Yarmoshyna: Maybe, the committee chairman wanted to eat outside the boxes …

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yarmoshyna said that he saw no violations of the electoral law in the area in which she voted early.

Observer Paul Prokopovych reported that on December 14 during a lunch break with the ballot box was moved from the hall to another room. There were two women from the Commission and the unknown man. Observers notice members of the commission, which is located near the urn stranger, and asked to leave the box around an observer. But they refused.

"Today, 15 December, in the area came Lidiya Yarmoshyna. She voted and asked observers have any comment. We told her everything. And she said, "Maybe there's chairman had dinner and did not want you looking at him? Nothing illegal about it. Violations I see." We were told that there were no chairs. Filed a complaint in this regard. "



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