You have two terms, and he has — is unknown, to infinity

Have you decided for whom you vote in the presidential election? What influenced your choice? Answers Grodno passersby.

Girl"For our Lukashenko, I like it, I like what it does to Belarus, I do not want anyone …"

An elderly woman"Do not decided yet, but we are thinking to solve. We will see for anyone. Maybe for the new. "

Mrs."On the ballot, probably go, but I have not decided who to vote for."

Girl"For whom? And you can, it will remain a secret? I have my opinions to myself leave, okay? "

An elderly man"Besides Lukashenko, no other candidates."

Mrs."For our President Lukashenko's go …"

Mr."For Neklyaeva because he is the best, I believe, a candidate for the others."

Young man"Who — decided, but I will not say it's my decision."

Young man"I have not decided. Maybe against all. "

Mr."Yes, I decided — for Tereshchenko. He is interested in your program. "

An elderly woman"Definitely, we will, for an economist, he's Polish."

Her daughter"Romanchuk. But not for Lukashenko. "

Mrs."Still undecided. We believe that we should have to change. "

Her husband"We do believe that we should change."

Mrs."To work today is done entirely at least. Oppressed from all sides is a working class. Those at the top get a good salary, work is minuscule. Four or five hundred thousand to date — it's not the money. "

Her husband"A boss gets two and a half million."

Mrs."And do not make sense, all selected already."

An elderly man"As long as worthy contenders I do not see why refrain for now. But the vote will go, there'll decide. "

Mr."I have not chosen yet, have not decided."

Mr."I have not decided the time is, until we think. New horse does not spoil the furrow, as they say. Perhaps, the new president would be better, of course. But I think that would be old. Everything has already been decided: vote do not vote, it will be Alexander G., I think so. "

An elderly man"Be sure to go to for any vote, just not for Lukashenko. Because he's tired of me. For the fact that he had violated the constitution. Need for two terms, and he has — is unknown, forever, that's why. "


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