Women experience orgasm during childbirth?



When Elena Skoko gave birth to her daughter three years ago, she felt the pain. But just as she was feeling and something else: the waves of pleasure comparable to orgasm.

"I had a feeling of bliss waves that pass through me," said Skokie, singer, and author of the book "Memoirs of a singing birthday» ("Memoirs of a Singing Birth").

Although labor is most often perceived as an act of pain and ordeal, some women at this point really have something that we call orgasm or ecstasy. In the new study, the journal "Sexology» (Sexologies), which is available online on May 3, stating that midwives have witnessed cases of orgasm during childbirth in three cases out of a thousand, ie 0.3%.

Anatomically, orgasm during childbirth is quite possible, says Barry Komisaruk, professor of psychology at the University of New Jersey, who is studying orgasm. In fact, the intense stimulation of the vagina during childbirth can block the pain, it does not matter, this stimulation is perceived as sexual or not.

Individual cases of orgasm during childbirth been seen for a long time. Reports were given a wider audience back in 2009. in the documentary "Orgasm during childbirth: the most well-guarded secret» ("Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret"), shot by Debra Pascali-Bonar.

People are often skeptical about the concept of pleasure during childbirth, says the film's director. Some consider this possibility altogether unacceptable. Many women are forced to give birth there, where they are unable to move freely because of the monitoring devices, some lacking support, others are not allowed to drink the water in case of caesarean section (before the operation can not eat and drink). All these restrictions reduce the possibility of obtaining an orgasm during childbirth to almost zero.

A new study by French psychologist Thierry Bed of Blanvil-sur-Mer (France), is one of the first in which the statistic is calculated when a woman experienced in childbirth ecstasy. Bed addressed the 956 midwives who took a total of 206,000 births. It was found that in 668 cases, women in childbirth experienced feelings similar to an orgasm, and another 868 cases were recorded in the signs that women have experienced a pleasant feeling.


S. Vasilenko

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