White Wolf

At sea, on the ocean, on the island of Buyan, in a hollow glade moon shine on Osinov tree stump in forest green, the wide long. Around the stump goes shaggy wolf, the teeth had all horned cattle, and timber wolf does not come, but in the long wolf does not ferment. Month, month — the Golden Horn! MELT bullets blunt the knives, cudgels izmochal, unleash terror on the animal, human and reptile, so they did not take the gray wolf, warm skin with it did not fight. My word is hard, sleep tight and herculean strength.

Russian conspiracy

Word about Vseslav Polotsk

Stood on vzgorke huge white wolf staring at army Mstislav Izyaslavova son, who came with a burning vengeance heart, the evil these men have come to want to destroy his land, people want to destroy, they seek to kill him. That will not happen — for his head came, but did not find it to them: that people lived and to remain free of Polotsk land disappears Prince Vseslav and went out and brought him those who had put him to death cruel.

In the shirt was born, life was wearing that shirt to himself — for luck, but something goes past it.

Not only the gate of the Holy Land and then Russian raids ruin the glorious fatherland, but their rebel brother against brother, fighting for the throne.

Blame it Vseslav, almost forcibly put him on the throne of Kiev? A heart's darling Krivsky land remembers native fields, but the forest, but in a corner of the lake harbors and whines about the house.

How much blood shed in the Russian land! And his, Aryan, amazing, is not anyone's similar — from ancient Hyperboreans overfishing in the veins present rusichej — and chuzhinskoy, filthy, stinking so that the dogs do not lick it — bitter.

But not yet been born who will make slaves of the Slavs. Break swords, axes caught, axes will split, with his bare hands, teeth will fight. And as if no other salvation, fellow Russian hits the ground, but will result in either a wolf or a bird or other animal which, but will throw a new army to collect.

And Vseslav — white wolf turned and disappeared.

Anything called him, said a lot of things, but that they did not know that salvation for Holy Rus prince not only appeared, but the wolf — and there is nothing shameful or wrong: if he was put in charge to lead his people and take care of it and will cherish.

White Volh

Who say that Volh — is Oleg the Wise, Prince of Kiev (from the verb vedati — «Know": Ukr. Vischun — "wolf-werewolf", etc. — chesh.vedi — "wolf-werewolves", a word. Vedomci, vedunci , vedarci — «werewolves"). Others swear it — Vseslav Polotsk (the second half of the 11th century.) That "… the princes of ryadil, and the wolf prowling at night … great Kherson (Hors-sun) wolf pereryskival way …" (Lay) ……

Who was — only he knows who was. Bayali even if it were — Serpent Fire Wolf, who was born a man, but "a shirt" or "wolf fur." And because they can not only do a beast or a bird to turn around, but the whole squad, their turnover. Fast lope reach the site of the battle, again take human shape and smash chuzhintsev one of them.

White Wolf, White Tsarik — not just wolves, but by the power of the mighty owns. It is the king of the wolves, and to all the inhabitants of the forest, the host animals.

He drives a wolf pack on the hunt, but never touch the person. And if the king did not touch the man, and no animal will not touch.

But white people can kill a wolf — that luck was that the power was transferred to a secret killer. And the skin of a wolf kept as a talisman, and so powerful was the force that the one who obtained the skin of a white wolf, get on the strength of that. Yes, it is never for long, and then had a long family pay for the killing of the king of the forest.

Rusichi — come from Hyperborea

Had gone so mysterious Hyperborea. But people were Hyperborean, separated by great expanses of the earth, and became known as Rusichi. That's just the blood in their veins are not the same as that at all.

Now define a purebred Russian very unusual composition of blood. First, it is always only the first group (peculiar Aryans). Second, in the blood of a 9-th chromosome pair, and in it — no one else find the "shoulder" with a unique genome. Hyperborean, Aryan, Slavic gene.

If rusichi purity of blood did not save it, and knew other people, those blood mutates and is never the first group. And if it is, then without Aryan "leverage."

Mutated "leverage" for the time difficult, the hardest century.

But instead of people born in the land, a lot of which may of things that the average person and it never comes up. In those years, was born (but the mystery of his birth still not solved), the great magician and the magician Merlin, King Arthur's advisor.

Descendants Hyperboreans — Rusichi — can only animal to turn around, but flying without wings, strong men were great and mighty works as usual, as we habitually live without miracles.

Natalia Rajko

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