Yevgeny Fyodorov and magical pravdoruba. MP analysis

On our website there are a few spots deputy Yevgeny Fedorov, in which he talks about Russia's dependence on the U.S.. Now, we present the analysis and the analysis of the words of the deputy. What are the real action behind them?

Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov

Dear Readers, As we know, the result of the Cold War was the collapse of the Soviet Union with the direct participation of Mikhail Gorbachev. Further expansion of the reign of Boris Yeltsin helped the Russian elite and the displacement of its interests in the West. As a result, our country has completely lost its sovereignty and is actually a colony of the United States. That is why we need as soon as possible to join the WTO, and to hold a new privatization.

This is the logic of reasoning four convocations Duma deputy, member of the RK Chubais "Rusnano" Yevgeny Fyodorov. If you do it, too, seems a bit convoluted, offer to conduct a rapid analysis of the rising stars of patriotic sayings of Web sites.

"It is beautiful presents. Learn, Kish "

Starts in his discussion Fedorov follows. The collapse of the Soviet Union — is the U.S. special operation, which they held through an agent of influence — Mikhail Gorbachev. For a growing network of patriotic audience that's enough to start a trust.

Then Eugene A. dumbfounded USA beat us, and therefore the rights of the winner can do to us whatever. All medium and large business in Russia is under U.S. control. Half of the State Duma (of course, not a half, which employs Fedorov) decide dictation U.S. (that predispose our deputies to regular classes corruption). All this means only one thing — Russia has no sovereignty, we —"Winners, lost the war."

Eugene A. confirms its position startling facts. In Russia, all the large and medium-sized business is controlled by the United States and is located in a foreign jurisdiction (about things like defense, Rosneft and Russian Railways — Fedorov silent. This stuff is). The capitalists are forced to register our business in the western offshore (our businessmen resist to the last, because for most of them to pay taxes — it is a pleasant and honorable duty.) Comes a point at which banks refuse to work with our entrepreneurs, while they will not be registered, for example, in Cyprus (Why Cyprus? Banal logic dictates — not to pay taxes. E.A.Fedorova logic — to control the United States). Americans also have a direct impact on the passage of laws in the country by bribing the State Duma (the worst half). All this is done in order to fully control our country. What to do, shrugs patriot Fedorov —"Rules of writing awards, and the winners — the Americans."

Patriot, of course, can immediately become confused. But Fedorov just uncompromisingly stated that the U.S. beat us by an agent Gorbachev — it's true. Hence, further also true. Especially since the Eugene A. just stated that"Smart man leads a lot of evidence to his words."

Watch for finger

Now, when the listener was convinced that Fedorov certainly a "real patriot holding inside information and are subjected to persecution for it (according to the most Fedorov)", he simply must go to the following parts of his narrative. Logically, it should contain the answer to the question, as we all get out of this catastrophic situation.

Fedorov said, everything is easy. Prostrate Russia is connected to a respirator, the plug is holding his hand paddles from the United States. One of our movement, a hint of it — and Russia will cease to exist.

All this is done through corruption, which we planted in the U.S..

So far, all is still responsible strings patriotism, especially in his katastrofilicheskom version of "everything is sold, all is lost."

And now — the first truly interesting statement. To fight corruption, the United States and Russia — is meaningless.

Quote:"The power is controlled by the mechanism of corruption, which is why corruption — today unsolvable problem. Face it we were forbidden to Americans. "

By the way, another statement. Fedorov casually alludes to the fact that the Americans win for us — it's not that bad. By comparison, he cites the story of how the Nazis, taking Russian village, where authorities have established "to provide people with wood." However, after three years came and were all shot. "But it's already had other, not the Germans," — says Fedorov.

Another interesting parallel. Fedorov said the Americans behave with us in the same way as the Soviet Union did to Germany. Soviet Union on the Rights of the winner just as well take out of the defeated Germany inventories, production, and brains.

Therefore, (attention), despite all this, the Americans — not enemies.

"We need to understand this! No, no! They are not enemies, but the winners. It is their right — the right of the strong, the right winner! It can not be broken or in 10 or 20 years. There are countries that were freed from the occupation of 500 years! ".


Here the careful reader will wonder — if all that bad and will not do anything, then why all this rhetoric?

It turns out that Americans, for all its foresight prevented a major error — to power, Putin. He took up the reconstruction of the country, but, unfortunately, constrained control of winners on hand and foot. For this West hates him and arranges it "swamp" (although, for some reason, with all its control is not able to remove him from the power of light, graceful click).

There Fedorov said three out of the situation: wait until the U.S. are bent on their own (remember the 500 years of occupation), Revolution ("Heavy process in which hundreds of thousands of people will die. We are willing to sacrifice thousands of our people in the process of restoring sovereignty? ") And the war (this is what we fight with the U.S. under a respirator?).

So uncomplicated way E.Fedorov brings the listener to the main point: what he would say next — a "zaputinskoe." That is patriotic and only possible under external control.

Namely —

The last nail in your head

You are surprised. The fact that E.Fedorov one hand condemns unfair privatization of 90th notes and the loss of sovereignty of Russia, and the other is signed for a new privatization and the entry into the WTO.

"The future of state-owned corporations defined: according to government plans, they will cease to exist after 2015. In fact, this will be a new "privatization", however, this time on a clear legal environment and equal access business ", — E.Fedorov writes in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

We are with you, dear readers, we understand it will be "very different Germans."

"The experience of developed countries, the transition to a modern economy based on self-regulation of the economic sphere and reducing state involvement in the process, as a whole indicates the positive dynamics of such change"— Fedorov said.

What a sophisticated, liberal tone, do not you? Only as "self-regulation of the economic sphere" refers to the "loss of sovereignty"?

WTO accession for Russia, according to Fedorov — useful. True, he admits that the number of domestic producers, those who do not have time to regroup, to sacrifice.

"The producers increased competition. If you are growing potatoes, you will need to learn how to grow potatoes as well as other countries in the WTO: cheap and good quality ", — Explains the fingers logic of the new restructuring patriot Fedorov.


Express analysis myslepotoka rising star patriotic Internet has established:

— Rhetoric aimed at the listener with emotional patriotic bias.
— The entry into the WTO and threatening privatization linked with the personality of President, the address to which loyalist made overtures;
— Punching pure liberal model is under the guise of statehood.

The conclusion read: normal Duma politician Yeltsin era, an employee of Anatoly Chubais, glasses and trousers, voting for the WTO and privatization — ultrapatrioticheskie learned to say the word. So uncompromisingly patriotic, that the chain of "we were at war with the United States" — "We have lost the war" — "We are an occupied country" — "lost everything" — "There is no need to jerk" — "You have to do what is told Westerners" — is dialectical circle and there is same location as the position outright Westerners from HSE. That's what makes the magic truth-used correctly.

But the final conclusion, dear reader let him do himself.

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