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Intelligence against bigotryIsraeli defense industry makes new tools to fight terrorism

For many decades, Israel has been fighting with the enemy, and constantly using the perfection of the strategy and the strategy of small guerrilla war, sabotage and terrorism, coupled with political and propaganda pressure on the international public opinion. In October last year I had the opportunity to visit the Jewish state and learn about the latest defense of his established to prevent and combat the shares extremists.

But let's start with a story about the research activities of the Institute for State Security (IINB), located in the town of Herzliya. This is a private organization that created the type of American analytical company "Rand Corporation", including performing and orders of the U.S. government on a possible miscalculation of the military-political situation in the world, both global and local character.

IINB engaged in the decision about the same problems, but by non-state jobs, the main Israeli companies that are going to invest their capital in projects in areas of problem regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America. So, it is not so long ago IINB spent long seminar for employees of one international security firm that got the contract to protect the objects of transnational mining company in Kenya. The fact that these facilities are located in areas of the country where there are local tribal gangs. The Institute investigated the ability to counter them effectively.

At this point in the world in general is great demand for the services of private military companies (PMCs), which have their own armed forces, staffed by former military commandos and elite combat arms, combat experience owning. In Iraq, such PMCs cherish from attacks even objects of the American army, and in remote areas of Africa and Latin America — areas of hydrocarbon production for all international oil companies.

Analysts IINB, receive security experience to work in the security services of Israel, use it now to prepare the security agencies of different countries, taking into account the specificity of places where they have to do. But not only … IINB also gazes over the situation in all the surrounding Arab states to Israel in order to identify emerging threats to military and terrorist nature.

Nanotechnology GO TO EXPLORATION

And now on a visit to Israel Aerospace company — IAI, which is fully owned by the state, although the funds from the budget does not receive a valid and operated as a true subject of market relations. It was formed in the middle of the last century to maintenance and repair of aircraft, the armament of military aviation Israel Defense Forces (IDF), also the creation of new machines for the air force of the country. Evenly, as clusters of expertise and capital IAI developed its research and development and production base, its activities became more and more varied character. Now the company is engaged in the maintenance of operational, maintenance spare parts self-produced not only combat aircraft, and civilian aircraft, while in Israel, and in almost all airlines in Europe and the U.S.. Building a light-speed warships (by the way, the shipyard is located not on the coast, and in the wilderness, in the town of Beersheba, where the finished products being taken out to sea for special transport).

IAI makes and sells worldwide avionics (some species it installed on their Russian-made fighter jets Indians with the permission of the Russian Federation). Israeli satellites — also from this company, it also produces a civilian aircraft "Gulf Stream", which are listed as South American and their marked accordingly. But in fact it is completely Israeli development, the United States it is one hundred percent purchased, leaving all the planes in the creation of Israel, while they themselves are engaged only in their sales in the global market, ensuring its quality. One should not forget about the US-Israeli anti-missile system "Aerrow" ("Arrow"), which was also created in the main team of IAI. At the moment, the company's annual costs of scientific research and technical development are about 1 billion dollars, while the company spends $ 150 million, and the rest give customers. Agreements concluded for 4-5 billion dollars a year, with the Israeli orders make up only 30% of this turnover.

Intelligence against bigotry

All of the major divisions of the company is very secret: in order to get a third party, requires a special permit from the Ministry of Defence. I was only allowed to talk to the office of the 1st of the plants and this is what I found out.

Already in the early 90's, the Israeli army began to be used for exploration in actual combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). First results have been successful, and this trend began to develop intensively. IAI, like other companies, has been receiving orders for the design drones, experimental standards here were tested in combat, good, they never stop, quickly flocked unique experience that interested in the Pentagon and the U.S. military industrial complex by connecting their financial and technical capacity.

Along with this was the development of ground combat robotics, at first for mine, and later as a soldier of the future battlefield, able to explore, to meet the enemy fire and light weapons, leaving camouflaged shelters and ambushes. In this particular work on UAV gave a strong impetus to this area because it is very developed system of communication and control even what kinds of bots also permitted to make new types of actuators that have made a ground-based high-speed boats, mobile and capable in terms of possession of the weapons and perform other actions.

In the office of IAI showed me films in which fighters from virtually hands start small drones, leading videorazvedku terrain and capable enemy with pinpoint accuracy to adjust artogon from the closed position, even if you have to shoot from light portable mortars. I also showed the film, which shows both the remote frontier point is signaled an attempt to cross the border. Here, near the place of infringement of the ambush on a signal from the remote robot travels fast-cart and jumps to the violator. The operator examines the offender's own video screen, and sends the signal to noise or scare him off a grenade or kill shots from the on-board weapons: machine gun or grenade launcher. At the operator sits girl soldiers. A familiarized me with the standards already in the arsenal.

