Yes, there is someone or shoot still be president Alexander Lukashenko …


Mr."Everyone knows that these voices are not taken into account, rather, they will benefit from our government — everyone knows about it."

His friend"I agree with Gena — in order to falsify the election results."

Mr."You know that the objective thought. There are no special control, and therefore can vote the way you want the president. A president who you know yourself to be … . "

Girl"In order to know in advance the results and then astsyarozhnenka substitute ballots of those who voted against all those who need it."

Her friend"Yes, not only those who are against everything, but in general all the ballots to be replaced by those that need them."

Mr."And because the results are easier to do that they need. No control will not be there, no one will not allow ballot boxes are in them all day and night, and they have enough time to replace the papers as they should. "

Mr."Yes, there is someone or shoot still be president Alexander Lukashenko …".

Guy"To forge more votes for one person …"

Mrs."Because schedule people are different. Not everyone can vote on this day. I myself also working on a Sunday. "

Reporter"And before work or after work, you can not go to the polling station?"

Mrs."I work from 6:30 am, but after the work would only sometimes something happens …"

Mrs."The authorities are interested in this, so you could replace the ballots as they should."

Mr."And I will not vote early. I think that there are more options to make these voices is something wrong … It seems to me that all the elections should be conducted openly. "

Mr."This year, I especially do not feel such pressure. But to your question I can not answer … . "

Mr."I've not been early voting, and it's hard to say why this is done. Maybe more people to participate in the elections? . "


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