Ra — Space is the energy of the sun, the energy of life, goodness, light and Radasti! This great power of the sun sends to the earth and the other planets. This energy sustains life, and not only biological but also spiritual organizations.

The person who can make the flow of this energy and pass through itself is called Ra-Deem! Through such a man of action Light Power Good and Radasti, Spiritual Light and Love!
Our ancestors were sun worshipers and their spiritual and biological body was set up to dial, time and rhythm. And if we want to reclaim their power and Moguchest myself again, then one of the items can be just a return to the solar cult, hours, and rhythms.

Vigil — a spiritual practice Vedichestva. This ritual action, to do that man harmonizes its the ancestral Churami, hierarchy of gods and the most Earth-Mother.
Zeal — the magic spells and Slav, spinning vortex of energy in the body and connects it to the powerful forces of the Earth and Heaven!
Fame, requires Moth — a spiritual practice that can do ascetic, both together with his colleagues at a ceremony and held SvyatoDeystvah and alone, tuned to a specific way.

Fame is the hymns praising the gods, ancestors, Man .. Uttered in an inspired burst configured in a certain way, they transmit the power going from the heart to whom is glory! If fame turned to generic Churu, in that same hour he saturate Force. The stronger the impulse and inspiration, the cleaner the consciousness and soul seeker, the more power and energy to be the one to whom addressed Glory. Therefore, if we want to restore the Light Vedic Russia to Earth-Mother, we are beginning to grow in this light unto yourself, in your heart and soul. With no spiritual power, moral purity, bright ideas and good heart, we can be like the poor, who are not having a penny in your pocket want built the beautiful palace! The stronger we are, the brighter the inner fire of the Soul, the more force during the ceremony, we can pass our Churam and Gods.

Required. Gods and ancestors are in the Otherworld, do not eat that food which we eat. Their food — this is our focus, our mental energy, light, goodness and love that is in our hearts when we think and talk about them. Need to do is a sacrificial offering. It may be a small piece of bread and a loaf. And a small loaf, which genuinely invested love and sincerity, can bring much more than a loaf prepared mechanically and without feelings. In itself require embedded Soul, Good, Light Heart. This energy is very necessary in the Otherworld. If the demons feed on the energy of pain, horror, fear, our Gods Have the Power of Goodness and Love! Invest in the required part of the soul and betray the Fire, which is one form of energy transformer to the other. Through The Fire, everything happens faster, and we are forced to use it on our holidays, because the transfer Svetosh Heart Churam directly, we are just learning how to direct, but always remember, and soon everyone will learn it worked perfectly!

Moths. From the word rumor. Spiritual practice the pronunciation of the sacred word, who helped and helps a person to enter into a certain state. This practice is widely used in the eldership. During the practice, the ascetic and turn to God or ancestors and enters into dialogue with them. Communication can occur in different ways. If a devotee has a clear conscience and soul, live in truth and keep moral perfection, he can hear the Otherworld, which provides information through thoughts, images, visions. Shower for conversation is heard as a subtle sounds, chimes, like the sound of the "Morse code." Hearing that sound in your head, you need to pay attention to them, because it could be important information for you. To take it cleanly and smoothly, it is necessary as discussed above, the moral and spiritual purity.
Also during practice Moli, Gods and Chury, Powers that have been accessed can produce signs, using the forces of nature, birds and animals. When the gods give the answer, they can manifest themselves through the lightning in a clear sky, the thunder of the winter and other phenomena that are not often found in nature.
Earlier, during the Vedic Russia, the gods showed themselves to the rite, SvyatoDeystvah, holiday, in full explicit and visible physical forms. It could be, and energy, and the physical manifestation. Many artists, whose mission is to awaken the ancestral memory Rusov, on a soul level just remember those times and depict them in their paintings.

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Secure, while the creation rites.

When a person wakes up and takes the path of spiritual development, he became an ascetic, seeker-reaching. Such a soul at once becomes a battlefield of different entities that live in the Otherworld. Because the energy is coming from the creatures living in the material world, is very nutritious for those who live below. For each of the ascetic is a real battle. For his soul and attention. In this fight, one entity trying to pull attention seeker at himself, at his side. Those who choose a seeker and receive a basic flow of energy and thus become stronger.
In order not to fall into the paw and ingenious traps hostile to people, you need to follow some important rules that will not allow us to get into their network:
— In all of our articles on spiritual practices, constantly said about zakablitelyah mind and soul. One of them and one of the strongest — is meat diet. Because the meat is brought to slaughterhouses, where the energy is going to horror and suffering that radiate animals at the time of death and which feed on creatures and demons. All that remains in the field of human spiritual and inflicts great harm. This fracture energy gets into the human body and destroys it from within.
— Tobacco causes attachment and suppresses the will to resist. He imposed demons to break the man and turn mankind into a herd of weak-willed animals that can be used at their discretion. Smoker is on a strong hooked on creatures that will show him one vision after another, just to confuse him away in the illusion of Newerth and keep on a short collar.
— Alcohol can "bump" the subtle body to the lower layers of the astral worlds. This has the effect of short-term euphoria and a very short period of time the person is in this state, "swimming" in the energies of the lower astral world. That's why he gets so good. But this state passes quickly, and in return he gets people astral sucker, as parasite on his weaknesses harmful organism which is again and again to demand a "supplement."

Pursuing spiritual practices rites, even thought we turn to the Otherworld. And it's important to have a pure heart, to live by the moral canon and everywhere in life to follow the truth! Moral purity, leads to the purification of the soul and the light of her coming from such a person is to respond to other "higher" souls and spirits in need of love and good energy. They begin to defend such a person, because the Light of the soul can positively influence the worlds and bring positive energy into the universe!

Practical tips:
When working with glory, better use your own words. Even if they are rough and unsightly. But they have, and coming from the heart. This is important! What is written in the book, can be good for the person who wrote it, because it has been configured for a specific image.

It is better not to use the word, the meaning and significance of which is little understood and known. In the act of Newerth old image. For example, — part badwords words that today swear, previously used as Magi strongest spell that can lift up or destroy. Foe, deliberately changed the meaning of these words, saying to them, we think of the worst. Thus themselves and destroy our power of childbirth. Famous of them — freaks (the one next to Rod), Fool, B.. Yad (White Maiden Bereginya) ..
It is better not to use such words as the law (ie, by the Law, say — Pocono (Ie Cohn). Example in glory — ".. and we honor our Ancestors heavenly law!" Correctly — ".. and we honor our Ancestors heavenly Pocono! "

The practice of rites — is Ra-Botha our generic force with human energy and interaction with the world of men and the world of the gods of our ancestors. Today the lion's share of this energy is spent on food and egregores alien cults. The Light of our Gods shone again over Russia, those who know what they are so inspirational force of thought, the power of human words, I make light of the spiritual practice of greed, zeal, bringing dawn Vedichestva and Revival of Great Russia!

Good and Good luck to all devotees, seekers and going!

GLORY family!

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