At the moment, the existing robotic systems are in the main in the engineering units of the Israeli army, a secret special forces. And operators to prepare them of recruits who were able to show themselves as successful players in computer games, so keen today's youth.

As the most promising ability of future development of combat bots IAI is considering nanotechnology. I'm funny drawn in communicating this fantastic picture: birds like sparrows and even hummingbirds will fly in the enemy and almost impossible to kill, but videorazvedki puzzles, fire adjustment and guidance they will perform much better than today's drones. Besides, the price of such products will fall sharply. But developments in the application of nanotechnology in robotics currentl
y classified almost more than in the area of nuclear weapons.

I asked the companions of their own, as they relate to the fact that their bots can fall into enemy hands, because the products are already on sale by them to many countries. To this I replied that the export is carried out with caution and very bolshennymi slip of the tongue, but can not rule out the possibility of misses, and such flaw can cost dearly Israeli army. But the opportunity to neutralize their own as bots in the hands of the enemy already worked through the technical level, but so far only in laboratories.

Intelligence against bigotry


The main effort in an experienced military robotics at the moment beginning to focus on the development of something like encompassing teams from different types of boats and purpose, it is has been called a "swarm." The implication is that he will be able to virtually one hundred percent of the combat puzzle to do without man's role, in other words, he must conduct exploration, mining and demining areas, makes a pass in obstacles, engage, pursue the enemy, occupy and defend cleaned up the area occupied by the the main forces. In so doing, it will help intensive aircraft, artillery, tanks and long-range missiles.

In addition to the creation of the bots themselves practiced the accuracy and reliability of communications systems and management, and elements of artificial intelligence, through which a swarm of its main acts would be able to do as they say, on auto-pilot, with no operational role, as even a group of operators vsepolnotsenno unable to manage all the activities in the swarm combat situation. Operators should be in the main view of the work boats, cycling manual control only in the latter cases. For example, it can be useful when stripping populated Fri, bots to not confuse enemy combatant civilians with people.

And the representatives of the Israeli aerospace company proudly told that it apart from its own employees employs a huge number of other people of the Jewish country. Hundreds of microscopic companies with staff of 5 to 20 people are working on the implementation of orders IAI. In most cases, it looks like this: in a small room such as a barn, hangar, garage, and even former apartment on the ground floor of an universal high-precision machining center with electric control. This metal-processing machine capable of dressing actually rebuild on all the details. To this unit is attached to something such as a table canaliculate, are invested in just the manufactured products, and electrical inspector shall inspect their compliance with the requirements of precision touch of their own heads, giving results in certain places. Test results are also displayed on the laptop display, which is run by the controller. Controllers delivers the British company "Renshaw", it inspects them from time to time and adjust, keeps unchanged for the guarantee. Machining center run by one operator turner, electrical inspector usually engaged lady. The work is almost around the clock in shifts.

One of my Israeli friend worked in a shop that made a variety of decorative models of ships, aircraft, etc. as souvenirs. Major orders received by U.S. companies. In the crisis of the order finished, workshop broke. Here it acquired a small building company which has received an order from the IAI at the ready for mounting antennas and video cameras which are installed on the drones. Occupied only 6 employees. They lay in the special forms of polymeric resin composite with the necessary details and put these in the form of small electric furnace. After a while, the product ready. At times, people come to them from the Department of Defense, inspect the observance of technological regimes and do a spot check product properties. These orders are paid very well, but there are also tax benefits.

At the moment, the world is engaged in the development of military bots approximately 40 states — the U.S., Russia, Europe and China to Brazil and Egypt. That clearly indicates what the strategic perspective and important is the direction of military engineering.

Intelligence against bigotry

ROY Bots

In the world emerges subsequent position. In different countries, the main third world increasingly activated terrorist groups of various kinds. At the moment, the biggest, active and unsafe — it is the organization of Islamic extremists, but there are still armed gangs of nationalists, neo-Nazis, leftists and just criminal gangs, put together by tribal or clan-based specialized drug or robbery. All of these bandits use the strategy of guerrilla warfare in the countryside and committing acts of sabotage in the underground cities.

