What you need to know the history of his family

What you need to know the history of his familyIn the last decade to the genealogy drawn more and more people. This interest is literally massive. In different cities are pedigrees societies and associations. Genealogy by scientists and children. Organizing scientific symposia, conferences, and seminars. Why do we study the history of his race? — B To learn and not repeat the mistakes of their ancestors. After all, in life all over again … To be proud of the glory of their ancestors. Not to think that we were here, and we are the best, but not to us what was not. To better know yourself.
Here are the main problems genealogy:
1. Knowledge of the glory of their ancestors are educational in nature.
2. This knowledge is constantly linked with thoughts of honor.
3. Genealogy teaches virtues, makes seek fame.
4. Accumulates in honor of those names and homes
in which the glory of the heir to the heir, from generation to generation passes.

5. Genealogy should protect the stability of confidence and wealth.
Do not know the history of a kind — a sign of low culture. More AS Pushkin wrote that "the lack of respect for ancestors is the first sign of savagery and immorality." The very expression "Ivan, oblivious relationship" means a person empty and worthless. And as a tree with a rotten core is on shaky ground, as well, and the family that has lost its ancestral memory, ancestral identity — is close to eradication.
Now not many people know the history of his family, of sorts. Unfortunately, the kind of feeling subsided. Or we just do not want to know about their ancestors did? But, apparently, there's just different. Fire break the revolution of 1917 dramatically changed the state ideology. The school was given the task to justify the need of a perfect Bolshevik revolution: first overthrow the king, and then the interim government. Therefore, in books and textbooks written, mostly about how bad it was before the revolution and became good after it. Together with estates destroyed and their memory. Between fathers and children artificially created controversy — spiritual, moral, and ideological. The younger generation was not proud of the ancestors, and "understand" the insignificance of their goals and vital interests. All the past was outdated, obsolete, rotten and not fit. Think of the "International", "whole world of violence we will destroy to the ground, and then we ours, we construct a new world …". Only unlikely the debris can build something worthwhile. history tells us it poakazala. And to break than to build. Build much more complicated and takes more time.
Between generations of individual families and genera, between the relation of time, between the past and the future, contemporaries and ancestors was driven a wedge, a stake revolution. Was committed the worst betrayal that possible. Was devoted to the history, roots betrayed, betrayed that gave life to the country that shaped her. It was like as if the child is a devoted mother. The same way and had betrayed the revolution Russia. Nepotism, deliberately destroying the family tradition. It was natural to relaxed and generic sense, that is, broken foundation of the family, which was looking for support in the tradition, history. Gospel commandments, linking hundreds of generations, have been declared opium of the people. Modern decline of the family, morality, fertility is just a consequence of this policy.
In Tsarist Russia, as in any other country, traditional, people living on their own land intact for centuries. In order to "build" a new society, it was necessary to break the link between people with the land and with each other, ie, destroy tribal identity. This has been achieved by the following means:
Forced removal of people from place to place, no matter where, as long as away from home. "Ordered him to the west, it the other way …" The civil war is long over, and the order is still in effect.
Repression, which often go on leave. This has led to numerous failures of their immediate families.
Collectivization is in many ways the best people forced removal from their land.
Huge damage generic consciousness brought two World War decimated the best people and causing mass migration from the occupied territories. Surviving migrants do not always return to their land and ancestral ties were broken. Under Khrushchev enormous damage inflicted policy unpromising villages and control farms. Providing examples can continue every thinking person.
Is it possible now to restore the generic sense? After mechanical reconstruction of the tree kind — it is not the restoration of spiritual unity. Rhode then has a root, he spiritualized. But how? It is both easy and difficult. It will not require material costs, but will require much stress the moral and spiritual strength, strength of mind. For this to work, you need to work hard to get the soul, one must understand the purpose of human race on earth, to find the meaning of life kind. And under such conditions, the study of labor history — is only the first step to spiritual unity.
Make an attempt to understand the kind of philosophy, to build a list of genealogical terms, to give them an explanation and determination to build on them, you can seriously consider the results of their research in the field of genealogy. They are necessary for a serious analysis of the life and work of all kinds. In each of the definitions must necessarily think about it and project it to the history of his family, on your own tasks.
Beginning kind
Each clan has its beginning and its end. Ancestor, we believe that presentation, which define the first signs of labor idea. Although we tend to think that every idea needs "incubation" period, bearing it, creating favorable conditions for the emergence and therefore believe that the work on the realization of the idea of family begins long before it appeared in the ancestor of shape, that is, it involved all of the previous generation family. That's why we reveal all members of the family and those who gave birth to the ancestor. End of its kind in the genealogy is complete reversal of the genus of generic ideas, this idea of betrayal and not to transfer it to another member of the hereditary kind, in domestic terms shall be considered as the end of the physical death of the last of its representative.
The idea sort of
Category, which distinguishes this genus from the other kind. The idea of every kind of preordained over. It is the meaning of his existence. It gets translated into time and again manifested involuntary aspirations of individual members of the genus or species as a whole. The idea can exist and be considered only as a part of the idea of nation.
