Winter continues to show his stern disposition in Europe

Powerful punch weather experienced by the residents of Spain, said first channel. Once in seven provinces of the country declared a state of emergency. The sharp drop in temperature in the northern regions is accompanied by heavy snowfall and gusty winds. A storm is raging on the coast. Meanwhile, the southern areas liable to flooding — it is already the third day, not heavy rains subside.

And in Germany, after the rain hit the cold — the road turned into one big ice rink. Dramatically increased the number of accidents, injured dozens.

Winter showed its stern character and Ireland. There's more than 15,000 passengers stranded at Dublin Airport. On the runway — drifts, harvesting of which has neither equipment nor reagents.

Non-flying weather and the Ukraine. Thick fog caused the closure of several airports, including Kiev and Odessa. Canceled dozens of flights.

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