CEC will publish official data of the results of voting.

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