Splash kind
It would seem, on the background of the silent, life extinct genus obvious manifestation of the idea of a particular activity is rarely seen. In history there are few examples to this or that kind could ever live permanently active, stressful life. As the history of childbirth, in each generation there are those in which the main idea is not to show, and they kind of like a rest. Even in the blessed birth of Rurik and Romanov we see in some of their representatives periods of unusual activity and periods of decline.
The decline of the kind
Temporary withdrawal of one or more members of the genus of the idea leads to a decline in kind. The decline of the kind can have different degrees away from the idea. Lead to the demise of both objective and subjective reasons.
Kind of value in certain periods
Manifested mainly in a stable family and life at critical moments for the state, though not always. Sometimes, we can consider it as a prolonged surge. History states consists mainly of descriptions of bursts of individual members of the majority of the clan or nation. But in these times the value of each type varies considerably.
Flowering kind
The period of the fullest realization of the idea of life-family, typical of his individual or multiple representatives. Unknowingly, many snobs refer to the flowering kind of material prosperity and prosperity in society.
Life-historical expression family history
Concrete manifestation of the idea of nature could be expressed in relation to a life of its own kind, and in relation to the state, all of humanity.
The historical task of the genus
The fate of the cross type specified above, and intelligent members of the genus, and consciously adopted by them and embodied by the whole course of life. For several generations, originally placed in front of the same tasks, but each generation must solve their own way.
Entilehiya kind
Kind of special organs, manifest in the form of gifts (talents) of individual members of the genus (spiritual, mental, creative, strong-willed).
Family life cycle
Life kind in terms of the idea of non-uniform. Sometimes the idea may appear very bright, sometimes leveled, and sometimes get lost among the kind of minor tasks. Sometimes, the latter may take precedence of certain members of the family.
The role of the cycles in the manifestation of the idea of family
With deliberate approach to the idea of sort of his representatives are close to its embodiment, if ignored, this idea — are removed. Ensure cycle of life kind. Make her schedule. Please note that there are no cycles in this any laws.
Period of kind of inertia
During periods of decline kind, apparently, he can finally die, but life goes generation, second, and the idea of re-play is being kind. Not realize the idea race could die, and only to breed to a stop.
Kind of life energy and its manifestations
Potential kind originally founded with his birth and constantly reinforced by the vital forces of other branches merge the branches of one kind to another. Kind of life energy can increase, diminish, drying out, and can serve as a detonator to explode generic ideas.
Augmenting the vitality
The process of storing energy are controlled, it is most often achieved by the influx of good blood, and sometimes willful process. In the past, older people intuitively guide the process when Brokage children, the selection of the bride and groom each other. Needless to be here to exaggerate the role of material interests. The focus of the most frequently staged with tribal interests.
Periods of birth resistant offspring
This, of course, during periods of life, and especially flourishing race, but they may occur even after seemingly complete extinction of the genus in the implementation of vital tasks, but adequate flow of blood. And then there can come a new kind of splash, though with a new generic idea.
Branch of the family and their manifestation in the tribal ideas
Shoots family tree not to the same extent, are active in the manifestation of generic ideas. The task of the least weak — to support the vital energy of branches that can implement the idea of family, and sometimes they are facing the most primitive task — not to discredit the idea of race.
Growth conditions ancestral branches
Most often, a new generic branch appears when the former age, the idea is implemented and old nothing to live for. New generic branch is most often a young runaway. It happens, however, when in the family at the same time developing a few shoots.
The emergence of new generic ideas and new historical tasks
If the former tribal idea was not only to race, but also of great importance for humanity, it is rare new idea can any closer in meaning to the first. Although there were so many times when the accumulated vital energy kind enough for two or three generations, personified as a new generic idea. But if we look closely, it basically it was still the old tribal development ideas at a high level.
Members of the genus that best expressed their historical meaning kind
In analyzing the generic idea of a family we will note that the idea found a way in the identification of the kind, even though it worked for the whole race. That apart, these native accents and allow us to determine its main idea.
Kind of growth law
Law of growth seen in the kind of life and its direction Wuxi s individual members to perform basic labor tasks. As we said, the first fruits of labor ideas laid in the members of the "vnerodovyh" generations, and ancestor — just accumulate and can be expressed in full force, so not the case but said that he was a representative of the kind of threw the idea. Rod lived for this, saved energy, strength, increase them, and perhaps felt for her foundation. Along with the improvement of ways to implement the generic idea Sauveur imperfect race itself. Height generic ideas can be judged on the height of spiritual kind.
Ages kind
Every race is a certain age milestones which are ryh bursts in life kind. Race is born, is the period of infancy, adolescence, adulthood, old age, decrepitude and death. In addition to the milestone age is the age of each kind — is the term that is released clan to perform its task, the implementation of generic ideas. Ages do not equal and not equal. For some genera is several hundred years old, others are limited to one — two centuries. Similarly, the periods of infancy, youth, old age, every kind of different. These periods are able to time from decades to centuries.