No matter how prepared spices or disposal terrorists, whatever tricks to no recourse, it is still their weapons systems will be either easy, or improvised, makeshift. It can not help recalling the expression of the novel "The Captain's Daughter" by Pushkin that never rioters unable to withstand "the right to resist the weapons." That must be it, "the right weapon" developed. A future swarms of bots — this is what will be the most effective and proper remedy against terrorists. If at this point the military they say that the best weapon against a tank is another tank, it seems that the best weapon against the bot will be different boat. And the terrorists are simply not able to produce their robotic systems, because it requires such funds and such industrial infrastructure that their underground and guerrilla parking will not create. Assume that, for example, "Al-Qaeda" would have an opportunity to buy for their own partisan battle bots complexes, but because they want to control, including through gallakticheskuyu communication, and it's just suppressed stationary army counter means, which the guerrillas in their all have fail. Well, at least some general swarm bots if it got into the wrong hands, can be simply neutralize one signal, because all the cars will be with elements of artificial intelligence, because their basic software option can lay almost on a code of Isaac Asimov: "The robot does not may cause harm to their own creator. " The base software is laid in hardware, in other words it can neither remove nor be reprogrammed because one particular signal will turn the whole swarm bots in worthless pieces of iron.

So Makar, the terrorists will be doomed to make war with the machines own living power that their very demoralizing and undermine their credibility in the middle of the local population.

If military robots equipped army and police units in countries where for whatever reasons, international terrorists have a strong position in the middle of the people, but the ruling elites of these countries are not sympathizing with them, it will raise the morale of the government forces and the very forge gang activity leaders.

Historical military experience indicates that the most difficult to cope with the guerrillas operating in mountainous and forested areas and are from the local population, which serves them suitable medium. Specifically, these criteria and try to be based leaders of international terrorism, so that the relative safety of action t
o prepare their own fighters around the world.

That is why the development of future robotokompleksov should focus on actions in the most difficult, mountainous and forested terrain. Swarms have to go in front of units of special forces in the cramped assistance to them. Such a strategy has already been born and saved a lot of Yankee soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. Later, when will develop nanotechnology, will be using the aircraft, "sow" the forests and mountains with barricaded in their bandits flea beacons that will detect the guerrilla, track their movements, aim and adjust them consuming high-precision instruments well and simply "tag" bandits without giving them the ability to dissolve the midst of the civilian population. And if we can neutralize the "partisan edge" in the wooded mountains, the city and the ability of the terrorist underground sharply fall down. Much less that the current international terrorists are already in effect can not count on the support of Enigma and assistance from any country, as it was during the cool of the war. Throughout already figured out that the bandits, whatever lure, but I still do not know when and to whom they pounce.

Intelligence against bigotry


In Russia is developing military bots, but, in my opinion, there is a very great ability to rapidly expand and strengthen this work. Here is the main issue — funding. A thousand times right was Napoleon when he said that of success in the war needed only three things: money, money and money! I therefore propose that in this respect the experience of Israel. Jewish government constantly fighting off the guerrilla and sabotage attacks. Starting extensive use of robotics, it lured attention to this practice of international financial and industrial companies interested in developing and increasing the development of the market bot. And in Israel, almost perfect proving ground for testing and refinement of all the samples of military bots. Because there are already tools and technologies that have begun to recoup itself. Especially since that robotics — perfect dual-purpose scheme. On the basis of the military sample is saturated Lock and civilian boats — rescue, fire, sanitation. And in the future may be the creation of robotic systems that can change a person on Zapyataev, low-prestige and low-paid manual work, making konkurentnst guest workers from developing countries.

Intelligence against bigotry

I believe that in Russia, too, has the ability to implement the above bots are not worse, and perhaps better than Israel. In the mountain forests of the North Caucasus wandering bandit groups, some of them sympathized with the local population in those towns have extremist underground. In addition, the Caucasus is a tremendous unemployment and low standard of living.

Robotic systems against terrorists — an instrument of the police, not designed for the large inter-state wars. Because developing it completely possible to raise funds, technology and professionals from abroad. The North Caucasus is perfect as a testing ground for the military bots, right there you can make a lot of small companies that have produced parts for the assembly plants. Not bad robotics specialist developers in Russia there is enough, and it is able to take in this market is very decent place. A market is just cute. Military bots expect all the army and the intelligence agencies of the world, the formation of international security and multinational companies operating in troubled regions. And it will come step where bots massively enter into all layers of civilian life, particularly in the manufacturing sector.

In conclusion, I wish to say that I am no specialist on terrorism and weapons. And I know that my vision set out in this document, can be considered completely superficial. Still convinced that in these areas has noticeably superficial gaze, fully deserves the attention of military experts and municipal officials.

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