When fair election second round is inevitable

Society Is a second round of presidential elections? Independent sociologists have answered this question in the affirmative. According to the survey conducted under the auspices of the International Centre for Sociological and Marketing Research SOCIUM 1 to December 10, 2010, Alexander Lukashenko can not win in the first round. For him, voted 35.2% of those surveyed voters. 18.4% — for Vladimir Neklyaeva, 9.9% — for Andrei Sannikov, for others — less. What they say on the second round of the headquarters?

At the headquarters of Andrei Sannikov prepared for such an eventuality at once. Head of Staff Vladimir Kobets:

"At first, Andrei Sannikov and the other candidates have been told that one can not win in the first round in the presence of such a large number of candidates. This world experience. When five or more candidates — then automatically the second round. We went with that and that this rating is not the head of state above 30% with something, and we take the second round normally, Sannikov prepared for it. So, if they say that the victory in the first round, so there have been rigged. "

Vladimir Kobets convinced that if Andrei Sannikov, who he is, will be released in the second round, it would mean that in the end the candidate wins.

According to another presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk Not only SOCIUM, but other social scientists talk about the second round as inevitable, but on condition that the elections will be fair.

"Sociologists are fair, objective, says so, but Lukashenka's sociology says otherwise. But there will be a second round or not, decide not really sociology, not polls, and solve the people who will be at the Plaza."

Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that in the case of the second round on the democratic candidate will work the majority of candidates' headquarters.

In the 1994 presidential election for the first time and only time in Belarus, a second round. Then Alexander Lukashenko won Vyacheslav Kebich. After 16 and a half years Vyacheslav Kebich says the area in Belarus is impossible. "This area of the Belarusian history was only once — in the early 1990s, when prices were released. Then took to the streets of Minsk at least 100,000 people. Now to such mass protests lack social and political reasons" — so said the former prime minister December 9 BelTA.

A team ready to Vladimir Neklyaeva before the second round, and see what there company between the first and second rounds? Sergei Wozniak, confidant of Vladimir Neklyaeva says:

"In the second round, Lukashenko will lose any of the contenders.'s Why he does not go to the second round. And if he will appoint, I believe, the CEC must take additional solutions: on placement programs, new appearances on television and radio debates. Additional funds must select candidates . to do so. "

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