Why do we lie, talking about sex?



For decades, the society supported the stereotype that men are much more sexual partners than women. However, in 2003. in a scientific journal published an article that described an interesting experiment: the study participants passed a lie detector test, said the number of intimate partners, and for both sexes, the figures were on average equal.


At the same time, women were lying when they thought they could hide it, because they were afraid of condemnation in promiscuous.

Despite the fact that in today's society, many stereotypes are extinguished, the recent studies increasingly suggest that both men and women still feel the pressure of gender issues when it comes to sex.

About 300 college students participated in the survey through questionnaires, which included questions about 124 different kinds of behavior. Thus, we have identified the most characteristic features of the behavior of men and women: men, for example, more than women, tend to wear clothes and let go stale dirty jokes, etc. After questioning some students were connected to the polygraph, but they were not informed that he was disabled.

Regarding matters not talking about sex, the students did not feel any pressure, and boldly answered questions related to gender roles. For example, many of the girls admitted that doing strength training with dumbbells. But in matters of sex behavior change.

"There is something unique about sexuality that makes people care more about the stereotypes concerning their sex," said study author Terri Fisher, a professor of psychology, Ohio. The number of sexual partners for men was reduced during a polygraph examination, and women on the contrary increased. The majority of participants in the experiment were different answers depending on whether they should tell the truth.

It turned out that sexuality — the only area where men and women are worried that they could not meet the statistical average of the same sex. Historically, fixed behaviors idealized image of a man having multiple partners, which confirms his strength and health, and a woman, in turn, on the contrary, should have a few partners, which speaks of her modesty and honesty.


S. Vasilenko

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