Yaroslav Romanchuk election rally held on the steps of Moscow State Linguistic University

The Company's December 13 presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk, held a meeting with voters at the entrance to the Minsk State Linguistic University:

"According to our estimates, in the meeting attended all over thousands of people, because some students were leaving, a different approach. Interest was high. And in the building all the same not allowed — ostensibly assembly hall was busy ", — the" Freedom " Yaroslav Romanchuk.

According to the data obtained in the Moscow State Linguistic University staff members Yaroslav Romanchuk, Dec. 13 in the auditorium must undergo a meeting with Anatoly Rubinov, trustee Alexander Lukashenko. Yaroslav Romanchuk previously denied a meeting with voters in Minsk State Linguistic University on the grounds that the building was supposedly "broke through the sewer."



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