Freedom of expression kind
It is the responsibility of each member in front of his family born in the implementation of ideas, is the freedom of choice of the way in showing whether or not the manifestation of the will and the desire to participate with his native in solving a problem. This kind of freedom, which exceeds the power of his creative freedom of the individual member of society.
The relation of life and the lives of individual kinds of the genus
Every person from birth has a vital task, his cross. And every person before the Court to answer for the way he carried the cross. But everyone can not be considered independently of the genus, which have a more significant problem for the story. And here is where the person is responsible not only for the birth, but also to those who are given to this cross.
Periods of spiritual power in the lives of members of the genus
As a result of the fact that members of the genus are constantly moving away from the image of God, and do not think over the idea of family, our relationship to it constantly needs to be adjusted. But even with the very idea of our forgetfulness kind and will surely remind you know about yourself. And then someone in a certain period of the representatives will be given the opportunity to bring their family to the path corresponding to the original plan. This is where it would have to exercise maximum effort and catch up, spiritually and strain on those corners to make a choice to say either "yes" or "no" to the higher of its decision. This is what happens in the life of an individual, the norm is immeasurably more responsible these key points in the life of a family. And then kind of free to say "no" to his own idea and pull out from the source of life itself.
Today, in our opinion, this is the time. And you and I are responsible for the fate of their own kind. We were watching our descendants, as we perform the task entrusted to us. Today on the graph of life of our family did not even anchor point, and the critical, crucial.
Key points in the life of the genus
Critical points zoom in or kind of generic ideas. Critical moments in the life of the race, when you need to make a decision. Moments adjustments ideas kind requiring spiritual tension in the life of the genus.
The source of life kind
Energy pulse, laid over in the ancestor (and in fact, before that, in the family, which quietly matured, swell, crepe, accumulated, and for which the race has been a breeding ground and spilled out into the members of the genus, called the ancestor). Transmitted genetically, through education, training, culture, other members of the genus.
Use provided the opportunity to realize the idea of kind
Each generation leniyu in one way or another given the opportunity to realize the idea of race, but on the individual members of its special responsibility falls. Sometimes it can be the same as for representatives of many genera, of all people, that is, for a whole generation. Very often, the genera are not ready for this, and they must show character to overcome himself, to catch up to do the job. At these moments, there is a particular responsibility to the race. Generation, withdrawn into himself, often misses the opportunity and then how would condemn race to extinction.
Life is kind of like a
The constant presence of the idea generation to generation, each individual house and their focus on the idea. This sense of the past generation and a sense of vision for their future. This self-awareness element continuum, but a special link with the idea, which is a particle obscherodovoy ideas.
The immediate aim of life of the race
Suggests checking with the general idea of race and adjust the direction of the current generation. For anyone who has not felt such an idea, it is the immediate goal.
The dynamics of the kind
Schedule, a description of the manifestations of the vital energy in the sequence kind of wavelets, a prosperous period of decline relative to the implementation of generic ideas and problem type. Nodal points race.
Structure and form of the genus
By identifying the content (in the name of individual state) kind of generic patterns ideas in every generation, the ratio of life of the race and individual members, identifying branches, loops family life and many other parameters, we can talk to you about the structure and form of the genus. Of course, give a similar response without skill is hard, but you can help a well-designed family tree and family history studied. Take, for example, represents the parameters to describe a kind of Prince Golitsyn KN:
"Looking easily detect simple" drawing "ancestry painting, making it look like a tree trunk, stripped of branches, but with a magnificent crown. Each of the four generations prior to my father's generation, only one representative of the kind was his successor. Unremarkable in itself randomness of births, deaths and marriages, gave no male offspring, have significantly limited range of family relationships. We have a lot of family member (or rather — edinorodtsev on two other lines Golitsyn), but few distant relatives. All of us — the children of one generation — lots of cousins, second cousins, but not at all the brothers and sisters and only one chetveroyurodnaya sister … grandfather of four sons, Michael's only my grandfather Vladimir became the progenitor of numerous offspring … "
Generic self-
This kind of constant study of life and its parameters: the vital task of the laws of growth, form and structure type, etc. — And to relate their own activities with the idea of race. In fact, all our activity is primarily focused on generic self.
Qualitative completeness kind
Category that expresses the relationship between race and relatives, between the idea of a single representative of the genus and the idea of race. Under the kind of high-quality full understood the absolute priority of ideas, sort tasks to relatives and separate generations.
Closure generation within itself
The disease, which is characteristic of our time — bezpamyatnost. People affected by it, the modern writer named mankurts in Russian phraseology they are called "Ivana, not their roots", "rolling stone." Her that it is pride and exaggeration own merits to his ancestors. Such disease can lead to death of the generic ideas and kind, like maybe this representative was necessary to make every effort to implement this idea. Or maybe he's just opposed to the idea.
Want to finish this article to the Austrian writer Gustav Meyrink:
"It is not by chance, and not just to be witty man named series of generations their ancestral family tree. It really is — the trunk of the tree, which, after a long winter sleep, each time putting on all the new leaves, sprouts in the image of old … And every day, the young branches of an old tree vzbuhali new buds, new and yet ancient, as assigned by nature family tree love and blood merged into a single indivisible concept … "

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