Wild barbarians? People are second-class citizens? Almost animals?

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Patriarch Kirill, in an interview on Russia: "… In a sense, we the Church of Cyril and Methodius. They went out of enlightened Greco-Roman world and went to preach the Slavs. And just who were the Slavs? Are barbarians, people who speak a foreign language, it is inferior, it is almost animals. And so it went to the enlightened men who brought them the light of Christ's truth and do something very important — they have to talk to these barbarians in their language, they created the Slavic alphabet, Slavic grammar and translated into the language the word of God. " Source.

Maybe someone from our lawyers will try to attract fellow Gundyaeva 282nd under the Criminal Code? After the citation completely falls under: "Actions to inciting hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of a person or group of persons based on gender, paces, nationality, language, origin, religion, or membership in a social group, committed in public or through the media'

We make a short excursion into prehistory. In very prehistory. However, if we talk about the Russian — all that was in them until the Baptism of Russia — all of prehistory. As documented sources not currently exist, except for rare artifacts. All pagan diligently destroyed — and the impression of some such happened that no history, before the advent of Christianity in our Russian territory was not. Slavs, they say, somewhere somehow originated from somewhere came out of nowhere and ran hand in leather forest with sticks-diggers. Animals, they say. And that suits many.
Example from one small archaeological surveys:


25 thousand years ago, our ancestors dressed this way. Think for you — 25 thousand years ago. When there was no personal Greco-Roman and Hindu-Babylonian. But it is known that at that time, thence Negro tribes literally sat on the palms and ate dates, spitting down bone. Ie — Were natural troglodytes. But now we are told though, would have brought culture to the north from the south.

A reconstruction of leather and fur lined beads found on the skeleton in the grave near the town of Vladimir, p. Sunghir in 1955 Average our ancestors dressed, stylish, even by today's glamorous times. Finding random — they dug a pit for the plant. There is also found in a similar burial clothes and "parking".

Curiously, the spear, in the grave is rectified and processed mammoth tusk. How and what technologies ancestors could straighten tusks — a puzzle.

The reconstructed house looked like this:

What's interesting — all these artifacts are in the public domain in the museums and read them everyone can. If desired.

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