Why in the old days were buried in mounds?

As in the case of the other wonders of the world, a simple answer to the question as to why the graves were elected two-stage form of pyramids or created just large earthen mounds, impossible.

Izdrevne Russ believed that the path of the soul to the other world is long and dangerous.

It was believed that human souls, and the souls of animals and birds will get to the "other world."

Probably the first soul had to wander in the underworld, there wade through dark forests and grasslands, where the "riotous winds provevayut", "What's there not to stupistyh loshadushkah, there is no passage in the dense dark woods."

Real people, too, sometimes could fall into another world through wells, pits.

This world of the dead called Nav. Some of the souls that came to life when wrong, could go higher.

The soul of the man who lived in truth, was flying on, as they say, "for Gorushko for high", "a cloud of walking", "to the warm sunshine, the glorious month," where there is a light in the heights Iriy.

Mound in the shape of the mountain is just meant to help the soul to rise, to reach higher and get into Iriy.

Two stage like mounds are illyustatsiey that in another world, there are two "steps" — Nav and Iriy.

The deceased was buried with his basic things. Probably, this was not for these things he used to "the other world", because it was thought that things could not take with them — in the next world, they may have become rotten.

But it was forbidden to keep a share of the deceased, or he could return her to the world of the living and take it. Relatives, for example, could put the dead all his money, saying we do not need you to stay.

The place chosen for barrows special: as a rule, by the river, symbolizing the river currant, through which the soul is Kalinov Most passed into the other world, and as a rule, the place should have a special power: now the places we call geopathogenic zones, they are unfavorable for the people but considered the crossroads of the worlds.

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